The Lovense Calor Review For 2022

The Lovense Calor caught my penis by surprise. I kept climbing the chain of command, trying to find a male masturbator that checked all the boxes. And my lifestyle meant I needed a lightweight, compact, and powerful sex toy to keep myself sane.

However, most of the products I’d been using were either too complex, too heavy, or too loud. But my balls wouldn’t leave well enough alone.

That’s when I started looking at interactive “marital aids” as legitimate solutions.

I travel a lot, and my partner stays home.

So, we wanted an erotic device that satisfied both our desires while inspiring experimentation and kink. Some days, we don’t know what we’d do without the Lovense Calor. But on other days, not so much. And here’s why.

What Is the Lovense Calor?

Lovense is a sex toy brand famous for its interactive, high-tech products.

Most of the inventory is aimed at energetic individuals and young couples.

However, some of their newer devices can help with motivation issues, mobility limitations, and hectic lifestyles.

Take the Calor, for example. The manufacturer designed it for multi-functional fun at the touch of a button. Plus, you can control it with a compatible smartphone app.

This device offers customizable penis stimulation with three distinct forms of pleasure.

First, enjoy robust vibrations as you plunge your shaft deep into the hole. Or manually squeeze the flexible chamber for pinpointed pleasure. You can also heat up the tunnel to make masturbation more realistic. And that’s a clever feature for an app-compatible sex toy.

Thus, it’s a suitable product for long-distance couples like us.

The Lovense Calor expects you to finagle with SexTech to develop your personal tastes. That means you’re supposed to try the built-in settings, then create a few of your own.

Meanwhile, this glorified pocket pussy lets you take pleasure in tailored solo sessions or practice in-sync sex with partners.

So, you have several ways to use this device, and all of them feel fantastic.

DID YOU KNOW: You can use this toy even if your penis isn’t erect.

Lovense Carol Review: The Main Features

I expected something more complex from a device that promised three experiences in one.

That’s because many multi-functional sex toys feature several spare parts or use complicated interfaces for connectivity. But the Calor is different.

It’s sleek, streamlined, lightweight, and compact instead of bulky, heavy, and intricate.

So, I was ready for sub-par power and low-quality materials. Don’t you just love to be wrong?

The LC features an extra-soft silicone chamber and requires no assembly or disassembly for cleaning.

You get a two-hour battery life with each charge. And you can still use it while it’s plugged into the port. But that’s not even the best part (and it would be sad if it were).

The best part is its optional heating feature that makes each stroke feel more inviting. When paired with a partner’s device, the dual functionality creates a realistic experience that’s surprisingly satisfying.

You can enjoy the Calor with or without a partner. And masturbate with or without the powerful vibrations.

It has a soft, squeezable form that lets you control the chamber pressure by hand, with a non-anatomical opening to support your curiosities.

Meanwhile, there’s a diagonal tunnel for maximum penile contact and a built-in button panel on the side for easy access to the settings.

How I Use It

I use mine for everything from traveling trips and quickies to stamina training and long-distance love affairs.

First, I set up an account on the Lovense smartphone app for hands-free fun. I can enjoy limitless stimulation options and program up to ten modes into my device.

The Calor is also compatible with several other Bluetooth-enabled Lovense toys, including the Max, Max 2, and Nora.

Meanwhile, my device features depth-controlled vibrations. In other words, it has three independent vibrating bullets integrated into the chamber.

So, you feel each section activate or deactivate with every thrust. Then Bluetooth technology sends those signals to compatible devices for real-time interactions. Like Ludacris said, “When I move, you move.” Yeah, just like that.

NOTE: You need the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to play with the Calor on a Windows PC.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Materials

Explore more features by reading the owner’s manual. You can learn more about the device’s mechanical limits and find tips on making sessions feel better. And don’t forget to look for a manufacturer’s warranty in the box.

If you find one, be sure to register your toy within 30 days of the purchase date to avoid coverage cancellation.

How Does Lovense Carol Feel

Even if you don’t tamper with your toys, you can still feel outstanding pleasure. The LC offers a silky-smooth entry and exit for more comfortable experimenting.

Plus, it has a plain opening to help you freely imagine different scenarios.

That also means you can use it whether erect or not. And it’s suitable for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature) because of the flexible design.

No hard pushes are required.

Squeeze the chamber at different points to experience variable sensations along the shaft. Then coordinate your grip with the sound-activated vibrating bullets for a rhythmic ride.

You can add a layer of heat to increase the realism or enhance your favorite lube. But don’t forget to sync your device with another Lovense toy.

The best part about playing with this toy is creating tailored sessions depending on each lover’s desires.

NOTE: You can’t feel the heated core under warm water. Plus, it can take a few minutes for the device to get hot.

What Comes in the Box?

The Lovense sex toy company is pretty good about including the necessary items in their boxes. You usually don’t have to buy anything extra besides personal lubricant and material cleaner.

However, you can’t enjoy Calor’s full potential without an active data plan and access to the internet. It’s merely an electronic Fifi at that point. And this is all you’ll be left with:

  • The Lovense Calor Bluetooth Male Masturbator
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • User Manual
  • Drawstring Storage Bag

The device comes at least halfway charged out of the box. Leftover battery life is from testing at the factory.

So, you can begin playing immediately. But while you’re allowed to tinker with settings in the app, never tamper with the toy.

You could void your warranty if you’re not careful.

If your masturbator arrives broken, contact the seller right away. The Lovense Calor isn’t flawless, but it should function correctly as soon as you get it. And keep your receipts just in case.

Otherwise, the manufacturer may not honor your warranty or provide necessary replacement parts.

The Pros & Cons

I like that Lovense products give me peace of mind when buying new sex toys. You get an automatic one-year warranty with every purchase.

Plus, the brand’s customer service is comparably decent. And the more you buy, the more interactive your sex life becomes.

But these are the things you should consider before popping a premature boner about it:


  • Squeezable materials let you target specific spots for enhanced orgasms.
  • The underwater vibrations can feel even more intense.
  • You get numerous play options with minimal effort.
  • It’s lightweight and compact for discreet traveling.
  • The battery life aligns with most other Lovense toys for symbiotic play.
  • Clean it quickly with soap and water.
  • Control the fun through a free app to develop a unique routine.


  • You can’t use the Calor with virtual reality sex toys.
  • The penis tunnel features no texture for surface stimulation.
  • It’s not compatible with a wall or shower mount for easy thrusting.
  • There is no travel lock for battery conservation on the go.
  • This device does not offer suction or natural features.

Remember, USB rechargeable male masturbators can be tricky because the motor can die before the battery. And if you experiment a lot, that’s even more likely to happen.

Fortunately, you can make sessions feel better without draining the life out of your stuff. And if not, perhaps it’s time for another upgrade.

How to Make the Lovense Calor Feel Better

The Lovense Calor may have had a few flaws, but it still ticked most of my boxes.

However, I can’t deny that the possibilities are limited, and the design is rather rudimentary by comparison.

Had the manufacturer offered anatomical orifices to coordinate with the app action, it would have curtained the competition. But some might see the nondescript opening as a good thing, so I digress.

You don’t need extra equipment or special skills to make the LC feel better.

Masturbation and foreplay are subjective activities, but you can actively improve each experience with clever tactics like these:

#1. Wear a Cock Ring

A fitted cock ring can help intensify your pleasure when masturbating or having sex. That’s because it restricts blood flow to the penis, allowing for longer and stronger erections.

Penis lassos also awaken nerve endings for more satisfying orgasms. And if they can also vibrate, you’re almost guaranteed a body-draining climax.

TIP: Never wear a cock ring for longer than 30 minutes unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

#2. Use Enhanced Lubricants

Try personal lubrication with bonus ingredients. The standard water-based stuff is terrific. But tingling, cooling, and warming lube can paint a more perverted picture.

Meanwhile, look for high-quality products that wash off quickly and don’t stain the bedding. Then check the owner’s manual for suggestions and warnings.

TIP: Stay away from silicone-based lube because it can destroy your toy’s material.

#3. Go for a Dip

Swim your way to satisfaction with a fully submersible masturbator. The vibrations intensify under the water, providing a more stimulating experience.

Plus, you can feel extra sensations with every squeeze and still enjoy interactive features. And if you turn on the optional heating function, it’s likely to be the most relaxing bath of your life.

TIP: Make bath night an erotic experience by dimming the lights and playing mood music.

#4. Try Temperature Play

Tamper with the elements using Calor’s waterproof design. You can run the device under warm or cold water to change the surface temperature without activating the battery.

Then, pair the sensation with enhanced lubrication for a manual override of the senses. This is the perfect opportunity for travelers who don’t always have access to USB charging ports.

TIP: Lubricant can rinse off in the bath, so save this technique for when you shower.

#5. Keep It Clean

Clean sex toys always feel better than dirty ones. That’s because gunk on the surface can change the way your penis reacts to sexual contact.

Plus, filthy masturbators can cause skin irritation and infections that result in pain instead of pleasure.

So, wash the chamber before and after each use to prevent uncomfortable situations.

TIP: Clean male masturbators with non-abrasive, hypoallergenic products only.

Rewriting the playbook is exciting. And I’m guilty of getting overwhelmed by all the possibilities in my hand. But be cautious when using the Lovense Calor or other electronic pleasure products.

Unless the manufacturer says otherwise, you shouldn’t take apart the toy or try to DIY broken components.

So, try devices with customizable iOS or artificial intelligence instead.

Where To Buy The Lovense Calor Online:


The Final Verdict

My opinion is that the Lovense Calor is suitable for custom hand jobs and interactive play with long-distance partners.

However, you can’t get too crazy because the design lacks many high-tech functions. Although the hands-free option is convenient, this device isn’t ideal for uber-realistic sessions.

Feel free to program the app with any ten settings you create, but prepare to stop there. If you want to watch the action or enjoy visual stimulation, you’re on your own.

The Lovense Carol is still surprisingly versatile. As yet another Bluetooth-enabled sex toy for men and couples, there are several ways to work up an orgasm.

You can’t mount the device on walls for thrusting, and you’ll never experience virtual reality sex. But you can intuitively control the settings or hand the reins to a partner.

Either way, someone is probably ejaculating tonight.

BOTTOM LINE: The Lovense Calor works if you want all-manual masturbation with the pleasure settings of high-tech sex toys.

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