Top 5 Most Discreet Vibrators Reviewed In 2023

Discreet vibrators are the world’s best-kept secret. People should give them as gifts to each adult when they come of age.

However, we must buy one for ourselves or a lover from a local sex shop or online store. It certainly helps to know what to look for, and that’s what this guide is all about.

Shopping for vibrators is already challenging, but finding one that doesn’t broadcast your business is even trickier. Many manufacturers claim their device is the quietest or most convenient. And there’s no shortage of brands promising a wild ride.

Yet, we can still read complaints from people who have tried those toys and failed. So, what gives?

I discovered a foolproof way to find and evaluate discreet vibrators. Here is what I think you should know and my top five picks for consideration. Happy shopping!

What Makes a Vibrator Discreet?

Discretion is a difficult concept to define because it’s different for everybody. I like to have sex in public, so hidden masturbation means playing away from prying eyes.

Someone else might find that too risky and prefer more privacy for orgasm. Discreet vibrators should help you reach a hushed climax either way.

Vibrating sex toys are perfect for women or men, and you can use them solo or as a couple. Many have interactive features and intuitive controls to help you customize the sensations.

However, your toy isn’t considered “discreet” unless it has a whisper-quiet motor and a clever design.

The best designs often look like everyday objects such as lipsticks, flashlights, perfume bottles, and makeup compacts. You can store them in a tiny handbag or pants pocket for on-the-go stimulation.

Some devices also feature wireless remote controls or app-compatible interfaces for long-distance play, supporting secret sex from anywhere in the world.

DID YOU KNOW: Many discreet vibrators have motion sensors and Bluetooth-enabled motors for realistic stimulation.

The Pros & Cons of Using Discreet Vibrators

Owning a discreet vibrator is a right and a responsibility. You can buy whatever looks exciting, but you can only keep what you maintain.

Meanwhile, no two devices are made the same. Even a recognizable brand name can’t save you from low-quality products, poor designs, or shoddy materials. Go with your gut instead.

Private vibrations require preparation and respect for your surroundings. You must also consider the pros and cons to experience that sweet sensation.

Here is what you need to know:


  • Creative designs
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to hide
  • Personal power
  • Handheld operation
  • Travel ready


  • Non-realistic appearance
  • Battery life issues
  • Easy to lose
  • Power limitations

Your favorite vibrator might be easy to use and hide, but it’s probably not a perfect product. Sex machines can be tricky to learn, challenging to keep track of, and less potent than traditional vibes.

Choose your weapons wisely for an orgasm you can’t deny.

TIP: Discover more about each device by reading customer reviews and buyer guides like this. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website or discuss the details with your local retailer.

What to Avoid

Shopping for the best vibrator usually means knowing what to avoid.

Otherwise, you’ll be inundated with options and could buy something you don’t love. Many devices don’t come with a money-back guarantee. So, practice discerning between low-quality products with excellent marketing and high-quality products that speak for themselves.

Avoid devices from brands you don’t know, and never purchase anything from a shady retailer. You could receive a knock-off sex toy or something without a manufacturer’s warranty.

Shop smart and stick with reputable dealers selling stuff from well-known brands. This habit will also help prevent disappointment, injury, accidents, and embarrassment.

Try not to use products made from low-quality materials because your skin could bear the brunt. Porous textiles can irritate your body or cause an allergic reaction. Don’t buy sex toys with latex, parabens, or phthalates, even if they’re less expensive.

Can’t afford the good stuff? Cover your vibrator with a hypoallergenic condom.

Stay away from anything that’s not compatible with your favorite lube. That usually means matching silicone sex toys with water-based lubricants.

Many manufacturers include samples with their products, but you should grab extra supplies just in case. Then pick up some sex toy cleaner while you’re there.

Features to Look For

Determine what you want before shopping by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my intentions with this device?
  2. How would I like to expand my sexual playbook?
  3. Which features are must-haves, and which can I live without?
  4. Do I have any physical limitations that could affect my experience?
  5. What device type do I need to enjoy masturbation and sex with a partner?

Your responses will help light the way to the perfect pleasure product. They can also steer you away from disappointing devices and dangerous designs. Look for these features in the meantime:

High-Quality Materials

The best quality materials will take you the furthest when playing with vibrating sex toys. The reason is that top-notch textiles are durable, withstanding the constant motions of the motor and user.

They’re also more gentle on the skin and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Stick with these sex toy materials for the most satisfying experience:

  • Silicone
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Skin-Safe Metal

Buy devices with seamless exteriors to prevent scraping and acute injury. Then use plenty of compatible lube to protect your skin and enhance the sensations.

Intuitive Performance Modes

Discretion happens when you can play without fumbling with the controls.

Many discreet vibrators have simple interfaces to help promote experimentation without embarrassment.

They use touch-sensitive pads or twisty knobs instead of push buttons or switches. Their intuitive functionality means more pleasure options regardless of the location.

Look for vibrating sex toys with straightforward designs and uncomplicated technologies. You can find devices with app-compatible interfaces or Bluetooth-enabled remote controls and still not struggle through a learning curve.

Read your owner’s manual for detailed instructions and tailored troubleshooting tips.

Quiet Motors

Your toys don’t have to be noisy to be powerful. Quiet vibrators can command an orgasm just as efficiently with an appropriate design. Look for devices with powerful motors and an ergonomic form that transfers vibrations from end to end. You’ll save the battery but still enjoy a robust sensation.

Waterproof Designs

Submersible vibrators are convenient, especially for discreet sex. They perform like pros underwater and are easy to maintain.

Check out the waterproof sex toys first because you get additional play options. You can also experiment with different temperatures by holding your device under the faucet.

NOTE: Some waterproof vibrators feature wireless remotes and smartphone apps that aren’t safe around moisture.

Rechargeable Batteries

Many high-tech vibrators for women are rechargeable with a standard USB connection.

They feature long-lasting batteries that revive in a few hours, providing several hours of play with each round. You no longer have to buy AAAs from the store to experience bliss. Today’s best discreet vibrators are usually ready to go out of the box.

Finding the perfect sex toy is only half the equation. You must also learn how to use it properly.

Some devices are more difficult to use than others, so buy something appropriate for your experience level. Then take it slow in the beginning as you get accustomed to the features and performance quirks.

How to Use Discreet Vibrators Safely

Safety seems so boring until someone gets hurt. You can’t always avoid accidents, but you can reduce your risk of injury by purchasing the most discreet vibrator and using it correctly.

These three tips can help make sure of that:

TIP 1: Keep It Clean

Never use a dirty sex toy, no matter how horny you are. Someone could get hurt, and you could ruin your device.

TIP 2: Store It Correctly

Always keep your stuff hidden and protected. You should never expose your collection to dirt, dust, debris, or airborne bacteria.

TIP 3: Explore First

Check out the features before playing. Get used to the device’s functions and slowly introduce it to your body according to the instructions.

Next, choose your favorites based on expert recommendations to avoid rip-offs and disappointment. I’ve got five suggestions to help build your collection quickly. Let’s talk shop.

The Top 5 Best Discreet Vibrators In 2023:

I didn’t count, but I’ll bet there are thousands of vibrators to choose from. Nobody has time to try them all, so here are five top contenders to get you started:

#1. The We-Vibe Tango X Lipstick – Most Discreet Vibrator Overall


The We-Vibe Tango X Lipstick is a compact, lightweight handheld vibrator for women. It features an extra powerful motor to compensate for the tiny dimensions, with quiet operations for maximum discretion.

This device has seven built-in vibration modes and eight individual intensity levels to help customize your experience.

Create the perfect sensation combination, then slide the toy back into its included satin storage bag for safekeeping. You can stimulate the clitoris or enjoy shallow penetration with a 1-inch circumference and a 3.5-inch insertable length. Here’s to you, babe!


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You get 120 minutes of battery life with every charge.

CON: It only comes in two unrealistic lipstick shades – bright red and dark blue.


#2. The Lovense ExoMoon Discreet Sex Toy


This Bluetooth-enabled lipstick vibrator is the perfect combination of sleek and sensible. It features a soft, slanted tip to help pinpoint your g-spot, with a smooth matte black handle for optimal style and control.

Use the ExoMoon’s built-in functions for solo stimulation, or sync it with the Lovense app to play with a partner. Explore virtually endless sensations to determine your favorite setting, and then save it for later as you develop a custom collection.

Take your toy anywhere while the rest of the world remains blissfully unaware.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can use this discreet vibrator as a long-distance sex toy.

CON: It can take quite a long time for the battery to recharge.

#3. The LELO Lily 2 Easy To Hide Vibrator


The LELO Lily 2 is a multifaceted sex toy with massive vibrating powers and a tiny form. It’s supposed to stimulate the clitoris and vulva, but you can use it anywhere on the body for targeted stimulation.

This device is also scented with an aphrodisiac enhancement that awakens the senses for maximum pleasure. Slide the contoured toy around your curves while exploring the eight distinct power modes.

Play discreetly with less than 50dB of noise and twice the power of the original model.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Plastic

PRO: You can get over four hours of continuous playtime with each charge.

CON: This device doesn’t have a wireless remote or smartphone app for hands-free play.


#4. The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Panty Vibrator


This discreet vibrator is part of the E.L. James-approved Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection. It’s a saddle-shaped panty vibe that fits into most undergarments for secret sexual adventures.

Lean back as it contours to your unique curves, then play with the scalable pleasure settings.

You can control the functions via built-in buttons or a wireless remote for hands-free couple’s kink. Explore the 10 integrated patterns and six diverse speeds to discover your favorite sensation. This toy is one for the record books.


  • Waterproof Device, Delicate Remote
  • USB Rechargeable + CR2032 Battery
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You get a luxurious satin storage bag for a beautiful presentation.

CON: It only has a 45-minute run time, and you must frequently replace the batteries in your remote.

#5. The LELO Ora 3 Easy To Hide Sex Toy


Tired of begging your partner to go down on you? The LELO Ora 3 won’t complain and probably has more stamina.

It’s a high-powered clitoral stimulator with a dozen pleasure options to explore. Scroll through the 12 built-in settings to tailor an experience regardless of your relationship status.

You can also pair it with an Ora 3 insertable vibrator for real-time arousal with partners near and far. This ergonomic sex toy fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, providing discreet stimulation no matter where you go.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: This device comes with a 10-year “peace of mind” guarantee from the manufacturer.

CON: You might have to wait a while for the battery to recharge.

How to Make Your Discreet Sex Toys Feel Better

Is there anything better than a customized orgasm with a carefully curated sex toy? Check out these three hacks to find out:

  • Use Enhanced Lube – Try heating, cooling, tingling, or flavored lubricants to shake things up.
  • Play with the Temp – Warm or cool the surface of your vibrator to experience thermal bliss.
  • Attach a Harness – Go hands-free with a strap-on harness or wall mount while playing.

Using sex furniture, positioning pillows, and sex swings, you can also explore different positions. Check out the owner’s manual for unique play recipes. Then talk to your partner for tailored ideas and limitations.

Where To Find The Best Easy To Hide Sex Toys On The Market:

LOVEHONEY – Our top recommended online sex toy shop that offers you the best prices, fastest and most discreet shipping on the internet.


Discreet vibrators are compact, lightweight, and convenient. However, they’re also easy to lose and can lack some of the advanced technologies available.

Choose a device with the perfect combination of functionality and fashion to enjoy secret fantasies regardless of the situation. Then share your experiences with the world to help guide other buyers to a suitable sex toy.

Discreet Vibrator FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about discreet vibrators:

How Do I Clean My Discreet Sex Toys?

Use the best sex toy cleaner to maintain your collection. Rinse with water and then apply the solution to the surface. Return your device to storage until the next session.

However, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning your stuff. There could be additional steps not mentioned here.

Is There a Specific Way to Store My Vibrator?

Store your devices according to the owner’s manual. Keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures unless stated by the manufacturer.

You can check the box for included storage or buy separate containers through your preferred retailer.

What Type of Personal Lubricant Should I Use?

Choose a lubricant based on your skin type, and then match your vibrator with that. Never use silicone-based lube with a silicone sex toy.

Also, check the ingredients to ensure a hypoallergenic blend. Stick with water-based formulas if you have sensitive skin.

Does My Device Come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Your discreet vibrator probably comes with a limited factory warranty. However, you might have to register it to activate the coverage. Look inside the box for more information, or review your owner’s manual to find specific details.

How to Register a Sex Toy Warranty

Register a sex toy warranty by submitting the correct information to the underwriter. Most devices include a warranty registration card for your convenience.

You can also contact the seller directly or register your devices in bulk.

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