Lovense Lush 3 Review: Is The New Lovense Vibe The Top Sexual Toy In 2023?

Getting in the vibe has never been sexier. A few years back, a small sex toy company named Lovense sprung up out of nowhere to create the world’s very first automatic male masturbator.

Fast forward to today and they’re introducing yet another a revolutionary sex toy for couples.

It’s called the Lush 3 and it’s the brand’s second attempt at making an intuitive, wireless vibrator.

What is the Lovense Lush 3 Sex Toy?




The Lush 3 sex toy by Lovense comes after the original Lush vibrator fell flat in the face of more technologically advanced products.

The new and improved version thereby answers the questions that we were all asking last time, such as “Did I pay actual money for this POS?” and “Is there a way to get my cash back?” According to consumer reviews, you’ll neither suffer from buyer’s remorse nor seek a refund this time around.

That’s most likely because the Lush vibrator combines ergonomic engineering with state-of-the-art technology. It’s therefore one of the most effective and user-friendly pleasure devices on the market right now.

The creative array of features makes it ideal for solo stimulation and/or couple’s play. Plus, the unique construction means you can get dirty even when you’re out in public.


How Does Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator Work?

This toy works just like any other device that features high-end technologies, except it offers a few bonuses that aren’t usually found elsewhere.

For example, it uses a conveniently placed Bluetooth chip to control the various performance modes.



That chip is situated right in the tip of the toy to offer maximum maneuverability regardless of your distance or position.

The whole thing is controlled through a free downloadable smart phone app that’s compatible with every operating system in existence.

The app provides users with a wide range of pleasure options, including unlimited vibration settings and tailored intensity levels. You can set the device up for some music syncing fun or turn on the sound activation for a sweet surprise.

Lush 3 vibrator features a sleek, compact design that makes it perfect for discreet fun. In fact, the button placement and functionality are both surprisingly convenient. They’re situated so that the wearer can turn the device on or off without removing it.

However, that same convenience can turn into a major pain the ass if the app malfunctions or you lose your phone. That’s not the Lovense brand’s fault, though. Blame Google.



This product is completely wireless, which means you don’t have to fiddle with cords while you play.

Meanwhile, it offers a 360-degree range whether the wearer is sitting or standing, but the toy’s distance restrictions can vary based on positions and obstacles.

It’s not a perfect product but at least it has a massive motor to generate intense vibrations and protect the battery’s life span for longer sessions.

The makers didn’t want consumers to be worried about their devices dying mid-stream, so they packed a powerful engine inside the toy’s skin-safe container.

It ended up being four times more powerful than the standard love egg or vibrating bullet, but it only puts out 45.5 decibels on the highest setting.

Best of all, the entire thing is completely submersible in water and comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer too.

And speaking of manufacturers, these folks seem to have thought of everything this time. Even the dimensions of the Lush 3 sex toy are on point. It measures about 5.2 inches before a sharp, g-spot targeting curve, and then it has another 3 inches of length after that.

The device is also 1.5 inches thick, which means it’s ideal for both vaginal and anal stimulation.

Lovense Lush 3 Review: What Does This Vibe Feel Like?

The Lush 3 vibrator is designed to feel like nothing else on the market. And while it may not have achieved that goal outright, it certainly offers a unique sensation.

The creative combination of dimensional proportions, ergonomic curves, and robust internal mechanisms gives this toy an edge that other devices just don’t have.

For that reason, the L3 feels like an adjustable, vibrating grip that envelops the groin. Its powerful motor sends vibrations from one tip to the other, making the skinny middle section buzz to life at the same time.

And since that part is what sits on the vulva/perineum, the sensations become overwhelming in a hurry. Add in the element of surprise from the wireless functionality and you’ve got a recipe for romance.



Moreover, this handsome, hypoallergenic device offers a 3-hour run time on a full battery (which is USB rechargeable, by the way). Plus, it’s waterproof without losing any of its power while submersed.

In fact, the makers seemingly dare users to try their toy in the tub. If you visit the Lovense website, they’ve posted a video of the L3 vibrating above a glass of water.

As you can see from that demonstration, nothing can stop this device from delivering pleasure besides a dead battery or a broken component.

The best part about the whole thing is that this toy is extremely flexible. That means it can fit almost any body type and suffice for all sorts of play scenarios.

The fact that you can use it from across the world is yet another perk. Few toys in this category have so much to offer in such a compact package.

What Comes In the Box?

This toy does not come with a bunch of freebies – just the bare essentials. Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • The Lush 3 Bluetooth Vibrator
  • A USB charging cable
  • A concise user’s manual

That’s not a lot of gear but the price point is decent by comparison. Besides, the manufacturer sells everything else you need right on the website.

So, opt for their top-notch water-based lube for a smoother experience.

The Pros & Cons Of The Lush Sexual Toy

Nothing in this world is perfect, least of all the new Lush 3 sexual toy by Lovense. It has a few cons, but those cons are outweighed by a bunch of exciting pros.

So, let’s take a closer look:


  • Ideal for countless play scenarios
  • Smooth, skin-safe materials
  • Lightweight and compact
  • User-friendly settings
  • Industry-leading ergonomics
  • Appropriate for all genders
  • Unlimited pleasure settings
  • Virtually silent


  • Dimensions might not suit all body types
  • May take a while to recharge
  • Does not come with accessories
  • Requires penetration
  • Compatible app can malfunction

For more information on anything listed above, visit the maker’s website to contact their customer service department. Also, don’t forget to register your device’s warranty within 30 days of the purchase date.

That way, the company is held liable if the “cons” list grows through no fault of your own.

Where To Buy Lovense Lush 3 Sex Toy At The Best Price?



The Top 3 Lovense Lush Toy Alternatives

Despite being relatively rare, the Lovense Lush vibrator is comparable to several other devices on the market right now. Each one has its own unique set of flaws and advantages, plus they range in price and power output as well.

So, here are a few other options to wet your whistle before you buy:

#1. The We-Vibe Chorus

This is another app-controlled sex toy for couples that’s shaped and sized nearly the same as the Lush 3. The We-Vibe Chorus (WVC) features built-in buttons as well as a compatible application.

Plus, it uses patented technology that lets you squeeze the remote for intensity control, meaning all actions are intuitively tied to the experience you’re having.

#2. The Svakom Ella

Here you have another app-controlled, rechargeable vibrator, only this time it’s slightly textured for more pleasure. The Svokam Ella is a compact love egg with wireless capabilities and a 2-hour lifespan.

It’s also completely submersible in water and features 10 different pleasure modes (plus a bonus setting called “Climax Mode” for an extra intense send-off).

#3. The Elvie Kegel Exercise Trainer

This one might sound more clinical than kinky but just hold your horses. It’s designed to stimulate an orgasm for the purposes of making the user’s pelvic walls contract.

So, it’s four powerful pleasure settings and Bluetooth-ready capabilities make the Elvie Kegel Exercise Trainer a double-whammy and triple threat.

Keep in mind that each of the alternatives mentioned here are slightly different from the Lush 3 despite having similar features and shapes. To choose the right one, carefully compare characteristics or read more consumer reviews like these.

The Final Verdict

You’re never going to find a sex toy without flaw, and manufacturers are always trying something new. So, the best you can do is attempt to keep up with the Joneses by considering innovative pleasure products the same way you consider traditional ones.

After all, the future of fucking is now.

As for the Lush 3 vibrator by Lovense, it could use a longer battery life, a few extra accessories, perhaps a more streamlined app.

However, it’s a solid example of what happens when a company takes criticism to heart. For a new and improved version of a device that the world already loved, the Lovense Lush 3 is speaking volumes for the brand.

Overall, this device is most ideal for beginner to intermediate couples who want to experiment with sext tech. Because of the unlimited vibe settings and app-controlled functionality, it’s also great for pros as well.

In short, this sex toy is designed to make sure everyone gets what they need and it accomplishes that 99% of the time.

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