The LELO F1S Developer’s Kit: Brand New & Amazing Male Vibrator With Revolutionary SenSonic Technology

It’s not everyday we get to enjoy the exact kind of sex and/or masturbation that we desire simply because it looks like a good time. There’s a lot of groundwork that has to be done when it comes to these things, meaning you can’t just snap your fingers and achieve an amazing orgasm.

People have been inventing things since the dawn of time to rid the world of that little problem, but up until now, mankind’s collective innovations have left much to be desired. Then all of the sudden, we became blessed by the LELO F1S Developer’s Kit and things have never been the same.

The product on display today has been getting a lot of attention from mainstream media sources as well as underground communities (which is actually why I bought it in the first place). I recently had the pleasure to testing out this bad boy for myself and I can honestly say that it surprised me in several ways.

So, were my surprises pleasant ones or did I make a big mistake with my time and money? Well, to be as thorough as possible here, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about the subject matter.

What is the LELO F1S Male Vibrator?

The LELO F1S Developer’s Kit (SDK) is a sex toy tinkerer’s wet dream. Not only is it a high-end male masturbation device with exceptional high-tech capabilities but it’s also a stamina training unit and can be used during couple’s playtime as well.

Made specifically to provide extreme pleasure to the penis, this marvel of modern mechanics is designed to make hands-free fun easier and more satisfying. Best of all, it allows users to manually manipulate the various settings to create their own one-of-a-kind experience each and every time they use the machine.

In fact, it’s equipped to provide fully customizable sessions but it can also run on its own pre-programmed performance modes or even be synced with a large library of online virtual reality porn content.

Lelo F1s: The Main Features

This bad boy is chalk full of user-friendly features that make manual masturbation a thing of the past. As one of the world’s most popular oral sex simulation devices, the F1 SDK by LELO features a 360-degree pleasure output while also offering a ton of vibration speeds and intensity levels to explore at your leisure.

It’s literally the complete package – a luxury-grade, technologically advanced pleasure product for men that works three times as hard as similar devices due to its unique design, powerful motor, and the customizable hardware included through exclusive access to the manufacturer’s Developer Software.

The DS allows all authorized users to completely tailor the sensations within their toy’s tight and slightly texturized canal, and it can be operated directly from your smart phone.

With 10 built-in, independently functioning performance sensors making the magic happen, this mighty machine has the ability to read your body’s unique behavior cues to improve the experience with each attempt (sort of like artificial intelligence but not as sophisticated).

On top of all that, the F1 is also able to link up with the mother brand’s affiliated porn library to create real-time 3D lovemaking and/or masturbation sessions that can be enjoyed hands-free or manually. Everything comes with a warranty too, so you never have to worry about your device malfunctioning or sustaining damage.

What Comes in the Box?

Most things in today’s world provide consumers with only the bare essentials and that’s usually acceptable for most people because they already have things like personal lubrication and sex toy cleaner in stock. The brand in question isn’t above minimalism either, with many of their products missing bonuses within their boxes.

However, the Developer’s Kit is much more luxurious than all other toys in the LELO inventory, which means it just so happens to come with a ton of extras. Here’s what you’ll get for the money you spend initially:

  • The LELO F1s Male Trainer
  • A small bottle of LELO brand toy cleaning spray
  • A cute “Don’t Disturb” sign
  • A pair of gloves
  • An easy to read Starter Guide
  • A USB charger
  • A satin storage pouch
  • A warranty registration card
  • A detailed instruction manual

Compared to some of the similar devices out there, the F1S DK comes loaded with more bonuses than expected. A “Do Not Disturb” sign isn’t even required but it’s always great to have, so it’s nice that LELO threw one in free of charge.

My Experience With LELO F1S Developer’s Kit

There have been many male masturbators grace the presence of my bedroom, but only a few have made it onto the Hall of Fame. So, when I received my LELO F1S DK I was already prepared for disappointment. Almost anything can make me cum but that’s not the most important part.

I value ergonomics and settings more than simple stimulation of the nerve endings on my penis. Either way, the box containing my toy arrived on time and in an unmarked container as promised. I brought my plaything into the living room and started unwrapping it like it was Christmas morning.

The fingering of the machine happened next and I could immediately tell that this device was well-made – great weight balance, polished exterior, soft canal texture, ergonomic placement of the buttons. Even the packaging was luxurious, and it came with more stuff than I expected.

Game time starts with a slow build-up using the toy’s most innocuous settings. There are a handful of pre-programmed performance modes on this thing but I was really looking forward to checking out that Developer’s Software stuff. I hear that it basically allows the user to hack into the main operating system and that kind of control turns me on big time.

Maybe later. I pump up the jam for about 45 minutes with some run-of-the-mill tantric exercises and everything goes pretty much as expected. After a short break I went back to it and found myself feeling a bit more confident about how the device would affect me. Little did I know, there were so many more avenues to explore.

By the time I got around to playing with the SDK I had already ejaculated with the device more than a dozen times. It had been more than two weeks since I first received my toy in the mail, which meant I needed to step my game up if I was ever going to leave the house again.

Apparently, I had developed an slight addiction to it and I was more or less masturbating on auto pilot for the last couple days, having not left the confines of my bedroom in at least 18 hours. I took a shower, went out for a bite to eat and came back eagerly for more. The Developer’s Software could be tinkered with right from my phone so I set some things up while I ate.

There’s a progress tracker on the app too, plus I was able to adjust the settings I’d chosen without interrupting the flow of traffic which made it easier to get off. The thing even sort of learned my behavior patterns after a while and that definitely improved the experience tremendously. I’d go into more details but my hands are still shaking and I’m pretty sure one of my eyeballs is permanently rolled towards the back of my head.

The Ups and Downs

We’re all adults here. We understand that nothing is perfect and we appreciate the fact that so many companies try to meld several user-friendly features into a single pleasure product. And while that sometimes renders some pretty amazing stuff, that’s not always how the story goes.

Every now and then we’re forced to accept a device that does too much or too little. The F1 is no exception to the rules of the game, so here are the things I think you need to know before you buy one:


  • Most customizable male masturbator currently on the market
  • Patented SenSonic Technology used as an alternative to conventional vibes
  • Cruise Control for better hands-free stimulation
  • Stamina Progress Tracker provided
  • Fully submersible in water
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Not compatible with other pleasure devices
  • Not ideal for all penis sizes
  • Requires several hours for a full charge

The Takeaway

Too many things in this world leave us limited, but a few innovative sex toy manufacturers have significantly broadened our horizons by introducing high-class, high-tech pleasure products to an otherwise subdued society.

One such product, the LELO F1S Developer’s Kit, allows individuals to freely explore the depths of their own depravity without having to purchase several sex toys or graduate from college with a degree in computer coding to do it.

The toy itself is sleek, sexy and masculine looking with a simplified design and some of the industry’s best ergonomics. It’s relatively easy to use too, especially if you possess prior knowledge about tech toys.

Overall, this bad boy is probably most ideal for a man who’s into tinkering around with his playthings or at least someone who isn’t opposed to learning about new things.

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