Homosexuality & Gender Issues


A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality
How does a parent respond to gender confusion in a child?

Hope in a World of Gender Confusion
The Christian view of male and female offers clarity and healing to a world blinded by sexual relativism.

How to Prevent Homosexuality
Tips to help protect your children from the overwhelming homosexual and secular influences in our culture.

The Heteroflexible, Pansensual, Bi-Curious Teenager
Teenage sexuality has been a perpetual concern for parents--and for good reason.

When a Loved One Says, 'I'm Gay': For Parents
Devastation of parents can be a reality upon discovering a child's involvement in homosexual activity.

When a Loved One Says, 'I'm Gay': Influencing for Good
There are thousands of “ex-gay” men and women who bear testimony to the power of prayer in their lives.

When a Loved One Says, 'I'm Gay': Love Without Compromise
Most Christians want to be a redemptive influence, but wonder how to show love without condoning the behavior.

When a Loved One Says, 'I'm Gay': Spouses and Children
A surprising number of homosexually-inclined individuals marry unsuspecting spouses.