Lovense Nora Review For 2022

Lovense Nora might have revolutionized the way I masturbate. I have several sex toys in my collection, and several simultaneously stimulate the g-spot and clitoris. However, only a few provide the consistent power and intuitive ergonomics my body requires. Those devices are always on the top of the heap.

I keep my pleasure products under lock and key because they’re high-tech, high-quality, and high-priority. Most of my devices feature skin-safe materials, USB rechargeable batteries, and waterproof coverings. The Lovense Nora is no exception, besides the enhanced performance and robust motor.

How did this straightforward women’s sex toy become one of my favorite playthings? Do my partners like it, or am I forced to use it alone? Here is what you need to know, plus some tips to make the kinky contraption feel even better.

What Is the Lovense Nora?

The Lovense Nora is a vibrator for women, with silky-smooth rabbit ears to massage the clitoris. The manufacturer designed it to provide dual stimulation, allowing users to choose between one or both vibrating parts. Using this device, you can simulate oral sex, enjoy deep penetration, or experience the best of both worlds.

This luxury-grade sex toy is Bluetooth-compatible, which means you can tease a partner from far away. The Nora offers multiple play options for long-distance romance to keep fires burning. It’s also a terrific tool for stamina training, foreplay practice, and experimenting with different positions.

DID YOU KNOW: This device will fit inside some sex pillows with holes for hands-free fun.

The Main Features

Prepare for an overwhelming experience with the Nora vibrator. It’s set up to deliver double the pleasure with twice the ease. This device promises a blended orgasm, plus additional features to keep the party exciting. It also has a rotating head, allowing you to pinpoint the g-spot with deep or shallow strokes.

You can control the action with built-in buttons or through your smartphone’s Lovense Body Chat app. Turn your telephone into a wireless remote that works anywhere in the world. It performs with precision power despite the distance and includes a USB Bluetooth dongle that makes traveling more convenient.

Sync yours with the male version, Max, to experience sensation beyond your imagination. The pair can move simultaneously using motion sensors, Bluetooth, and pre-programmed performance modes. I like to watch my partner react to various surprises and then role-play different scenarios, especially when we can’t be together.

The Lovense Nora measures about 10 inches in total length. However, I can only insert about five inches without running into the plastic handle. It also has a 4.75-inch girth to simulate a natural penis. However, the shaft features a bulbous design to stimulate internal nerve endings while the clitoral rabbit ears take care of external matters.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone

Always check the owner’s manual for specific information about features, updates, and software security. Also, remember that your experience with the Lovense Nora depends on your internet or mobile connection strength. Don’t blame the manufacturer because your phone provider sucks.

How It Works

Nora is relatively straightforward and requires few skills to operate. I’ve used several dual-stimulation vibrators, and many feature too many buttons or complicated interfaces. This device is simple from the inside out, with a sophisticated app juxtaposing a rudimentary design. You don’t need any specific equipment, and it charges quickly.

Sync this device with a free smartphone app after a short downloading session. It opens you up to virtually limitless performance options and customizable settings. The toy is perfect for in-person or private play, is partner-friendly, and encourages practice regardless of your lifestyle. Expect to wait about 4 hours during the initial setup, but only 1-2 hours for charging afterwards.

FACT: Enjoy multiple ways to play. You can use the Lovense Nora with or without the rotating head, vibrating shaft, or rabbit ears.

How It Feels

I lay on my back for the best sensations., so your experience may vary depending on the position. However, this vibrator features an angled and rippled shaft that twists in two directions. It’s almost impossible not to reach orgasm, even if you don’t use the clitoral massaging rabbit ears.

Enjoy internal stimulation, external bliss, or both. I suggest scrolling through the built-in settings and then playing with the app before foreplay or sex. This step will help prevent accidents, awkward moments, and unsatisfying sessions.

What Comes in the Box?

Most Lovense vibrators are straightforward, and the manufacturer typically includes the bare essentials in the box. Here is what you get for the money:

  • The Lovense Nora Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator
  • USB Charging Cables
  • Owner’s Manual

Depending on the retailer, you could find a water-based lube sample in your box. If not, pick some up as soon as possible. Inserting sex toys into your vagina or anus without lubricant can be risky. Incorrectly storing your devices is also dangerous. The Lovense Nora doesn’t come with storage containers, so don’t forget to buy your own.

The Pros and Cons

Stop looking for a flawless vibrator because you’ll never find it. The goal is to discover a device that suits your desires and helps fulfill your fantasies. You can’t wait for something that rings every bell, and the Lovense Nora taught me that. It humbled my partner and me in surprising ways, but there were still some pros and cons. Here is what you need to know:


  • Targeted G-spot pleasure
  • Intuitive smartphone app
  • Consistent clitorial contact
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Perfect for long-distance couples
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with all body types
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty


  • Potential connection issues
  • Short battery life
  • Doesn’t include storage
  • Loud on the highest setting
  • Vibrations can transfer to handle

Look through your owner’s manual for more specific information to determine whether this device suits you.

How to Make the Lovense Nora Feel Better

It didn’t take long for my partner to begin suggesting enhancements to our routine with the Lovense Nora. These are three of the best:

#1. Use an Enhanced Lubricant

We use a top-notch personal lubricant to improve sensitivity. Try a heating, cooling, or tingling formula to experience something similar. I recommend testing the product on a less sensitive body part before applying it to your toy.

#2. Try Temperature Play

I enjoy experimenting with different temperatures to give my body a thrill. One of my favorite techniques is heating or cooling the Lovense Nora surface with hot or cold water. It’s completely submersible, so you can take it to the bath or shower for a quick fix with or without a partner.

#3. Use Sex Furniture

The Nora isn’t compatible with a harness, and you can’t strap it into a mount for hands-free play. However, you can use sex furniture or sex swings to achieve challenging positions. Various poses can expose hidden erogenous zones, allowing you to target the sweet spot with a rotating and vibrating sex toy.

My Final Verdict

The Lovense Nora is a powerful vibrating and rotating sex toy for women who enjoy dual orgasms and clitoral massage. It’s also perfect for partners and long-distance couples. However, you need a reliable smartphone and a secure connection to experience all it offers. Use it without the wireless remote component for in-person play, but miss the opportunity to customize sensations and plan future sessions.

Lovense Max