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Can you recommend a Christian counselor in my area?
Focus on the Family has developed a nationwide Christian counseling referral system.

Do you endorse 12-step programs to free people from sexual addiction?
a question to Pure Intimacy

How do I know if I need counseling?
Many people avoid counseling as if it is a disease or a prison sentence.

Should I make my husband take a polygraph test?
How do I deal with an expert liar?

Should the spouse check up on her husband all his life?
from a letter to Pure Intimacy

What about other recovery programs?
Who else can help me?

What if an addict wants help, does all the steps and still isn’t healed?
from a letter to Pure Intimacy

What if I am not Christian? Can you refer me to a non-Christian counselor?
Our services are for Christians and non-Christians alike.

When is masturbation in a marriage OK?
from a question to the Focus on the Family Marriage Forum