Married Couples

Sexual Issues in Marriage


Can Christians Use Birth Control
The separation of sex from procreation may be one of the most defining marks of our age--and one of the most ominous.

Coping with Sexual Anorexia and Aversion
Sexual anorexia occurs when a person – most often a woman – fails to possess a healthy, sexual desire.

Deliberate Childlessness Revisited
Deliberate childlessness represents a serious moral issue and many Christians are deeply confused about the topic.

How We Dishonor God in Our Sex Lives
We dishonor God when we fail to mirror the Trinitarian reality and beauty in our relationships.

Pregnancy and Sexual Intimacy
Most couples find pregnancy to be a time of stress as well as joy.

The Effects of Aging on Sexuality
As the developmental process of aging progresses, dramatic changes occur in how we express our sexuality.

What's Good About Sex
Sex clubs, Internet porn, AIDS . . . with so much bad news, it’s easy to forget what God intended sex to be.