Talking to Teens About Sex


A Peculiar People
Self-identified "evangelical" teenagers are no less likely than their non-Evangelical peers to have sex.

Abstinence Education: Myths and the Truth
The healthiest choice for a non-married youth is to remain sexually abstinent.

Before The Talk: Dealing with Our Past
The first step in raising our children to honor their sexuality is to come to terms with our own.

Dear Parents: Let's Talk About Doing
You love your children—you should be the ones to tell them the truth about sex.

Giving Your Teens a Vision for Sex
How to raise Christian-minded teens in a sex-saturated culture.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 13-18
As teens cherish their relationship with Christ, they can learn how to live out God's calling for their lives.

Is Sex Ever Really Safe?
Seven myths perpetuated by the advocates of sex-based education.

Risk Factors for Premarital Sex
Teens with a life filled with consistent love and affirmation are more likely to make wise sexual decisions.

Teaching Sexuality at the Transition Stages
Children need parental guidance during the teen years even when they act as though they don't need it.

What Your Teens Need to Know about Sex
Talking to our teens about sexuality is one of the most life-affirming tasks parents can do.

When It Comes to Sex, Character Counts
Asking a teen to remain abstinent until marriage is very much like asking them to run a marathon.

Why Teens Have Sex
Is your child at-risk for risky behavior? Check these common factors.