Protect My Family

Guiding Family Media Choices


8 Ways to Use Your Teen's Technology for Good
By embracing today's technology you can build stronger bonds with your teen.

But Mom, You Were Spying!
Worried about what your teen is up to on MySpace or Facebook? These tips will help.

Gray Matters: 5 Principles of Discernment
These biblical principles will radically affect the way you approach decisions about media and daily life.

Making Space for Character in a Tech-Overloaded World
Make yours a home where character is the core and technology is an accessory.

Media Discernment 101
To discern is to perceive the true nature of something.

Parents in a Digital World
Technology doesn’t have to be a frightful menace for today’s parents; it can be an important ally.

Reporting Broadcast Indecency
61 percent of Americans say they are very concerned over what children see or hear on TV.

Talking to Kids About Media Discernment
Teaching your kids about media discernment doesn't have to be difficult. It can start with a simple question.

When Other Families Need Discernment
Concerned about the choices of your child's friends? Here's how to discuss the subject with their parents.