Ministry Leaders

Care For Ministry Families


After the Shock
When you discover your pastor-husband is ensnared by pornography.

An Individual Approach to Recovery
One of the most common questions asked is: “Can I fix this by myself?”

Common Barriers to Effective Accountability
Establishing healthy accountability relationships is one of the more difficult tasks for a Christian.

Common Barriers to Seeking Counseling
For many, seeking the services of a professional counselor is a lot like going to the dentist—but worse.

How to Develop Effective Accountability
Our most basic need in life is relationship with God and others.

Ministering to the Minister: Offering Effective Pastoral Support
A church should be involved in the care of the pastor’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The Importance of Counseling
Gone are the days when counseling was just for “the mentally ill.”

The Long-Term Care of Your Pastor
There are a number of long-term ways your congregation can show its love and appreciation for your pastor.