The nJoy Fun Wand Review: The Top Steel Dildo For Your G-Spot?

Owning a sparkling new sex toy is always exciting, but it’s especially awesome when that device you’re holding is well-made and perfectly suited to the kinds of activities you want to experience.

Modern-day society has become more relaxed about the idea of using sex toys, whether solo or with a partner, and we now have millions of options to choose from as a result.

The taboo having been lifted is certainly an advantage, but it leaves so many consumers unaware of what toy to buy. If you’re confused about which product would be the best anal dildo, you’re not alone.

People everywhere suffer from buyer’s remorse, but you don’t have to.

Society is no longer in the dark about these kinds of things. In fact, dildos, penis enlargement devices and even butt plugs are regularly discussed on public media forums.

People are more honest about their sexuality and the appetites thereof than ever before, leaving the average consumer more informed than they were in the past.

Getting your hands on a decent device is no longer a matter of knowing the right merchant or getting a prescription from your doctor.

You can literally walk right out your front door and pick up a high-end anal dildo from almost anywhere – supermarkets, drug stores, adult entertainment shops, etc. And maybe it was the saturation of the market that made it easy for me to find the nJoy Fun Wand.

I recently came across the nJoy brand and started going through their massive inventory. My attention kept going back to a funny looking little thing and I think it deserves some attention.

It may not be the best thing since sliced bread but I definitely had a good time with it. So, what happened in my bedroom when I incorporated that thing into it? Well, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page first.

What Is the nJoy Fun Wand?

The Fun Wand is just one of many high-end stainless-steel sex toys made by the reputable nJoy brand. Basically, it’s a sleek, smooth and sexy anal dildo that can also be used vaginally if put in the right hands.

It’s designed to deliver minimal surface friction to the user’s orifice while delivering an ultimate pounding to your genitals (especially when slathered with a healthy helping of lube). Ideal for both beginners and pros in my opinion, the FW is also appropriate for couples too.

Furthermore, the overall size and shape are appropriate for male or female users, plus it’s supposed to act as a tool for temperature play as well. So, while it may not have the fleshy, boner-like appearance of some dongs, this bad boy is long and strong and its definitely down to get the freaking on.

nJoy Fun Wand Review: The Main Features

The nJoy brand has done it again with a superb example of what temperature play and rigid stimulation should look and feel like. Their Fun Wand is a stainless-steel dildo made appropriate for all users through its ergonomic design and body pleasing features which include a weighted shaft with two sensational ends.

One of those ends offers 3.5 inches of girth while the other end features three graduated egg-shaped balls for maximum pleasure. Designed for both vaginally and anal use, the FW can even be heated up or cooled down for a wide variety of intriguing experiences.

Best of all, it has a slightly curved s-shape body to make it easier for you and/or your partner to reach the sweet spot.

Measuring a generous 9 inches in total length, there are 8 full inches of insertable length to explore regardless of which end you insert. The non-porous construction makes it compatible with all skin types and lube varieties, plus it’s supposed to be easy to clean, store and maintain because of that same smooth surface.

It doesn’t weigh quite as much as some of the other nJoy pleasure products, but that could be seen as an advantage for some. Furthermore, it features the kind of ergonomics that make it sensational for non-sexual activities like sensual back rubs and muscle aches, meaning it can be played off as a massager if the wrong person sees it.

What Comes in the Box?

Most of today’s best toy makers include a couple freebies in the boxes with their toys, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, higher-end devices stand alone in their packaging because they’re already worth every penny you’ll spend and/or you don’t really need much to start enjoying them straightaway. As for the PW, here’s a rundown of what you get for the money:

  • The nJoy Fun Wand
  • Care and maintenance intructions
  • A swanky, satin-lined box for storage

You’ll probably notice, as did I, that the manufacturer does not include any personal lubrication samples or a single packet of sex toy cleaning solution. You don’t get any special accessories and nothing comes for free either, but the packaging as a whole is extremely attractive and can suffice as a romantic gift if your partner is into that kind of thing.

Besides, most of us already have lube on deck so sometimes those freebies can be more like distractions from an otherwise less than impressive product.

My Experience With  nJoy Fun Wand

I try not to use clichés when describing something, but I knew immediately that the nJoy Fun Wand was a design straight from outside the box. And speaking of boxes, my toy came straight to the door in an unmarked one and that’s something I think we can all appreciate. Anyway, this bad boy took me by surprise in several ways because of its construction and presentation.

So, the toy itself comes in a very nice wooden container that opens up to display the super shiny device like it’s the Heart of the Ocean or something. I instantly felt like I was giving a gift to myself, but then my partner walked in and I had to start sharing.

We began experimenting with it straightaway. My partner ripped the FW out of its container without even admiring the features and started slathering a bunch of lube on the end with the graduated balls.

I snatched it out of his hand while running mine down its smooth, metallic surface. Pleased by the overall size and weight, I flipped over and gave him that “come get it” look.

Without hesitation he began slowly inserting the bulbous end with the three balls into my ass. First one pops in, I shimmy and shake. “This isn’t anything new besides the cooling sensation,” I think to myself. Ball number two goes in and my mind begins to change.

By the time that third ball entered my anus it was curtains on my stamina and dignity. I started making animal noises like we were in the damn zoo and he didn’t let up on bit when I came the first time.

Those stainless-steel eggs are positioned just right to reach the p-spot without full insertion, so when my partner decided to shove the entire 8-inch shaft inside me it was all I could do to keep my shit together. After about an hour I started feeling like a stubborn lawnmower that wouldn’t start, so we washed it off and let my partner have a taste of his own medicine.

We tried out the single-bulb end but neither one of us thought it was bi enough to do any real damage. At some point, we both agreed that some fleshy material or a removeable covering would have been nice. But nothing compared to that slightly curved, three-bulb side, and for that we’re eternally grateful.

nJoy Fun Wand Review: The Ups and Downs

There’s no such thing as a perfect pleasure product. We are all too different for any single device to please us all. When shopping for a new toy, always keep that in mind.

You probably won’t find a device without flaws, but at least find a toy with the kinds of flaws you can handle. As for the nJoy Fun Wand, it possesses its own unique blend of ups and downs, including the following:


  • Ergonomically shaped to stimulate the p-spot and/or g-spot
  • Double-ended for twice the pleasure
  • Excellent tool for temperature play
  • Rigid construction for precision stimulation
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Compatible with all lube types
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • No fleshy sensations
  • May not be large enough for all users
  • Not compatible with harnesses or other sex toys

The Takeaway

Few sex toys on today’s market have the staying power that stainless-steel dildos do and the nJoy Fun Wand is a prime example of that fact. Not only is this thing ideal for both anal and vaginal stimulation but it also provides an extra kick in the pants in the form of temperature sensitivity.

The one-of-a-kind construction, shape, size and weight make this product the perfect accompaniment for most sexual activities, plus it comes in a sleek and sexy storage box and is priced competitively with similar options. So, while it may not be compatible with other sex toys and can’t be used with a harness, this quirky dong was certainly a wise investment in my book.

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