Penis Enhancement Device Buyer’s Guide

Maybe He’s Born with It; Maybe It’s a Penis Extender.

We can’t all come sliding out of the womb with a remarkable penis and the skills to use it properly. Fast-forward a few decades and show that unimpressive junk to a lover if you want to completely destroy your self-esteem. It happens to the best of us. Not everyone can be a thick-dicked porn star, but that no longer means we can’t have the cock of our dreams. Thanks to modern technology and the dedication of today’s best scientists, we now have high-quality penis enhancement devices available for every hairy-dicked Tom, I mean every Tom, Dick and Harry.

In fact, the right penis enhancement device is known to make a huge difference in the user’s personal life, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. With the right one, your sexual partners won’t know whether your junk is naturally enormous or the result of a penis extender – maybe he’s born with it; maybe it’s from penis enhancement. Either way, the fight is about more than just achieving an epic sized penis. It’s about regaining your confidence, improving your love life, and increasing the amount of pleasure you get from sex and/or masturbation. Thank God we have legit products to help us with that, because it would have been virtually impossible otherwise.

Meanwhile, the best penis enhancement pills, pumps and potions can render significant results rather quickly. However, they don’t always offer long-term benefits and they’re not effective for every man. Between high prices, low ingredient or material quality, user skin sensitivities, lifestyle limitations, mobility problems and allergies, even today’s top-notch topical products can leave much to be desired. Therefore, it’s really no wonder why luxury penis extenders are now the best-selling genital enhancement tool on the modern market.

But you need to know a few basics to get the most out of this much-needed and much-appreciated scientific trend. For starters, understanding what a penis enhancement device is (and isn’t) can help out tremendously. There seems to be a great misconception about these things, but I’m here to clear that up. Next, you’ll want to know about the benefits and drawbacks of using a penis enhancement device. And lastly, you’ll need a few guidelines to help pinpoint the right one. Keep reading for all that and more, because I also provide my top 3 favorite picks at the end.

What Is a Penis Enhancement Device?

It’s easy to understand what a penis enhancement device is once you know what one isn’t. A penis enhancement device is NOT a powder, pill, potion, or lotion. For many people, penis pumps (no matter how swanky) don’t even fit into this category. The alternative, penis extenders, typically offer a much more customizable and far less inconvenient method to improve the appearance and functionality of your penis. On top of that, penis enhancement devices of all kinds are generally considered more effective and discreet than the majority of the topical treatments and surgical procedures available today.

More specifically, penis extenders work to swiftly and safely coax the cells in your penile tissues to split and duplicate without the use of drugs, ointments or scalpels. When used as directed, a well-made penis extender can cause a semi-permanent/permanent increase in the size and thickness of your purple-headed mushroom slinger. The main component to effective penis enhancement, according to recent studies, is an applied force called “traction.” This technique, which is often used to treat or reverse serious musculoskeletal injuries, not only forces penile growth but can also help straighten an unnaturally curved penis – a relatively common condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.  As a result of that continual traction being applied to the shaft of the penis, users finally stand a chance at experiencing significant growth in both length and girth over a short period of time.

Penis extension devices are designed to fit snugly over your flaccid penis for several hours on end, which is why most of them are made using industry-leading ergonomics and skin-safe materials. Best of all, properly designed and used penis extenders cause little to no pain and they can even be worn under loose-fitting clothes. Of course, results always vary depending on the user’s personal growth goals, his starting point, his obedience (or lack thereof) to any related or suggested workout plans, and his starting point, not to mention the quality device he ends up using. Today’s industry is filled with options, and while they’re not all “magnificent mechanisms,” there are dozens of devices that have been proven to work as advertised. In other words, society can no longer place a taboo on what millions of men now appreciate, especially not with all the boob jobs and tummy tucks in the world. No more double standards, ladies and gentlemen.

And another thing (I’ve always wanted to say that): Penis extenders and penis pumps are NOT the same product, nor will they give you the same outcome. It’s important for you to understand this because those two devices get mixed up quite a bit. So, while they may offer similar results when used as directed, extenders and pumps work very differently and have separate purposes. Here’s a brief overview to clear up any confusion:

  • Penis Pumps 

As a general rule, penis pumps are favored for their ability to provide a quick plumping of the dick right before sex or masturbation. Most require only 10 to 20-minute sessions per day and some models can even be used in the bath or shower. However, many penis pump manufacturers suggest engaging in a rigorous workout routine and most of them can only promise temporary or semi-permanent results at best. High-end penis pumps have created a rather large grey area between the two options, though. Good pumps are now medically developed and endorsed. Some are used to correct Peyronie’s Disease while others increase the user’s stamina and improve the quality of their orgasms. Pumping before dumping actually boosts penile blood flow and enhances the entire sexual experience – something a penis extender simply cannot do.

  • Penis Extenders 

On the other end of the spectrum are penis extenders. These relatively discreet devices are professionally designed to gently instigate natural penile growth through long-term, repetitive wear. The better models can be worn under baggy pants and cause no pain as long as your penis remains flaccid. Created with Peyronie’s Disease in mind, penis extenders increase the length and width of your penis with no manual pumping or labor required. And while most of them are not compatible with the tub or shower, they do provide a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to penis pumps. Extenders boost your bedroom confidence and make sex toy fun and games more enjoyable for everybody, even if you have to adhere to a strict schedule for a month or two to do it.

NOTE: For many men, using the combination of a penis pump and a penis extender is the best way to maximize growth potential. This is especially true if both products use traction and/or if the devices are used in tandem with healthy sex, masturbation, diet and lifestyle choices.

Why a Penis Enhancement Device Though?

Penis enhancement isn’t a modern-day desire. Back in the day, men would tie a heavy rock to their penis with a long piece of string to encourage it to grow. After swinging the contraption around for several hours, the poor sap wearing it would untie the string, look down, and see very little progress. Meanwhile, his penis was raw from the rope and everybody in the village was laughing at him. Today’s penis enhancement devices are, fortunately, a lot more sophisticated and socially acceptable than that. And because of their innovative and scientifically-developed designs, they’re far more comfortable and effective too.

Our collective endeavors have sparked countless inventions and improvements, all leading to a resurgence of penis enhancement techniques and devices that make old-school products look like the jokes they were. And according to the most recent studies, about 75% of the world’s male population is unsatisfied with the size and/or thickness of their penis. Furthermore, the average man’s dick only measures between 4 and 6 inches in length. That must be why penis enlargement products are now so prevalent on the market – either that, or because they provide such amazing results that they speak for themselves.

There’s actually no shame associated with wanting to improve your genital game with a man-made object. After all, that’s what progress is all about. Huge dicks have been prized since the beginning of time; this is nothing new. As far back as biblical times, the horny women of Egypt were said to lust after lovers whose “members” were “like that of donkeys.” – Ezekiel 23:18.  In other others, a hefty penis is like a gift from God and everyone needs a testimony. Here are five of the most common penis enhancement benefits to get you started:

  • Penis Enhancement Devices Increase Penis Size 

Proper use of the right penis enhancement device can dramatically increase both the length and circumference of your shaft, resulting in much more satisfying sex for you and your partner(s).

  • Penis Enhancement Devices Improve Your Confidence 

By giving you the penis you’ve always wanted (and by sometimes increasing the sensations you feel during sex and/or masturbation), penis enhancement devices can boost your ego the way no lover ever could.

  • Penis Enhancement Devices Correct Anatomical Problems 

Medically-endorsed penis enhancement devices are often made to correct penile curvature while also extending the vertical and horizontal dimensions thereof on any man who uses it.

  • Penis Enhancement Devices Make Sex and Masturbation More Enjoyable 

After having your penis enlarged and/or engorged with blood, it’s much easier to engage in prolonged love-making sessions while also enjoying sex and masturbation either by yourself, with a partner or with your favorite sex toy.

Not only that, but well-made penis extenders and/or pumps are easy to use, simple to maintain and durable enough to last for several years. Unlike pills which require not only a strict regimen but also a tolerance of potential side effects, pumps and extension devices render the same (if not better) results without all the secondary issues. As for topical ointments, creams and lotions which promise amazing penile growth from the outside in, it’s been scientifically proven countless times that penile cells simply do not respond to those methods, at least not as much as with good ole traction. It’s time we all started acting like adults here, using expertly-designed and highly-effective penis enhancement tools like the professional perverts we are.

And might I add that penis enhancement is a privilege, not a right? Well, I just did because responsible ownership is imperative to getting the best results, especially if you plan to use a complex or expensive device. Acting like an asshole with your device only gives the industry and/or the product a bad name, and we’ve had enough of that already. Here are the top # things you need to avoid while using a penis enhancer so you don’t get laughed at more than the guy with the string on his dick:

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption 

Everyone knows (or should know) that consuming huge amounts of alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, or what I like to call “whiskey dick.” Prolonged alcoholism can even lead to permanent health problems. Therefore, no matter what penis enhancement device you use, an excessive thirst for booze will render it worthless.

  • Unnecessary Prescription Medications 

Although taking your meds is an important part of the day that should never be skipped, remember that some prescription medications can affect your libido. Only swallow what the doctor orders and always be aware of what the side effects are for each. If the ingredients of the medications you take (prescription-grade, over the counter or otherwise) interfere with your penile health and/or performance, talk to your doctor (or dealer) about switching it up for something less disruptive to your dick.

  • Extreme Exhaustion  

Not getting enough R&R can cause several immediately negative effects to the average human body, many of which play a role in how your genitals and hormones act/react to sexual stimuli. So whether using a penis pump or penis extender, an exhausted body won’t respond to the applied traction as positively as it would if it were well-rested and properly nourished. Eat a well-balanced diet that supports cardiovascular and penile health, get plenty of sleep, and don’t expect amazing results from your penis enhancement devices when your body is struggling just to stay awake or alive.

  • High Levels of Stress 

We all have bad days. The ups and downs of life are what make it interesting. However, extensive bouts of stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your love life. Studies have demonstrated the destructive powers of oxidative stress on the human body, with one of the most glaring consequences being centered on sexual health. In simpler terms: You’ve got to chill out, dude, because worrying too much will make your dick stop working. There, does that make more sense?

  • Poor Prostate Health 

Speaking of health, fitness and diet, the state of your prostate is an important factor to take into consideration when using a penis enhancement device to improve your sexual performance and/or boost your bedroom confidence. Poor prostate health leads to erectile dysfunction faster than a swift kick to the nuts, so keep a close eye on your wellbeing by getting frequent check-ups. Otherwise, you’ll fervently use that device to no avail and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t be so quick to judge because maybe the problem is you. Can someone please tell that to my ex?

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Penis Enhancement Device Is Worth It or Not

Let’s not go back to the days of my last relationship or else we may never get out of here. Also, let’s stay away from the era of heavy rocks suspended by tattered ropes from our junk. Today’s market is filled with high-tech, expertly-developed penis-improving products that are not even a distant cousin of the latter. The problem is no longer about safety or efficacy. Now, the only problem is finding the right one. That’s why I think it’s time for us to talk about the top 5 most important things you must always keep in mind when narrowing down the search for the “perfect” penis enhancement device (as if that exists):

  • Your Skin Type

As one of the most overlooked details, complexion issues often make or break the efficacy of a sex toy or personal improvement product. There’s only one way to avoid it: Know thyself (and thy partner while you’re at it). Do you and/or your partner have any skin sensitivities or allergies to anything in particular? While most penis enhancement devices are made out of hypoallergenic materials, that’s not always the case so be careful. Stay away from anything that might cause a rash or an allergic reaction because nobody wants to make that emergency room trip. As a general rule, materials such as silicone, stainless-steel and PVC are considered the standard.

  • Your Body Type 

Penis enhancement devices come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with many of them customizable to the dimensions of your body. However, proper use of these devices usually requires an insane amount of knowledge about your body and its unique requirements. Satisfying selection of a penis enhancement device requires answers to the following questions: 1) Is your penis long and skinny, short and fat or neither? 2) Are you physically able to complete the suggested exercise program? 3)How will you select the right product if you don’t even know what you need?

TIP: Measure your penis when both erect and flaccid to get a good average, and then compare that number to what the device’s label says it can accommodate. 

  • Your Sex Life 

Part of knowing your personal goals is objectively examining your sex life. Do you need something that will give you immediate results or can you wait a month for substantial growth? Are you looking for something that increases your overall penis size or do you prefer a device that enhances the sensations you feel during sex? Did you know that there are devices that can do both? Are you sick to death of all these questions? Picking out a good penis enhancement device can be tough. The realities of your sex life should help you determine which penis enhancer to purchase, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  • Your Growth Goals

Consider how much bigger and better you want your penis to be by the time you get done using the penis enhancement device of your choice. They’re not all made the same, nor can they all do the same things in the same amount of time. Keep in mind that devices which have been endorsed by doctors typically render guaranteed results, but those results usually require a commitment of at least 30 to 60 days. On the other hand, some high-end devices not endorsed by doctors are just as effective, only they get the job done quicker and you get a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. It’s all about your long-game, and I mean that in more ways than one.

  • Your “Bigger & Better” Budget 

You’ll want to think about your cashflow before setting out on the wild and wonderful adventure to improve the look and functionality of your penis. Do so by putting aside enough money to buy the right product, pay for any necessary accessories and maintain the proper cleaning supplies for long-term enjoyment. Many times, you only get the product itself in the box. However, luxury-grade penis enhancement devices often come with a handful of convenient bonuses that make ownership a breeze. Just be prepared to pay extra for that kind of service because it doesn’t come cheap. Are you ready to play in the big leagues?

Today’s sex toy and personal improvement industry is replete with options, and marketers know exactly what to say and/or do to get that money out of your hands. Therefore, knowing yourself better than they do is the only way to avoid getting ripped off or being disappointed. Perhaps that’s what we’ve been doing all along – using the wrong devices at the wrong time and in the wrong way, judging an entire industry because of it. What a shame that would be if it were true.


Meanwhile, the average consumer – armed to the teeth with a solid knowledge of himself and a healthy respect for the market – still can’t seem to find the perfect product without a little shopper’s savvy in his arsenal. Since penis enhancement is such a personalized endeavor, it’s very difficult for anyone to pinpoint a device that has zero flaws or 100% efficacy. The only thing you can do is determine what you want/need while looking at and/or considering those five things about each option in your shopping cart.

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