Ministry Leaders

Teaching Healthy Sexuality in Church


A Glorious Story
Christians have a far more beautiful story to tell about the glorious nature of human sexuality than most imagine.

How We Dishonor God in Our Sex Lives
We dishonor God when we fail to mirror the Trinitarian reality and beauty in our relationships.

Human Sexuality as a Picture of the Inner Life of God
God creates man and woman as reflections of the image of the Trinity.

Pro-gay Revisionist Theology: An Overview
The pro-gay theology is much like the broader gay rights philosophy, in that it seeks legitimization of homosexuality.

Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: Did God Really Say...?
A false doctrine concerning homosexual behavior has been launched at biblically orthodox believers.

The Bible on Sex: The Way to Happiness and Holiness
What is the biblical pattern for human sexuality?

The Sexual-Spiritual Union of a Man and Woman
A good marriage is a mystery on many different levels.

The Value of Male and Female
Focus on the Family's guiding principle on sexuality and gender.