Top 5 Best Long-Distance Vibrators Reviewed In 2023

Long-distance vibrators have revolutionized the sex toy industry. They provide connections between partners far apart, promoting intimacy despite the location.

As more people seek romance online, LDVs will be there to support their wildest dreams.

Sextech innovations change the way we enjoy sex and masturbation. Many devices feature intuitive settings and automatic performance modes to encourage hands-free play.

Most also pull double duty as traditional toys because you can use them with or without the enhancements.

How are vibrators for long-distance relationships better or different from traditional devices?

Where do you shop for one, and what do you need to know? We’ll cover that and more in this buyer’s guide, plus discuss my top five picks. Let’s get started.

What Is a Long-Distance Vibrator?

A long-distance sex toy is a device used for personal or group pleasure regardless of the distance between participants.

Most products feature a Bluetooth-enabled computer system that allows for detached interactions. And many devices also have motion-sensing components to support real-time movements between partners.

Vibrators with enhanced connectivity do more than traditional vibes. They often come with built-in performance settings plus extra options through a smartphone app.

You can use them alone or with a lover to promote intimacy, practice techniques, or fulfill fantasies. Some relationship therapists recommend long-distance vibrators for struggling couples and people with sexual health problems.

Sextech helps adults experience intense orgasms and customized play while eliminating various barriers.

The best vibrator with Bluetooth can also deliver pleasure despite mobility limitations or relationship status. Device features can vary widely, and each brand manufacturers multiple choices.

Use a buyer’s guide, read customer reviews, and compare products to find the optimal option.

DID YOU KNOW: Some long-distance vibrators mimic your partner’s motions during sex.

The Most Common Features

No two vibrating sex toys are the same, but adding sextech can confuse a shopper even more.

Unlike traditional vibes, long-distance devices have additional features than might require research. You don’t need an engineering degree, but you must read the owner’s manuals since each product is different.

Contact the manufacturer directly if you have specific questions.

The typical LDV has the following features in common:

  • Straightforward Interfaces – Most manufacturers design toys with simple control systems to promote sexual freedom.
  • Adjustable Settings – Many devices feature multiple performance modes to help you tailor the sensations.
  • Skin-Safe Materials – High-quality long-distance vibrators use top-notch textiles to protect your skin and prolong your investment.
  • App Compatibility – Bluetooth-enabled vibrators usually work with a sponsored smartphone application for hands-free fun.
  • USB Rechargeable Batteries – Few electronic sex toys use store-bought batteries because they’re less economical.
  • Unique Shapes – Long-distance vibrators come in all shapes and sizes to pinpoint the user’s p-spot or g-spot.

Some options also come with attachments and accessories to enhance stimulation.

A few even have special features like these:

  • Life-like balls
  • Protruding tips
  • Curved shafts
  • Veins and texture
  • Clit massagers

Don’t be afraid to explore your stash before buying.

Check out what you already have and determine how you could improve your collection. Then purchase a long-distance vibrator to supplement what’s missing and experience something new with your partner.

How They Work

Some people using a long-distance device might have a slight learning curve. That’s because the technology manufacturers use is relatively new.

Some folks don’t know how to use their toys without practice, and a few products don’t include very detailed instructions. Before spending money, you should get a general idea of how the average long-distance vibrator works.

Most machines require you to charge them first. They usually have a USB cord or an AC/DC connection for your convenience.

Use this time to explore the features and read the manual for more details. You can also draw parallels to devices you’ve already used to learn the ropes faster.

Connect your device to the appropriate app on your smartphone, then enable Bluetooth. Your partner will need a second vibrator if playing doubles.

If not, they’ll at least need the same app and a Bluetooth connection.

Next, use the app as a wireless remote to explore various pleasure settings and deliver long-distance delights.

TIP: Some toys might require more steps for setup and account registration.

How to Use Long-Distance Vibrators Safely

Sex toys that work from long distances are fun and generally safe.

However, they use advanced technologies to deliver intense sensations. That means users must follow the instructions carefully to enjoy stimulation without injury.

Unlike conventional devices that lack electronic components and Bluetooth, LDVs require additional steps for operation.

You might also have to diligently clean them or buy extra equipment for maintenance.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the purchase:

  1. Keep It Clean. Never play with an unwashed sex toy because it could irritate your skin or cause an infection.
  2. Read the Manual. You could find some crucial information or tips on improving your experience with the device.
  3. Explore the Features – Get to know your toys before allowing them to touch your body or pleasure your partner.
  4. Store It Correctly. Prevent damage and keep devices clean by storing them in appropriate containers and hiding places.
  5. Apply Quality Lube. Protect your skin and enhance your sensations with lots of high-quality compatible lubricants.
  6. Check Your Connection. Ensure you have a secure internet or phone connection to eliminate cyber spying and hacking.
  7. Buy Some Accessories. Prepare with practical tools and supplies to avoid stopping mid-session or sustaining injury.
  8. Stop If It Hurts – Quit playing immediately and seek medical attention if you feel discomfort or pain while using a high-tech toy.

Play it safe, and experience mind-blowing bliss with or without a partner.

Ignore the warnings, and ruin your device or hurt yourself. Part of buying the best long-distance vibrator is selecting a practical model.

If your favorite device looks too complicated or requires too much attention, it might not be the right one.

The Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect, not even a device designed for custom sex. Each model is unique, with different features and limitations.

Choose wisely by considering these standard pros and cons:


  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Built-in power
  • Expanded performance via apps
  • Multiple play options
  • Extended battery life


  • Can be habit-forming
  • May call for additional purchases
  • Some assembly is required (usually)
  • Complex user interfaces

Despite the minor flaws, these vibrators are perfect for nurturing long-distance relationships.

Some couples even report reduced temptation and increased fidelity. They also help many people fulfill fantasies that are otherwise socially unacceptable.

So, while skeptics think high-tech sex toys will ruin intimacy, long-distance vibes prove them wrong.

What To Avoid

Avoiding specific attributes can help you narrow down the search. Many manufacturers trade one feature for another to keep prices down. But the consumer struggles to find an all-around decent device because of that.

Finding high-quality stuff can be tricky, so learn what to get around.

This is a list of my dealbreakers when shopping for a long-distance vibrator:

  • Low-Quality Materials – I won’t mess with anything containing latex, parabens, or phthalates. Those ingredients can cause a severe allergic reaction or skin damage.
  • Weak Motors – My collection is full of powerful devices with robust, long-lasting motors. I stay away from those feeble features.
  • Short Battery Life – The best sex toys should last for about 60-90 minutes on a full charge. Anything less than that is pointless.
  • Lame App Content – I don’t play with poorly designed apps or websites. My stuff connects to the sexiest libraries in town.
  • Poor Connectivity – Long-distance vibes require a secure link that doesn’t easily disconnect. I refuse to experience blue balls.
  • Awkward Button Placement – My electronic sex toys must fit snugly in my hand with the buttons ready to go. Otherwise, hard pass.
  • Complicated Interfaces – Your vibrators should be relatively easy to use, even if you’ve never done this before.

Stay away from these things to create a blissful bedroom.

You can also check out the owner’s manual for more specific information and valuable recommendations from the manufacturer. Or watch online video reviews for more in-depth discussions on particular devices.

What to Look For

You know what these things are, and you understand why it’s crucial to avoid certain things.

However, you still don’t know what to look for when shopping. Search for these eight essential to discover the device of your dreams:

#1. High-Quality Materials

Peep the top-notch textiles to enjoy a smooth glide and less skin irritation.

I always choose silicone sex toys or devices made from one of these materials:

  • Plastic
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Hypoallergenic Metal

Most long-distance vibrators will come in platinum-cured silicone or another polycarbonate material. Pick those for practicality and preservation purposes.

They react well to most lubricant formulas and typically last longer than sex toys made from low-quality crap.

#2. Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics determines how a product reacts to human interaction. Your favorite sex toys must function parallel to your anatomy.

That means a long-distance vibrator should have a size and shape that suits your vagina or anus. Many manufacturers offer graduated dimensions on similar designs to help people work up to massive penetration.

Look for vibrating sex toys with sensible measurements, or find a device with an undulating shaft.

You can experiment with different depths to discover the most satisfying sensation. Then take advantage of how well the toy fits in your hand when exploring new positions.

#3. Secure Connections

High-tech vibrators with Bluetooth-enabled interfaces use the internet to sync devices. They also have smartphone apps that rely on a secure data plan for privacy.

Buy vibes with encrypted apps and websites to guard your identity and keep your secrets safe.

Shop for devices that require membership to an online content library. The platform should shield your personal information from hackers and scams. You might have to pay extra for inclusion, but you’re actually paying for peace of mind. Use passwords and other measures for an additional layer of protection.

#4. Intuitive Controls

You want a sex toy that can keep up with demands. But you don’t need something that makes you work too hard.

Intuitive interfaces generally include touch-sensitive buttons, app-centered settings, and voice control. Some devices also come with wireless remotes or automatic features for effortless play.

Pay close attention to long-distance vibrators that can interact with matching devices. You can play simultaneously with a partner using similar toys for a realistic, real-time experience.

This feature is perfect for long-distance relationships and same-sex couples who want to reach orgasm at the same time.

#5. Adjustable Settings

Nobody wants a vibrator with only one pleasure setting. That’s what bullet vibes are for.

Toys with advanced technologies for long-distance interactions should feature multiple performance modes.

Look for playthings that give you various stimulation options, from a low rumble to an erotic earthquake.

Here are some of the best settings to discover:

  • Sync to Music
  • Dual Motion
  • Automatic AI
  • Random Stimulation
  • Spontaneous Activation
  • Travel Lock

Sync to music lets you feel your favorite songs from the inside out, which random stimulation is perfect for edging.

Spontaneous activation allows your partner to make the rules, and automatic AI learns your behavior for a customized sensation.

Choose your settings carefully, then get to know them before deciding the value of your toy.

#6. Rechargeable Batteries

Buying batteries from the store can be a headache, and store-bought power cells don’t last very long. They can also leak chemicals into your device, causing irreparable damage that the warranty might not cover.

High-tech devices usually feature USB rechargeable motors for convenience and quality.

Vibrators with USB rechargeable batteries can last for hours on a single charge. Many also reboot quickly with little downtime.

You can swap the equipment when the power cell dies to prolong your play. Meanwhile, many manufacturers provide convertible cables for their traveling customers.

#7. Waterproofing

Find a vibrator that is fully submersible in water. This feature allows you to experiment with aquatic adventures and enjoy effortless maintenance.

Waterproof vibrators are also more durable and easier to store because they don’t break easily when exposed to moisture.

Long-distance vibrators use complex electrical components, so waterproofing shields the mechanisms inside.

However, beware that some wireless remotes may not have the same capabilities. You might also have to find store-bought batteries for the unit or charge your smartphone separately to run the compatible app.

#8. Powerful Engines

Motor power is essential to vibration. Your favorite vibe will never be the weakest one in your toy box. These devices must rumble at various speeds and produce unique patterns for customization.

However, none of that is possible without a powerful motor in your hands.

Keep in mind that power doesn’t always equal noise. You can buy a whisper-quiet vibrator that still rocks your socks.

Advanced ergonomics help devices contain the energy and deliver it precisely on your command. Don’t settle for noisy pleasure unless it’s from someone screaming.

Shop for a long-distance vibrator with all these features to experience tailored bliss with or without a partner.

Explore the online content libraries to fulfill fantasies, create new ones, and choose your favorite device. Or read genuine customer reviews for more information on a specific design.

You can also watch instructional videos to learn how a particular product works.

Where to Shop

Find most of what you crave at the local adult entertainment store. You’ll discover a wide selection of exciting products for personal pleasure, plus all the accessories you could ever want.

Brick-and-mortar retailers also provide knowledgeable insights on what to buy based on specific criteria.

However, walking into a sex shop can be embarrassing.

You might want to shop in private or speak to your partner first. In that case, look online for the best long-distance vibrators available.

Shop through trusted sources selling name-brand sex toys with intact manufacturer’s warranties. Use the extra layer of discretion to get top-quality vibes delivered right to your door.

DID YOU KNOW: Most online retailers send orders in unmarked boxes.

The Top 5 Best Long Distance Vibrators In 2023:

The modern world is full of exciting opportunities for sex. Advanced devices can help people experiment with various ideas and experience intense orgasms.

However, you must purchase a toy that checks all the necessary boxes, and that can be more challenging than it seems.

With so many options, picking the best one feels impossible. You also can’t return most devices when you don’t like them.

So, start with my top five picks for the most satisfying long-distance vibrators, and go from there:

#1. The Lovense Lush 3  – Best Long Distance Vibrator Overall


The Lovense Lush 3 is a wearable egg vibrator that allows for long-distance sex. Enjoy stimulation by yourself, with a partner, or using the diverse XXX content on the compatible app.

Use your phone as a wireless remote to control three rumbly speeds and four enticing patterns.

Sync the app for unlimited play options, then insert the U-shaped device for a direct hit to your g-spot or p-spot. It offers five continuous hours of play with each charge and was voted “Best Vibrator with an App” by Good Housekeeping.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: It uses a straightforward control interface for all experience levels.

CON: The built-in settings are lame compared to what’s available on the app.

#2. The We-Vibe Nova 2


Experience tandem stimulation with a rabbit-style vibrator. The We-Vibe Nova 2 encourages dual pleasures with a double-headed design and a powerful motor.

It also features a flexible arced arm to pinpoint the p-spot while maintaining contact with the clitoris. Use the WVN2 for solo play or sex with a partner, no matter the location.

You get a long-lasting battery, a robust app for long-distance masturbation, and built-in pleasure settings to broaden your bedroom horizons.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: The powerful motor is extra quiet to provide superior discretion.

CON: You might have to play with different positions to find the sweet spot.

#3. The Ohmibod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo


The Ohmibod Fuse powered by Kiiroo is a revolutionary long-distance vibrator. It uses two-way communication to enable real-time interactions for shared pleasure across distances.

This device also uses built-in sensors for bi-directional control, promoting intimacy regardless of ability or position.

You can use it with the automatic Fleshlight Launch for hands-free control. Or sync it to most interactive Kiiroo toys while exploring the compatible app.

Find webcam performances, encoded videos, and unique VR content to live your wildest dreams.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You get multiple ways to play with a single vibrator.

CON: The relatively flat tip might be challenging to insert into certain body types.

#4. The Lovense Nora


This luxury vibrator for long-distance masturbation offers all the features you’d expect from a g-spot sex toy. Its shaft is bulbous, its rabbit ears are flexible, and its settings are exciting.

The head also rotates for an enhanced internal massage, with three intense speed modes to explore as you go. Control the Lovense Nora through the Body Chat app or sync to the Lovense Max for men to experience unlimited play options.

React to each other or experiment with different sensations while joining the global sextech crowd.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: It includes a USB-powered Bluetooth dongle for easy traveling.

CON: There is a slight delay between devices, even with an excellent connection.

#5. The Svakom Ella Neo


The Svakom Ella Neo is an egg vibrator with advanced controls and an enhanced design.

Manage the settings in the app to cycle through ten unique performance modes. Then shift to Climax Mode when you’re ready to squirt.

This device also features a simple built-in interface and a textured material for improved sensations. It provides 3.5 inches of insertable fun and four inches of girth – the perfect dimensions for multiple play options with numerous partners.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: This device features a durable pull cord to help safely remove it from your body.

CON: You cannot use this device remotely, even with the compatible smartphone app.


Picking out the perfect long-distance vibration can be tricky. There are multiple factors to consider, and no two devices are alike.

Avoid low-quality products with shoddy construction and cheap materials. And look for stuff with intuitive controls, high-tech functionality, and a user-friendly design.

Read the owner’s manuals or browse the manufacturer’s website for more specific information on the toys you like.

Long-Distance Vibrator FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about vibrators for long-distance sex:

Is There a Specific Way to Clean These Devices?

Cleaning your sex toys should be simple, and most manufacturers provide detailed instructions in the owner’s manual. Read it to determine if there are specific steps you should take.

Many devices require a quick rinse with water at least. Some also call for a gentle toy cleaning solution to remove dirt, debris, and body fluids.

Always wash your stuff before and after each use either way.

How Am I Supposed to Store Vibrators?

You can store your vibrators in multiple ways, depending on the design. Some manufacturers include storage containers with your purchase.

If not, buy something to protect the materials and electrical components. A box or drawstring bag should work perfectly.

However, always check the owner’s manual for specifics. Then store your stuff away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

What Type of Lube Should I Use?

Use any lubricant you prefer, but make sure its ingredients are compatible with your device.

For example, never use silicone-based lube with a silicone sex toy. Try a water-based formula instead.

If you’re unsure which types of lubrication to use, check the owner’s manual for more information. Or look in the box for a sample.

Can I Get Hurt?

Playing with high-quality sextech is relatively safe, but you can get hurt with anything you insert into the body.

Be careful, start slow, and choose a device that suits your body type.

Also, consider experience levels and equipment to prevent injury. And never play with a dirty or broken device because it’s too risky.

Using long-distance vibrators means maintaining communication with your partner.

So, pick a safe word you can both remember. Stop if you feel uncomfortable or experience pain, and then seek medical attention immediately if needed.

How Do I Troubleshoot a Broken Sex Toy?

Sex toys can break, even if we play responsibly. Some issues are from the factory, while others persist because of user negligence.

Always follow the instructions in your manual to prevent accidents and damage. The literature will likely contain troubleshooting tips, warranty information, and facts about the manufacturer.

Never tinker with your toy to fix a problem. Consult the retailer or manufacturer instead.

Tampering with an advanced pleasure product can break the components, compromise the performance, and void the warranty.

How to Register a Sex Toy Warranty

Registering a sex toy is typically a straightforward process. Most devices come with a registration card in the box or on the back of the manual.

You can also look online for more information from the manufacturer’s website.

Fill out the necessary forms and send them for recording within 30 days of the purchase date to avoid delays and other mishaps.

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