Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality

Encouragement for Parents
You are in a unique position as someone’s parent to teach the wonder, joy, and beauty of God’s creation.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 0-4
In this unit, both parent and child will focus on the preparation of the physical body.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 5-8
Raising healthy kids requires proactive parents who understand the culture they live in.

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Talking to Teens About Sex

A Peculiar People
Self-identified "evangelical" teenagers are no less likely than their non-Evangelical peers to have sex.

Abstinence Education: Myths and the Truth
The healthiest choice for a non-married youth is to remain sexually abstinent.

Before The Talk: Dealing with Our Past
The first step in raising our children to honor their sexuality is to come to terms with our own.

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Children & Pornography

Advice for Parents of Teenage Porn Addicts
When faced with their teen’s struggle, most parents don’t know how to get their child the help he needs.

Children and Pornography Online
As more and more children access the Internet, they are being exposed to pornography and predators of the worst kind.

Common Barriers to Seeking Counseling
For many, seeking the services of a professional counselor is a lot like going to the dentist—but worse.

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Your Questions Answered

Can you recommend a Christian counselor in my area?
Focus on the Family has developed a nationwide Christian counseling referral system.

How do I know if I need counseling?
Many people avoid counseling as if it is a disease or a prison sentence.

What if a child sees his parents having sexual intercourse?
from a letter to Pure Intimacy


Protect Your Family

Directing TV's Role in Your Home
Here's how to balance TV viewing time and its influence in your home.

Gray Matters: 5 Principles of Discernment
These biblical principles will radically affect the way you approach decisions about media and daily life.

iPod. Do You?
Illegal music downloading is more than just a problem for the music industry. Parents need to get involved too.

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Homosexuality & Gender Issues

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality
How does a parent respond to gender confusion in a child?

Hope in a World of Gender Confusion
The Christian view of male and female offers clarity and healing to a world blinded by sexual relativism.

How to Prevent Homosexuality
Tips to help protect your children from the overwhelming homosexual and secular influences in our culture.

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