Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos Reviewed In 2023

Realistic dildos don’t get enough credit. They can transform a person’s sex life, satisfy their fantasies, and then sit in a box at the end of the bed until next time.

I dare you to name one partner with a resume like that.

Meanwhile, people are starting to realize how crucial it is to keep one in their collection.

While creative sex toys are fun, some occasions call for lifelike devices. And when those moments arise, you want to be ready with the best realistic dildos money can buy.

With so many options, it’s challenging to find the most lifelike playthings.

One minute, you think you’ve found a winner. But the next minute, you discover something even more exciting.

Where does it end? Nobody can count how many realistic dongs there are, but I can tell you where to begin.

Let’s start by defining the topic.

What Is a Realistic Dildo?

Convincing dongs and authentic vibrators differ from the standard sex toy. That’s because they have features that make them look and feel like real human penises.

You can enjoy manual or assisted masturbation without enduring cold metals, abstract shapes, or mechanical designs.

Plus, lifelike devices typically use acute ergonomics to deliver targeted stimulation – the way nature intended.

Exceptional ergonomics also help with handling during manual penetration.

Thus, realistic options are often better for couples’ play and long-distance relationships.

Take the Clone-a-Willy Kit, for example. It doesn’t have many high-tech settings, but it produces a replica of your partner’s junk. And for some people, that’s more important than vibe functions and virtual reality.

Aside from optimal shaping, replica dildos also offer natural features. Most have veins on the shaft or textured balls on the bottom. And many come in variable dimensions to help you experience the most realistic sensations.

The key is for each device to deliver a humanistic performance through design or compatibility with other devices.

So, some do it better than others.

The Primary Features Of  The Most Realistic Dildos + Tips

The term “realistic” isn’t set in stone. And features can vary widely depending on the manufacturer.

Plus, certain brands only serve specific demographics, which means their products might be outrageous.

For instance, Fleshlight makes “realistic” penis strokers for men. But their products mimic aliens, werewolves, vampires, and other fantasy creatures.

So, while they’re realistic, they’re not lifelike.

Fantastic lifelike dildos might not look out of this world, but they can still blow your mind. And if you understand how to use them, your relationship with lovers gets better.

So, here are the four most common features to discover:

Fleshy Silicone

What is a realistic sex toy if it feels like cheap plastic? The most reputable manufacturers understand this, while some lesser-known brands are still learning.

However, dildo users want skin-safe materials that feel like real flesh. And many devices deliver that in a detailed package.

TIP: Look for hypoallergenic silicone sex toys to help keep your skin protected.

Genital Detailing

A good lifelike dong begins and ends with the details. That’s because an ultra-smooth shaft without a bulbous head, curves, veins, or balls looks and feels too synthetic.

Most people prefer realistic features for the way they enhance pleasure. And the more authentic a toy is, the more likely you are to cum.

TIP: You can use warming lubrication to improve stimulation and enhance realism.

Solid Core

Deep penetration requires a solid erection. And manual masturbation needs durability for lengthy sessions. But rubber playthings don’t feature robust cores.

So, choose realistic dildos for a more natural sensation. You get an unstoppable boner that’s always ready when you are.

TIP: Try enjoying your device in different positions to experience an extreme pleasure.

Harness Compatibility

Not all realistic dildos are harness compatible, but most of them are. That’s because they feature a suction cup base or durable balls that fit into various mounts.

Mounting a toy means you can enjoy pegging or enhanced hands-free couples’ play. Plus, you can experiment with different positions using the correct technique.

TIP: Take your toys to the shower for some wet and wild fun.

Remember that no two dildos are the same. And some manufacturers offer a varied lineup to satisfy the desires of fringe groups.

So, always check the specs before you buy. Then only purchase your supply from reputable sources.

NOTE: If you buy sex toys online, you can find discount codes and special offers.

The Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos in 2023:

Below are the top 10 most lifelike dongs of 2023. Feel free to browse.

#1. The Vixen Mustang – Best Realistic Dildo Overall


The Vixen Mustang is aptly named, with dimensions that make for a fast-paced orgasm. It features a curved shaft for targeted g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

Plus, the dildo has a reinforced dual-density core to mimic the sensations of a rock-hard boner.

Meanwhile, you get a secure suction cup base for easy pegging and a harness-compatible design in case things get filthy. It’s also latex and phthalate-free, so no worries about skin irritation if you enjoy rough sex.

This dong has a pronounced head for a more realistic sensation. And the shaft is covered in lifelike veins to enhance authenticity.

With the patented VixSkin material, you experience natural bliss with or without a partner.

Best of all, it features a flared base to ensure maximum penetration and safety.

Then, it works for subtle temperature play, thanks to the fleshy, waterproof exterior.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 6.5 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone

PRO: There are several ways to enjoy this device because of the versatile design.

CON: You have to buy a separate 1.5-inch diameter O-ring to use this toy with a strap-on.

#2. The King Cock Mega Girthy 14-Inch


Massive dimensions equal massive orgasms, or at least that’s what the King Cock Mega Girthy Dildo thinks. It’s a 16.5-inch dong with over a foot of insertable length.

Plus, it features a pair of detailed balls just in case you need more. With 10 inches of girth to stretch your hole(s), this ginormous sex toy leaves nothing untouched.

Enjoy super-sized stimulation whether you like it in front or from behind. And invite a partner to help you bust down walls one at a time.

This device also features a suction cup base, which only makes things better.

That means you can shove it in deep without worrying about traffic jams or other disturbances. And you can play with a harness or durable strap-on with the right accessories.

So, sit down on the biggest King Cock model there is and enjoy eye-watering penetration with a customized approach.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 14 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Plastic

PRO: This dildo hits all the right spots regardless of your position.

CON: You need a 3-inch diameter O-ring to use this toy with a harness or strap-on.

#3. The Vixen Outlaw Realistic Feeling Dildo


With a super-straight shaft, you’d think the Vixen Outlaw wouldn’t reach the right spots. But as the name suggests, this realistic dildo breaks all the rules.

It features an ultra-veiny design for enhanced surface pleasure. And it uses a bulbous head to tease your body upon insertion. This big-time lover also carries a set of cushiony balls for when your pegging party involves a rodeo.

Plus, the versatile design means you can use it with or without a partner, harness, or mount.

The Outlaw fulfills desires without following the formula.

However, the VixSkin materials look and feel like a real human penis.

So, you get fantastic visuals with every thrust and internal stimulation that beckons a creamy climax.

This dildo has a flared base for better handling, a harness-compatible form, and 6.5 inches of gratuitous girth. And if your party requires more than that, it might be time to recheck the guest list.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 9 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone

PRO: This device offers targeted stimulation for people with uncommon body types.

CON: The shape of this toy could cause pain for some users.

#4. The Shane Diesel Realistic Dong


If you’re a fan of Shane Diesel, this might be the dildo for you. The manufacturer used S.D.’s penis to mold a realistic shaft and a pair of fat, juicy balls.

They look exactly like Shane’s and feel twice as nice. Witness SexTech at its finest with 3D printed detailing at porn star proportions. This cast dong offers 10 inches of bliss no matter how you hold it. Fulfill your craziest fantasies while enjoying a XXX presentation from Diesel himself.

Stimulate the senses with textures on top of a famous erection. Run your fingers over the same veins that made you cum 1,000 times before.

Then utilize the suction cup base for thrilling peg worship. Or take hands-free play to a whole new level by inviting a partner to watch.

The silky, flesh-like materials add a layer of authenticity to the experience. And the bulbous head means absolute bliss regardless of your position.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 7.5 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

PRO: You can buy the same design with a detachable vibrating motor for enhanced play.

CON: Shane Diesel videos and accessories are sold separately.

#5. The Doc Johnson Kevin Dean Realistic Dong


When girth doesn’t cut it and length is the answer, something like the Doc Johnson Kevin Dean could hit the spot. It offers porn star pleasures at a pauper’s price, with a footlong presentation and exciting details to match.

Cast with uncanny detail from the genitals of Kevin Dean, this long shlong curves to meet your g-spot where it hides.

Find out for yourself why everyone loves getting smashed by KD’s dick.

This dildo features a firm, textured shaft and subtly pronounced tip to produce blended sensations and optimal orgasms.

It also comes with a Vac-U-Lock base, which means the dong doesn’t move once you attach it to a surface. Enjoy hands-free stimulation with or without a harness.

Then keep your dirty secrets safe with the included cloth travel bag that makes discreet storage a cinch.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 10 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PRO: Use this dildo with or without the suction cup base attachment.

CON: You have to buy Kevin Dean videos and accessories separately.

#6. The Vixen Maverick Lifelike Dildo


Explore a multilayered adventure with the unique Vixen Maverick. It’s a realistic sex toy with a suction cup case, and a head like you’ve never seen.

This girthy giant offers targeted p-spot or g-spot stimulation, with a curved shaft that features lifelike details. But the best part is the bulbous tip with two folds for enhanced stimulation.

Imagine masturbating with an uncircumcised penis that still has a healthy frenulum. Now make your fantasy dirtier.

Unlike other human-like dildos, this one uses a patented material that warms after prolonged skin contact.

That means it retains body heat to produce a more believable experience. And despite its fancy design, maintaining it is easy. You can even boil its platinum-cured materials without damaging the structure.

The Maverick is the undoubted “Old Faithful” without being old or forcing you to be faithful.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 7.5 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Platinum Silicone

PRO: This device makes it possible to ejaculate without deep penetration.

CON: You need a separate 2-inch diameter O-ring to enjoy this dong with a harness.

#7. The Lifelike Lover Luxe


Who says realistic has to be boring? And why can’t you play with a penis that has some personality?

The Lifelike Lover Luxe is a cock with congeniality. It offers a rounded tip and an engorged shaft for exceptional stimulation.

Plus, it has vivid visuals to pique your senses as you go balls deep. Enjoy vaginal or anal penetration and reap the benefits of erotic ergonomics.

This dong is also compatible with mounts and strap-ons, in case you were wondering.

Explore various positions and fulfill your fantasies with a versatile vehicle.

The Lifelike Lover comes in four vibrant colors and offers a suction cup base for hands-free pegging. You can stick it to almost any surface and enjoy pleasures of all kinds.

Meanwhile, the four-inch girth helps keep orgasms realistic without stretching the hole.

So, Mr. Lover is perfect for lesbian couples and people who prefer shallow penetration.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 5 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone

PRO: You can attach this device to a strap-on with a 1.75-inch diameter O-ring, sold separately.

CON: The average dimensions might not be satisfying to all users.

#8. The King Cock Extra Girthy Black 9.5-Inch


The King Cock Extra Girthy Black Dildo offers plenty of lengths and more than enough girth to make you squirt.

Despite being larger than life, it’s still surprisingly realistic. That’s because it features natural, hand-finished details from top to bottom. Each shaft is made diligently to stimulate the senses and satisfy your cravings like in the real world.

However, the dimensions are otherworldly.

So, proceed with caution.

Feel full and fly high with this extra durable suction-cup dildo.

You can attach the hollow bottom to virtually any surface for hands-free fun. And since the shaft doesn’t feature balls, you can slip the ship deeper to pinpoint hidden erogenous zones.

But don’t forget to use high-quality water-based lube because this chocolate-colored dong will kiss your sweet spot.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 9.5 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PRO: You can attach this device to a harness with a 2.5-inch diameter O-ring, sold separately.

CON: It doesn’t feature realistic balls on the base.

#9. The Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Lifelike Dildo


The Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo is like none other. It features the enormous proportions of a jumbo dong with the management length of a natural penis.

Plus, the shaft has intriguing details from tip to base, including curvy veins and a protruding head.

This 8×8 sex toy is perfect for vaginal or anal penetration. And you can attach it to a harness with a separate O-ring accessory for hands-free play, pegging, or other adventures.

Best of all, Si Novelties added a set of squishy balls at the base to help you bounce your way to bliss.

Together with the swollen frenulum and super-sized dimensions, it’s impossible not to experience something new. And while the shaft doesn’t curve and you have to operate it manually, few things compare to the realism that awaits you on the other side.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 8 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Plastic

PRO: You can buy this exact model with a detachable vibrating bullet.

CON: The thick girth and short shaft may not satisfy all body types.

#10. Lovehoney Dual Density Realistic Feeling Dildo


Like most suction cup sex toys, the Lovehoney Dual Density Dildo lets you enjoy hands-free stimulation with or without a partner. But what’s more, the always-erect core provides natural sensations regardless of your position or experience level.

Combined with a veiny shaft, a g-spot targeting curve, and bulbous head, you’re only a few strokes away from sheer satisfaction. Just don’t forget the water-based lube because this device is perfect for rough sex.

The Dual Density core means reliable pleasure from a fully manual masturbator. And since it’s also compatible with your favorite strap-on harness, you can explore different fantasies using a single tool.

This dildo also has a flared base to help maintain control with wet hands.

So, spoil yourself or pass it to a partner for non-stop excitement. Or start your first sex toy collection with a dong that loves you long time.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • 7 Insertable Inches
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone

PRO: This dildo is available in six-inch and eight-inch models.

CON: You have to attach the base to a smooth surface for a secure grip.

These are certainly not the only ten dildos available. But many manufacturers try to copy their desirable features.

So, try to avoid knock-offs and imitation devices. Choose high-quality stuff and enhance your sex life instead.

The Pros & Cons of Using Realistic Dildos

Natural-looking sex toys are terrific for many reasons. But they’re not the answer to everyone’s fantasy.

The reason is that realistic dildos are somewhat limited in ways that synthetic designs are not. And everyone requires something different to reach orgasm.

So, here is what you should consider first.


While weighing your options, think about these positive things:

  • You can use them to increase your sexual stamina.
  • Lifelike toys are easy to use, even for beginners.
  • There are virtually endless play opportunities.
  • High-quality devices feel fantastic with lube.
  • The enhanced versions are intuitive and intriguing.


Now, don’t forget about the bad news while shopping for realistic dildos:

  • Most don’t have high-tech or interactive functionality.
  • Lifelike toys can be much more challenging to hide.
  • You have to treat the material like natural human skin.

Consider your needs in the bedroom. Then compare that with these pros and cons.

Now, think about all the ways your sex life would improve if you incorporated realistic devices. Next, you can learn what to look for and avoid while searching.

What to Look For

Finding the best realistic dildo isn’t easy. There are thousands of options from hundreds of brands, and each product is different. But you should still look for the basic necessities to experience optimal sensations.

You’ll bounce from bullshit to bliss with all the best features.

Stimulation with a natural-looking dong means variable dimensions for similar designs.

For instance, say you like the way one dildo looks or feels. But maybe it’s too large or small for your body type. Shop the brands that offer several sizes for each model.

That way, you can tailor the sensations and mimic specific lovers.

Meanwhile, check out the detail quality.

Some devices appear attractive in the packaging but look or feel cheap up close. And many don’t look like much at first but seem more realistic than a natural penis.

Supreme detailing is the name of the real dildo game. So, don’t ignore this significant stage. You can’t return a sex toy once you open the box in most cases.

If you’re lucky, you’ll discover a brand that offers excellent customer service.

That way, you can ask questions, seek returns and repairs, or get the necessary replacement parts for broken pieces.

Some manufacturers send detailed instructions with their devices, but some don’t. And you could get a free lube sample if you choose the right item.

TIP: Look in the box for special discount codes, coupons, and branded information.

What to Avoid

Avoiding the terrible is easier said than done. And that’s especially true when you’ve never used a realistic dildo before.

So, here are the three golden rules:

  1. Never buy from a retailer you don’t know or trust.
  2. Stay away from cookie-cutter details.
  3. Size isn’t the only thing that matters.

When expanded, those three simple rules are even easier to understand. Let’s consider the first one. Buying from disreputable suppliers means never having a guarantee with your purchase.

So, you could end up with a knock-off version of your favorite device then formulate an incorrect opinion as a result.

The second rule is fundamental to your orgasm.

After all, standard-issue details aren’t always the best option. And while you want a realistic sensation, you might also want giant balls or a more pronounced tip. And that means you can’t limit yourself to plain devices that look or feel like everyone you’ve ever loved.

Try new things but stay true to your desires.

Also, remember that size isn’t your only concern. Look at the material quality, design, and construction as well.

The best realistic sex toys no longer have latex, parabens, or phthalates. Those ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, so most manufacturers have removed them.

If you have questions about the materials, contact the manufacturer. It will help you test their customer service if nothing else.

How to Pick the Best Realistic Dildo + Tips

Shopping for sex toys can be a challenge, and it’s sort of embarrassing if you have to leave the house.

So, many people search for the best dildos online because of discretion, discounts, and desires. Online sex toy stores offer great deals and keep your purchases a secret.

Plus, they’re more convenient and usually accept most forms of payment.

Unfortunately, knowing where to shop isn’t the same as knowing how to shop.

Modern manufacturers try to make it easy. But it’s still your job to discern the decent from the despicable.

So, here are the five steps you should take to do that:

Step 1: Consider the Pros and Cons

Think about the primary advantages and disadvantages of owning a lifelike sex toy. Then select between five and ten devices to compare. Look at their features and eliminate the products that don’t suit your needs.

After that, you can repeat the process until you have a core group of three to five options.

TIP: Research a few brands to discover products you didn’t know existed.

Step 2: Understand Your Desires

Make wise choices with your money, but try to satisfy your cravings. And don’t fall for descriptions that won’t fulfill your desires.

Avoid clever marketing ploys by understanding yourself and defining your fantasies. Then look for realistic dongs that check all the right boxes.

TIP: Create a list of your favorite features, then compare it with your chosen devices.

Step 3: Check Your Body

You are unique, and dildos are mass-produced.

So, find out whether you have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials. Then avoid products with those ingredients.

Also, determine the optimal girth and width by comparing it to your former lovers. What was missing? Try to find it.

TIP: Shop for dildos with curved shafts or bulbous tips if proportions are crucial.

Step 4: Talk to Your Partner(s)

Find out what your lovers wish their bodies could do. Or determine the desired elements of your sex life, whether in person or long-distance.

Talk to them about their boundaries and communicate yours. The best way to discover your next favorite sex toy is by making it a team affair.

TIP: Show your partner how fun it is to play with sex toys first.

Step 5: Think about the Maintenance

Owning a realistic dildo is a major responsibility. You have to wield it like a pro or feel like a fool.

You must store it where nobody else can see it. And you’re supposed to clean the surface before and after every use.

So, you should consider those factors before selecting a toy. Dirty sex can lead to disgusting things.

TIP: Use antibacterial sex toy cleaner to keep your products sanitized for longer.

The average person can’t choose the best realistic dildo immediately either.

So, don’t feel bad if you’re still undecided.

Many of these devices can offer what no real lover can. And it makes sense why some people get overwhelmed. But consider the pros and cons, compare a few features, and follow the steps to find what you want.

Where To Find The Most Realistic Dildos On The Market:

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Choosing the most realistic dildo can be challenging.

First, you have to determine what you want and have awkward conversations with your partner. Then, you have to consider the pros and cons of owning such a lifelike sex toy.

After all, if you want real-feeling materials, you must treat them like human skin.

Weigh your options carefully but don’t forget to measure the dimensions.

Most realistic dongs feature veins, bulbous heads, and balls to produce believable sensations. But they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

So, don’t be too quick to spend your money before setting clear expectations.

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