LELO Enigma Review For 2022


I hate to complain, but I’m tired of having to choose between clitoral stimulation and vibrating penetration. Most sex toys for women offer one or the other, but seldom both.

Meanwhile, devices with both features are generally weak or challenging to use. For a horny woman, getting off is like going to the DMV. It’s lots of waiting just to be disappointed at the checkout.

What frisky females need are options without add-ons or accessories. We already have plenty of those in our closets. And it seems as though the LELO company finally realized that.

Their Enigma offers dual stimulation in a compact, ergonomic package with a one-year warranty.

So, is it worth all the fuss? And should you throw away your other toys now, or wait?

What Is the LELO Enigma?

LELO is famous for producing high-end interactive sex toys for women, men, and couples.

Their inventory includes well-known devices such as the Hugo (prostate massager), Tor (vibrating cock ring), and Soraya (rabbit vibrator). But the Enigma could be their best invention yet.

It’s a dual-action female vibe that uses sonic technology to stimulate the clitoris, vulva, and g-spot simultaneously.

Unlike the classic rabbit, this device covers your clit in its entirety. The strong pleasure settings send sonic waves to vaginal nerve endings for intense external orgasms.

You can direct the flow for a sensational squirt, or experiment with different body parts. I’m guilty of trying the toy on my nipples and anus, and I regret nothing.

Meanwhile, Enigma’s robust motor creates more motion in your ocean through an insertable dildo attachment.

Enjoy an internal buzz with the touch of a button. And access the hidden realms of your libido while experiencing double the pleasure and double the fun.

You can use any water-based lube you prefer because the luxury-grade silicone keeps your skin protected.

The LELO Enigma answers the call for clitoral massage and g-spot stimulation.

With patented Sensonic Technology, you don’t even have to make contact with the skin. Non-contact masturbation is gentler on the puss, which preserves the delicate nerves around your erogenous zone.

Plus, you can tickle the sweet spot using the attached arm or play clit games until the end of time. That means it’s perfect for individuals, couples, and lesbians especially.

Lelo Enigma Review: The Main Features

How often do you find a sex toy that’s both innovative and easy to use?

It’s rare, which is why the Enigma lives up to its name. Synonyms are “mystery,” “paradox,” and “riddle.”

So, the mind-blowing orgasms it produces should come as no surprise.

However, most users (including myself) don’t expect so much power from such a quiet device. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

The mystery machine features a virtually noiseless engine. So, feel free to play anywhere and anytime without being indiscreet.

Plus, the lithium-ion battery lasts for nearly two hours between each charge. And you can leave the Enigma in your closet for up to 90 days before it goes completely dead.

That means more pleasure options before you even get it out of the box.

This clitoral stimulator is more than meets the eye, with a flexible arm for deep internal massage. The ergonomic shape helps pinpoint the g-spot while maintaining close contact with the clit.

Meanwhile, the super-soft silicone overlay helps transmit the sonic waves through every inch of the toy.

Thus, you feel deeper sensations without as much work. The LELO Enigma could certainly be a lazy girl’s best friend.

It also comes in two stylish colors: black and deep rose (or dark pink). And you’ll see a simple three-button interface on the side.

This device doesn’t let you sync with another toy like most of LELO’s lineup. But you can control the speeds and intensity levels with eight scrollable settings. Then the smart motor automatically shuts down after an hour of inactivity.

So, the big E is one of longest-lasting sex toys I’ve seen.

NOTE: It takes the battery a while to recharge, especially if the power is low.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Materials

Read the owner’s manual to explore more features and learn the mechanical limits. You can download a pdf from the maker’s website. And don’t forget to register the manufacturer’s warranty while you’re there.

Most companies automatically guarantee their toys with limited one-year coverage. But that can change depending on where you shop and how you play.

How Does Lelo Enigma Feel?

Expect the unexpected when toying with the Enigma.

Looking at it, you’d think it was a weird cooking utensil with a penis-shaped tip. But this device is supposed to feel like an extremely attentive partner playing the fiddle on your middle. And that partner is licking your clit while fingering your pussy or ass with a vibrating thumb.

The ultra-soft silicone is only the beginning. Your senses get tricked into thinking the toy is made out of real human skin.

Plus, your favorite lube sticks to the surface without clogging the components. That air pressure is far too strong for a little liquid. And you can focus the flow to stimulate any part of your body.

So, I like to alternate between the clit and hole when I’m teasing a lover.

You can use LELO’s clitoral stimulator with or without penetration. That’s because the strong vibes circulate through the shaft in a synchronized rhythm with the sonic waves.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic button placement makes it easy to adjust the speeds and intensity levels. And that means it’s perfect for anal play because the controls are never out of reach.

Besides, it’s not big enough to get lost up there anyway.

Remember to use the Enigma for one or the other – anal or vaginal sex. Swapping between the anus and vagina is dangerous business.

Plus, the device could slip while you’re having fun. So, always wash your toys thoroughly after each session. And use an antibacterial cleaning product to err on the safe side.

NOTE: Don’t listen to me. Check your owner’s manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

What Comes in the Box?

I’ve gotten so used to buying complex, high-tech sex toys that I almost forgot what simple pleasures were like. The LELO Enigma reminded me in the silliest way.

Inside the box is everything you need to begin playing immediately. But you don’t get any extras because who uses lube samples anyway?

This is what you get instead:

  • The Enigma Clitoral Stimulator with G-Spot Massager
  • USB Charging Cable
  • LELO Warranty Registration Card
  • Satin Drawstring Storage Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide

The company packages its toys to deter retail tampering. That means you can tell when someone has messed with your box because they have to break the seal.

So, contact the seller if your container looks suspicious. The manufacturer could return your money or offer a replacement device.

Where you buy your supply is important. Shipping offers specific protection against package mishandling and lost orders. But most in-store retailers can’t do much if the box is torn.

The only way you’ll get your money back in that situation is if the toy doesn’t work and you have a receipt.

The Pros & Cons

I keep expecting the next sex toy to be perfect. But that’s never going to happen because my version of perfect is unique.

Still, the LELO Enigma came pretty close. And the company’s customer service is off the charts. You can contact them about almost anything and they’ll handle it like pros.

Meanwhile, these are the things you should consider before giving them your money:


  • SenSonic Technology lets you target specific spots for better control.
  • Your pleasure sensations increase under water.
  • There are more than three ways to use this toy for sex.
  • The slightly curved, bulbous dildo helps pinpoint your g-spot.
  • It’s lightweight and compact for easy traveling.
  • You can clean it with most sex toy soaps.
  • It comes with luxurious storage.


  • The limited pleasure settings can restrict your play.
  • You can’t connect the device to interactive sex toys.
  • It takes the battery a while to recharge.
  • There isn’t a travel lock for battery conservation on the go.

USB rechargeable vibrators for women are notoriously fickle. And devices without at least one interactive feature are becoming obsolete.

So, the LELO Enigma would soon be cast aside if it weren’t for the combo effect. Most females just want their clits tickled and a little penetration.

Is that too much to ask?

Luckily, you can write the rules with simpler sex toys.

That means you make the sensations feel better with easy adjustments. Women’s pleasure products should be tailored for an intimate experience. And if yours aren’t, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

How to Make the LELO Enigma Feel Better

Even the Enigma can’t deny that its mysteries are limited. But a rudimentary design for an innovative product is fundamental.

This device gives you plenty of room to experiment, experience, and express desires. And you don’t have to add attachments or buy spare parts to have fun.

Masturbation and foreplay are subjective. And you can’t always invest in accessories to enhance the sensations.

So, use these five methods to make the LELO Enigma feel better instead:

#1. Wear an Enhanced Lubricant

I like to slather on lubes that play with the senses.

My favorites are heating, cooling, and tingling lubricants. But I can get down with some flavored lubes if there’s oral sex involved.

Either way, clitoral massages always feel better when you use science to your advantage. And you can become a mad scientist with a skin-safe selection.

TIP: Use extra lube on the insertable arm. And look for anal lubrication if you enjoy butt play.

#2. Take It Swimming

This thing is fully submersible. So, you can bring it to the shower, dunk it in the tub, or take it to the pool for aquatic sports.

Moreover, the vibrations increase intensity under water. That’s because H2O acts as a conductor for sonic undulations.

If you can imagine how good that feels, think of how great it would feel not to imagine it anymore.

TIP: Start the device above water, then submerse it slowly for the best results.

#3. Try Temperature Play

Feeling extra frisky tonight? Play with different temperatures to awaken your nerve endings and feel new sensations.

You can heat the Enigma under hot running water. Or cool it down with cold water and ice. Test your limits with zero concern about malfunctioning parts.

This toy subtly invites you to explore the deepest parts of your sexual personality.

TIP: Never boil, bake, or microwave the LELO Enigma because you could break it.

#4. Let a Partner Control It

You don’t need wireless remote controls, virtual reality, and motion sensors to have a good time. Let a partner take the reins and surprise you with unexpected pleasures instead.

People have been role playing in the bedroom since the dawn of sex. And you don’t follow the rules anyway.

So, lose control by allowing a lover to decide your fate.

TIP: Always charge the device ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays.

#5. Stay Clean While Getting Dirty

Dirty sex toys are disgusting and dangerous. You can hurt yourself or endanger others with bacteria-covered devices.

Meanwhile, sex is a responsibility to make every experience blissful. And forgetting to clean that ass can cause your stuff to malfunction.

So, wash your playthings before and after each use. And always clean with non-abrasive, hypoallergenic products to protect the materials.

TIP: Let your clean devices dry fully before returning them to storage.

Expanding your playbook can be tons of fun. But be careful not to tamper with your pleasure products.

Unless the manufacturer says otherwise, you should disassemble or rearrange the device. If you want a more hands-on experience, try programmable sex toys or options with artificial intelligence instead.

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The Final Verdict

The LELO Enigma is quite a mystery.

On one hand, it’s a simple underdog to the high-tech competition. Most vibrators now have interactive features, wireless remotes, and Bluetooth capabilities. But the Big E has none of those things.

On the other hand, it satisfies the fundamental needs of modern women without being complex or connected. The most frustrating part is the limited settings menu, and that’s an easy fix.

You won’t get spoiled with this device but you will discover more about your body.

The clitoral stimulator alone is enough to teach you how to squirt. But added penetration with synced vibration is the key to sexual satisfaction. And since you can use it in so many different ways, excluding it from your collection is illogical.

Bottom Line: The LELO Enigma works great if you enjoy dual stimulation but don’t need all the bells and whistles.

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