Lelo Soraya 2 Review For 2022

Penetration is just what the doctor ordered sometimes.

But then again, so is clitoral stimulation. And many sex toys for women claim to offer the best of both worlds.

Yet, not all of them do. Then you have the LELO Soraya 2.

What Is the Lelo Soraya 2?

lelo soraya 2 reviewWe’re talking about a luxury vibrating dildo for vaginal penetration and clitoral massage. It’s an upgrade from the original Soraya model, plus it comes with an unmatched 10-year warranty.

The manufacturer wanted users to experience dual stimulation, and that’s precisely what you get.

The Soraya 2 from LELO aims to pinpoint your pleasure zones with precision.

Unlike other vibrators, it harnesses technology and ergonomics for a smooth, easy ride.

You can control the show with the touch of a button or hand it to your partner for surprise sensations. And since it’s lightweight and compact, you can reach orgasm anywhere.

Lelo Soraya 2 Review: The Main Features

soraya 2 by leloThis device leaves little to be desired, with features friendly enough for all body types.

It begins with an exclusive shape that hugs the contours of a woman’s body. And it continues with a silky silicone covering that glides in and out with optimal friction. You even get a rounded tip for easier insertion – a new design element recently introduced by the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the integrated motor is tiny but mighty. But some would say it’s noisier than other vibes.

Either way, expect a commotion with 12 individually adjustable pleasure settings for customized control. Nobody tells you what you do with this much pussy power.

(NOTE: The original Soraya only had eight vibration modes.)

Other updates include the extended tip and anatomically specific shaft. It targets the g-spot for intense internal massage but remembers the clit with every stroke.

The flexible rabbit ears draw closer to your clit than ever before. And that means you can hit the jackpot regardless of your position.

With the S2 completely redesigned, LELO still hasn’t removed the good stuff.

You still get five inches of insertable length and 4.25 inches of delicious girth. The tip is thicker and broader as well, giving you more realistic sensations inside and out.

Together, the shaft and rabbit ears deliver double trouble to your genitals and make no apologies about it.

Its enhanced control interfaces further exploit its unique design.

Find your favorite setting faster to climax more often. And the new model also features a convenient travel lock to help you experience an O-on-the-go.

So, no excuses for a lazy libido with this beast in the room. It’s even USB rechargeable and waterproof. Your argument is invalid.

How Does Lelo Soraya 2 Feel?

It doesn’t get much better than a female dildo that vibrates. But then you add in satiny silicone, perfect shaping, optimal dimensions, and multi-functionality.

This toy offers rumbly vibrations at customizable levels through an ergonomically-sound design that’s easy to use.

What more could a girl ask for?

The slightly curved shaft delivers gentle pressure along the vaginal wall. And that produces a distinctive sensation during insertion and removal. But then there are the bendy rabbit ears.

You don’t even have to penetrate deeply to feel the love. Because of its extended tip, you can enjoy shallow penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

As you scroll through the 12 pleasure settings, it reminds you why a natural penis won’t always work.

The Soraya 2 offers intuitive controls that take orders better than any life partner. But as luck would have it, this device is also ideal for couple’s play.

So, don’t be surprised when you get asked to share.

NOTE: You’re not supposed to use the LELO S2 for anal sex. But thoroughly clean the surface between uses if you do.

What Comes in the Box?

lelo soraya 2 box contentsIt might feel like you get the moon and stars with this device, but you don’t. You only get the bare necessities.

However, LELO is relatively generous, considering the competition.

Most women’s sex toys of this caliber come with nothing but the machine and power cords. But here’s what comes in the box with the Soraya 2:

  • The S2 Luxury Silicone Vibrator
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Satin Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Water-Based Personal Lubricant (Sample)
  • 10-Year Warranty Registration Card

You don’t get much lube, so make sure to grab some of your own. And the device only works for about four hours between each charge.

That means you have to stay close to an outlet or bring a power bank when you travel.

Furthermore, you have to buy stock in sex toy cleaner because you don’t get any of that either. The Lelo Soraya 2 dives deep into your vagina for maximum penetration and intense stimulation.

So, enter at your own risk if you don’t keep it clean.

The Pros & Cons

Even a luxury sex toy brand like LELO isn’t perfect. And none of their devices are either.

The Soraya 2 is no exception, even though it’s new and improved. You still have several pros and cons to consider.

So, buyer beware. Here’s what you need to know before spending any money:


  • You get two toys for the price of one.
  • It comes in three vibrant colors.
  • The sleek design makes it an excellent gift for lovers.
  • It’s super easy to clean and maintain.
  • It comes ready to use out of the box.
  • The battery charges quickly for minimal wait time.
  • You can use any water-based lube in the house.
  • The ears and shaft operate together or separately.

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  • You can’t reverse the settings, so you have to scroll instead.
  • The size and shape may not be ideal for beginners.
  • You have to download a user manual from the website.
  • The motors can be loud on the highest setting.
  • You can’t sync with other devices or use it remotely.

For more information about the LELO Soraya 2 or read mechanical specifications, visit the manufacturer’s website.

How to Make the LELO Soraya 2 Feel Better

Can you make an already impressive pleasure product feel even better?

The answer is yes. Most sex toys for women are versatile enough for experimentation.

The key is to avoid tampering with the mechanics and to follow what the owner’s manual says. But since you don’t get a paper manual in the box, go ahead and download a copy first.

Read it carefully, and then use these tips to make the LELO Soraya 2 feel better:

#1. Use an Enhanced Lubricant

Nothing says sexy like a sensational lube. You can find lubricants at any intimacy store nearby.

Plus, they come in small and large bottles with variable formulas and qualities.

But for the best results, always reach for something water-based. And try cooling, heating, or tingling lubricants for a wilder ride.

TIP: Test each product on your body before using it with your device. And stay away from silicone-based lubes because you can ruin your toys.

#2. Try a Sex Pillow Mount

Some sex pillows and sex furniture feature holes to mount your dildos. Try to find one of those, or attempt a DIY if money is tight. The LS2 isn’t compatible with a wall mount or suction cup.

So, you have to get creative if you’re into pegging.

Meanwhile, pillow mounts make it easy regardless of which toys you use.

TIP: Choose a sex cushion with a removable, washable cover. Then, make sure it’s compatible with your lube collection.

#3. Brave the Elements

The new Soraya 2 is 100% submersible in water.

That means you can take it to the bath, shower, hot tub, or pool for aquatic adventures. But it also lets you enjoy tailored temperature play within minutes.

Run your device under hot or cold water and let the games begin. It’s a terrific alternative to using enhanced lubes, just in case you run out.

TIP: Never boil or microwave your LS2 because you could break it. Use the faucet or a bowl of water instead.

#4. Strike a Pose

You can enjoy this upgraded model in virtually any position.

So, try out a few poses that spark your curiosity. The bent shaft and curved rabbit ears can pinpoint the g-spot and clitoris regardless of how you’re sitting, standing, or lying.

Plus, you don’t lose power when mounting your toy to a sex pillow.

TIP: Begin with simple positions and then work your way into complex poses. Or invite a partner to try even crazier things.

Where To Buy Lelo Soraya 2 Online:

THE OFFICIAL LELO WEBSITE – Best Price & Fastest Delivery.

The Final Verdict

You don’t have to search very far to find a decent sex toy these days.

They’re everywhere, and most of them are legit. But LELO has become one of the forerunners for a reason. The vast majority of their products are groundbreaking, modern, and powerful. And the Soraya 2 is a prime example of that.

You get an explosive combination of strength and sophistication with each stroke. And although the motors can be loud and the owner’s manual is online, the performance makes up for it.

Just be sure to use the best water-based lube, and don’t forget the mount. You’ll want options when playing with such a versatile machine.

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