Married Couples

Moving Toward Recovery


A Christian Vision of Marriage and Family
The only way out of our present cultural confusion is a return to a biblical vision of marriage and family.

An Individual Approach to Recovery
One of the most common questions asked is: “Can I fix this by myself?”

Common Barriers to Effective Accountability
Establishing healthy accountability relationships is one of the more difficult tasks for a Christian.

Common Barriers to Seeking Counseling
For many, seeking the services of a professional counselor is a lot like going to the dentist—but worse.

Gender Differences: And He Made Them Male and Female
If both spouses were the same, one would be unnecessary.

Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor
When selecting a therapist, consider three basic categories: spiritual, professional, and practical.

How to Develop Effective Accountability
Our most basic need in life is relationship with God and others.

Reclaiming the Heart of Marriage
God calls us to a renewed life, but it still takes patience, sacrifice, discipline, and compassion.

Repentance for Sexual Addiction
Dealing with sexual addiction is a process of repentance.

The Importance of Counseling
Gone are the days when counseling was just for “the mentally ill.”

The Sexual-Spiritual Union of a Man and Woman
A good marriage is a mystery on many different levels.

To Be Known and Loved: Building Intimacy in Marriage
For those whose marriages have been bombarded by adultery or bitterness there is hope for change and healing.