Protect Your Family


Directing TV's Role in Your Home
Here's how to balance TV viewing time and its influence in your home.

Gray Matters: 5 Principles of Discernment
These biblical principles will radically affect the way you approach decisions about media and daily life.

iPod. Do You?
Illegal music downloading is more than just a problem for the music industry. Parents need to get involved too.

Making Space for Character in a Tech-Overloaded World
Make yours a home where character is the core and technology is an accessory.

Monitoring Internet Activity
Here's how monitoring software can help keep your children safe online.

Right Now: Teens and Instant Messenger
Like cell phone text messaging, instant messaging is now a favored way to communicate among teens.

Social Networking Site Safety
Help your teenager exercise safe online social skills.

Talking to Kids About Media Discernment
Teaching your kids about media discernment doesn't have to be difficult. It can start with a simple question.

Tech Support for Parents
The Internet can be an amazing tool…but only if we're vigilant in our efforts to protect our kids from it's dark underbelly.

The Online Lives of Teenagers
These statistics will help you better understand and guide your teen's time on the Internet.

Uploading Photos and Video
Teach your kids how to protect a good reputation when the eyes of the World Wide Web are watching.