Lovense Ferri Review For 2023

We advocate for a healthy sex life then condemn exhibitionism. But I’m too busy experiencing intense orgasms to figure out why that is. My main concern is satisfying sexual desires regardless of the location.

So, I use vibrating sex toys with high-tech features nearly seven days a week.

Case in point: the Lovense Ferri App-Controlled Panty Vibrator.

What Is the Lovense Ferri?

The Lovense Ferri is a compact, lightweight vibrator for women. It fits inside tight-fitting panties to deliver targeted stimulation.

Meanwhile, the designers use industry-leading ergonomics to pinpoint the clitoris and massage delicate nerve endings around the vulva. That means this device can provide concentrated pleasure at the touch of a button.

Ferri is an advanced, app-controlled sex toy.

So, you can hand the reigns to a partner for unpredictable experiences. The interface also lets you enjoy real-time interactions with your lover from anywhere in the world.

Plus, you can use it to customize orgasms while still taking advantage of the discreet design.

The Lovense brand is known for making high-tech pleasure products for individuals and couples.

So, most of their stuff is compatible with other toys in their inventory.

However, the Ferri is a solo act that doesn’t sync with any other device. But the app-controlled functionality equals exciting possibilities either way.

The Main Features

You can enjoy a whole host of sensations from this tiny toy.

It doesn’t look like much because it fits in the palm of your hand. But Ferri is far more powerful than most panty vibes.

Not only can you explore three different speeds and four distinct patterns, but you can also control the ride from your phone. And if you connect the toy to your smart device, there are even more pleasure options to try.

The sophisticated Lovense app is free to download and use.

Plus you can harness the platform to create up to ten unique settings. Quickly customize the vibrations, patterns, and speeds whether you’re in the same room as the toy or not.

Then send a sexy surprise to your partner’s panties from across the globe. This luxury-grade vibrator for women is deliciously discreet.

It features a magnetic clip as well.

That way, it never slips when you tuck it inside your panties. And that means you can wear the Ferri under loose-fitting clothes or with your favorite thong.

Dress for the occasion then enjoy interactive sex with a partner regardless of your location. This device is ideal for long-distance relationships and people who get off on exhibitionism.

This sex toy is whisper quiet to help you keep your hobbies a secret. And you get over 180 minutes of play time with each charge.

Just connect it via the USB port on the side panel. But wait for your Ferri to charge before using it because the motor won’t activate if the device is connected to the plug.

The three-inch Ferri panty vibrator offers hands-free pleasure at the touch of a button. And it’s rigid enough to maintain contact even if the wearer moves.

Plus, it has a three-inch circumference to provide shallow penetration. And you can enjoy the ride with or without lubrication.

NOTE: You must have an active data plan or internet access on your phone to use the Lovense app.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

For more information about the features and mechanical limitations, read the owner’s manual. And don’t forget to look for a warranty. Lovense guarantees most of their toys with limited one-year coverage.

So, check the box for a registration card.

How Does Lovense Ferri Feel?

How does the Lovense Ferri feel? That’s difficult to describe when there are so few comparisons.

This device is similar to other panty vibes. But it produces a unique set of powerful sensations that are challenging to match.

For one, the design helps your vibrations stay targeted on the sweet spot. And for two, the LF vibrator’s extra-long-lasting battery means you can experiment for hours.

Usually, you have to choose one or the other.

The vibes are targeted to the best spots. But you still have to move it around and continually adjust the placement.

That’s because the device is small, so it might not fit all body types. And since the texture is rigid, you can experience some discomfort if you sit down the wrong way.

Rigidity is usually a good thing for vibrating sex toys. But the Ferri would have felt better with a squishier structure or some delicate texture on the outside.

Either way, you have to choose between stimulating the clitoris or vulva because of the limited dimensions.

Meanwhile, the vibes are surprisingly strong. So, you can feel pleasure all over your crotch despite the size restrictions.

The Lovense Ferri is a simple device with few bells and whistles. But that means it’s perfect for orgasms on the go because it doesn’t complicate your climax.

There are no special skills to learn you don’t need any extra equipment. Just charge your phone, plug in your toy, and wear vibrating panties anytime the mood strikes.

TIP: I like to use mine without lubrication because it keeps my panties dry. But I can feel the vibes more deeply when I slather on the sauce.

What Comes in the Box?

Simple toys usually equal simple packaging. That means you don’t get extras like lube samples, sex toy cleaning products, or freebies. And the L-Ferri is no exception.

You receive a small box crammed with all the necessary tools, and nothing else.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer still doesn’t sell it with a toy for your partner because it can’t sync to other devices.

This is all you get instead:

  • The Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Owner’s Manual

It doesn’t matter where you buy this toy. Retailers can’t do anything about how Lovense packages their stuff. You’ll get the same thing regardless of the store.

So, stock up on the water-based lubrication because the Ferri is silicone. And don’t forget the cleaning products because vaginas can sweat.

NOTE: If this device slips, it could touch your asshole. And your asshole is filled with harmful bacteria. So, limit your play time to only a few hours. Then use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic, antibacterial cleaner just to be safe.

The Pros & Cons

I think perfect products are sus.

There’s no way a single manufacturer can satisfy the needs of such a diverse population. And that means I automatically expect imperfections from my sex toys.

Even sophisticated devices like the Lovense Ferri can feel shitty if you don’t know how to use them.

In the meantime, don’t spend your money on products with attractive packaging or popular brand names. Do your homework instead. Compare options and consider the pros and cons.

Here’s what you should know about the Lovense Ferri, for example:

The Pros

  • You can pinpoint specific nerve endings to customize each session.
  • The non-slip magnets help hold the device securely in place.
  • It has an extra-powerful vibrating motor.
  • You get over three hours of non-stop play with the rechargeable battery.
  • Freely travel or take your device in the water with a versatile design.
  • Customize your sensations with the free downloadable app.

The Cons

  • Its dimensions might not be appropriate for all body types.
  • The battery takes a while to fully recharge.
  • You can’t connect the device to other interactive sex toys.

Notice how it shines in certain areas but needs help in others? That’s pretty common with electronic pleasure devices.

The point is to find something that hits all the right spots. And for me, the Lovense Ferri can if I position it just right in my panties.

How to Make the Lovense Ferri Feel Better

I discovered a few ways to improve my experience with the L-Ferri panty vibe. The good news is that none of my tips are expensive. And you probably have everything required in your house already.

So, here are my tips for making the most of your new toy:

#1. Use the App Wisely

You don’t have to use the app with the Ferri. Each device features built-in buttons that let you change the settings manually. But the app helps partners deliver pleasure from far away.

It offers additional settings if you tinker with the platform. And sometimes the manufacturer publishes coupons for new products.

#2. Slather on Enhanced Lubricants

Enhanced lubrication includes warming, cooling, tingling, and flavored mixtures. Each one can offer a different sensation. And most of them are compatible with silicone devices.

So, use an upgraded lube to experience new levels of stimulation. Then play harder even if you’re partner is out of the picture.

#3. Try Temperature Play

Waterproof sex toys are the best. It’s because you can hold them under hot or cold water to change the surface temperature. And since the Ferri uses non-porous materials, your panties stay dry even as your pussy gets wet.

So, I suggest trying temperature play at least once while you own this device.

#4. Wine, Dine, and Combine

Pair this product with some of your favorite devices for a beautifully blended orgasm. Or use it as part of a romantic date night – foreplay for the both of you.

The compact, lightweight design means you can mix and match in countless ways. Besides, intense stimulation to the clitoris usually makes you want penetrated and you know it.

#5. Take a Deep Dive

You’re not supposed to use the Lovense Ferri for internal stimulation. And I’m not advocating for using it like a dildo. But I think you can tickle the shallow nerve endings around your hole without fear.

Plus, experimentation is much easier when you’re playing with a partner.

There are countless ways to improve your experience with vibrating panties.

For example, try sitting or standing in different positions. And don’t be afraid to try new things. Then come back and tell me if you discover something fantastic. I’m always eager to learn better O-face methodologies.

The Final Verdict

The Lovense Ferri is legit. But it’s not going to replace my high-end panty vibes anytime soon. I can see how people would enjoy a sleek device for on-the-go orgasms. And the quiet motor helps ensure discretion no matter where you travel.

However, it’s too tiny to provide the full-bodied sensations most women love. And while the magnets help it stick and the app is awesome, you’re still limited in several ways.

Bottom Line: If the manufacturers include more interactive technologies and optional sizes, the competition will start to sweat.

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