LELO Dot Review For 2023

My LELO Dot review might surprise you. That’s because I’ll probably say some things you’re not expecting about a device with few comparisons. This brand is known worldwide for its luxury-grade pleasure products designed for individuals and couples. But I had a unique experience, and I need to tell someone about it.

This device doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen. It also functions differently than most sex toys for women. The Dot by LELO is either revolutionary or ridiculous, so I’ve evaluated the features and settings to reach my verdict. How did this device withstand the rigors of my picky pussy? Let’s find out.

What Is the LELO Dot?

Clitoral stimulation toys are a dime a dozen these days. Brands like Womanizer, We-Vibe, and Fun Factory produce dozens of new products yearly, each aimed to please the female form. Meanwhile, LELO maintains a low profile with discreet devices featuring high-powered motors and intuitive interfacing. Their Dot is a prime example.

The LELO Dot is a clitoral vibrator designed to pinpoint specific nerve endings around the vulva. Unlike other women’s sex toys, this one doesn’t focus on deep penetration or oral stimulation. It uses an ultra-narrow design to draw ejaculation from the clit. The name “Dot” refers to this device’s small surface area that fosters customized sensations and produces intense orgasms.

This toy demonstrates the brand’s understanding of women’s sexual health. Although it doesn’t directly massage the g-spot, its unique ergonomics invite internal or external pleasure. That means women have more control over their bodies during sex with features tailored to their anatomy and sexual response.

The Main Features

Using the Dot by LELO involves a slight learning curve, but it’s only because of the unique design. Most sex toys for women include large shafts for a deep dive into the vaginal or anal canal. Even the best clitoral massaging devices try to cover as much surface area as possible. This innovative plaything goes in the opposite direction.

It features an extreme taper that focuses on the clit but can still reach internal erogenous zones. It’s also suitable for nipple massages, anal stimulation, and bondage play. This device has a soft and flexible tip for precision stimulation plus eight built-in pleasure settings for relaxed arousal. You don’t get a wireless remote or app-compatible interface, but you don’t need one.

The Dot is also fully submersible in water. You can get spread out in the bath or shower for more accurate toy placement or enjoy temperature play as desired. LELO’s revolutionary toy features Infinite Loop™ technology to keep the sensations robust and consistent despite your position or location. That means it oscillates in a figure-eight motion with a constant rhythm for exhilarating pleasure.

LELO’s Dot Clitoral Vibrator lets you explore varying intensity levels while tailoring the toy’s movements. It also features an ergonomic grip loop for easier handling. This lightweight and compact device is perfect for traveling and has a USB rechargeable battery with a 120-minute runtime. Enjoy on-the-go pleasures without stress, and be good to your skin with a silky-soft silicone sex toy.

How Does It Feel?

The LELO Dot Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator made me feel things I never thought possible. Instead of spreading out the vibrations across my vulva, it targeted the sweet spot only. This gave my clit no room to bounce around or escape the massage. I squirted halfway across my mattress and didn’t even lay down a towel. This thing had me humming Barry White tunes in the shower afterwards.

Its tiny surface area made me skeptical, but I was soon convinced of its power. My only complaint was the nagging desire for penetration while my clit was taking a beating. I suggest using another sex toy while playing with the Dot. My favorite pairing is a rotating or thrusting dildo, FYI.

What Comes in the Box?

Many high-end sex toys don’t come with extras. The reasons can vary, but this device doesn’t need much to produce intense sensations. It also isn’t compatible with harnesses, mounts, or other accessories, so you only need what’s already provided. And unlike many LELO toys, the Dot doesn’t sync with another device for simultaneous play. It’s just you and these items from the box:

  • The LELO Dot Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Multilingual Owner’s Manual

This device comes with a limited 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. It also has an automatic one-year quality promise that doesn’t require additional registration. Contact the retailer or visit the brand’s website for more specific coverage information.

NOTE: LELO suggests using water-based lube for this toy, but they don’t include a sample in the box.

The Pros and Cons

I always preach that nothing is perfect, not even devices designed for sexual stimulation. The LELO Dot is no exception. It has plenty of exciting features but also several drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons to consider before buying:


  • Simple User Interface
  • Multiple Ways to Play
  • Suitable for All Body Types
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Skin-Safe Silicone
  • Easy to Clean
  • Warranty Included


  • Noisy Motor
  • Long Recharge Time
  • Flimsy Tip
  • Comparatively Expensive

You can’t use this device for interactive play; it doesn’t have Bluetooth-enabled features for long-distance sex. However, it offers a new level of stimulation unmatched by other clitoral stimulators. Determine your desires, talk to your partner, and choose your weapons wisely.

How to Make the LELO Dot Feel Better

You can make the LELO Dot feel even more fantastic than it already does. It took several attempts to realize that some of the pleasure was my responsibility. Here are three of my go-to techniques:

#1. Keep It Clean

Sex and masturbation can be risky if you play with dirty hands or devices. Meanwhile, filthy sex toys feel different. The dust and debris can change the material’s texture and expose you to bacteria. This can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions that decrease your pleasure.

TIP: Wash your LELO Dot before and after each use to ensure a safer, smoother glide.

#2. Use Enhanced Lubricants

Enhanced lubricants can help increase your orgasm intensity by stimulating different nerve endings. Use heating, cooling, or tingling formulas to spice things up without a secondary device. Double-check the ingredients to avoid parabens, latex, phthalates, and other elements incompatible with your device.

TIP: Choose water-based lubes for your silicone sex toys to prevent damage.

#3. Pair with Other Stuff

The Dot by LELO is supposed to massage your clitoris, causing an intense climax. However, it cannot provide dense penetration like a penis or dildo. The slim design can tickle your g-spot but won’t fill the vaginal or anal canal. Use another LELO sex toy to stimulate fun zones or invite partner participation.

TIP: Pick sex toys that stimulate different parts of your body, like the nipples or anus.

Boosting your bliss can be tricky with sextech. Always check the owner’s manual for specific safety instructions and warnings.

The Final Verdict

The LELO Dot is a revolutionary sex toy for women with specific features aimed at clitoral orgasm. It is not your standard vibrator, nor does it function like a traditional clit sucking device. This groundbreaking design targets tiny nerve endings and allows for flexible masturbation. Enjoy a lightweight, compact accessory powerful enough to command a presence alone.

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