Pornography Addiction

Lust and Fantasy

Lust is a battle for us all. Christians – both men and women – have struggled with it for generations.

The Porn Effect
Unless you're deaf and blind, it's hard not to notice how porn has invaded our culture.

Fatal Addiction: Ted Bundy's Final Interview
Ted Bundy granted an interview to James Dobson just before he was executed on January 24, 1989.

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understanding addictive behavior

How Do People Become Addicts?
Unresolved family trauma is at the root of most major life conflicts facing individuals and families.

Five Criteria for Addiction Assessment
Recognizing signs of trouble.

Behind Sex Addiction is a Hunger for God
Addictive sex is one of many counterfeits we accept in place of a fulfilling relationship with God.

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toward long-term healing

De-Sexualizing the Deeper Need (for porn users)
What I believe God did in me in an instant in 1974 was to break the link between my deep unmet needs and sex.

The Three Levels of Sin (Part 1)
The undeniable fact is that sin has altered everyone we love, and marred every good thing – even the Son of God.

Understanding Intimacy Disorder and Addictions (Part 1)
The human soul was designed for intimate relationship; recovery occurs when we are restored in oneness with our Lord

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Your Questions Answered

Do you endorse 12-step programs to free people from sexual addiction?
a question to Pure Intimacy

Should I make my husband take a polygraph test?
How do I deal with an expert liar?

Can you recommend a Christian counselor in my area?
Focus on the Family has developed a nationwide Christian counseling referral system.

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First Steps for Recovery

An Individual Approach to Recovery
One of the most common questions asked is: “Can I fix this by myself?”

How to Confess Your Sex Addiction
For most, confessing a personal issue is difficult. Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

Prayers and Meditations for Going Online
While it is best to avoid all temptation, some must use the Internet for work-related and other tasks.

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Help for women

A Habit Worth Conquering
Addressing the issue of female masturbation.

Help for Female Sex Addicts
While sex addiction affects both males and females, the challenges faced by female addicts are greater.

Q & A with a Female Addict
Rob Jackson conducted the following interview with a recovering female addict.

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More Help

Focus on the Family’s Counseling Services
If you're facing a crisis, Focus on the Family has a staff of licensed, professional Christian counselors available to talk with you.’s Pornography Resources
Our experts grapple with contemporary social issues and provide a biblical perspective on national and local issues that affect your family.