Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality


Encouragement for Parents
You are in a unique position as someone’s parent to teach the wonder, joy, and beauty of God’s creation.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 0-4
In this unit, both parent and child will focus on the preparation of the physical body.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 5-8
Raising healthy kids requires proactive parents who understand the culture they live in.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: Ages 9-12
As children appreciate the value God places on them, they should learn the importance of self-care.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development: An Overview
This four-part series will help you nurture and fortify your child’s sexual development.

How To Teach Your Child About Sex
Value their innocence while teaching them to respect the human body.

Sex Talk Starters
Ten pointers to help make the discussion a little easier.

Talking About Sex: An Overview
We need to be intentional, prayerful, and committed to talking often with our children about healthy sexuality.

Talking to Tweens About Love, Sex and Relationships
Focus on discussing certain themes with your preteen to prepare him for adolescence.

Talking to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse
Parents must teach their children what to do if someone tries to exploit them sexually.

Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality: How to Start Early
Parents often wonder “how long can I put off” talking about sex. I hope you will soon want to get started.

Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality: Intentional Parenting
We need a comprehensive theology of sexuality full of practical applications lived out at home.

Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality: Modeling Healthy Behavior
Children learn what they live, particularly when it comes to how we approach sex and the body.

Teaching Our Children to Honor Christ in Their Sexuality
Who’s responsible for teaching the next generation how to understand the nature of sexuality? Parents.

The Most Effective Deterrent
Research shows that parental involvement is a significant factor in preventing early sexual activity.

Themes to Touch On During 'the Talk'
Here are some themes to touch on when you talk with your child about sex.