The Quick Extender Pro Review: Best Value For Your Money In 2021?

For many men, the concept of improving the size and/or shape of their penis seems like a far-off fairytale that will never happen. For others, admitting that they need some help in the first place is often more difficult than simply dealing with the issue itself.

Either way, committed and concerned scientists have started discovering things about the human male genitalia and they’re giving that information to male enhancement manufacturers for the betterment of mankind’s sexuality. In other words, having a bigger and stronger penis is no longer a dream, nor is the pursuit of one considered taboo. Today’s MEP market is enormous, with countless devices aimed at giving guys exactly what they want.

I have been searching for a good penis extender for quite some time now, with too many options to sort through and way too much skepticism to settle on anything. I forced my partner to make the final call because I was unable to face the fact that I was about to strap a machine to my dick to make it larger.

In the end, I was glad I submitted myself to my partner’s will. The product we ended up using was called the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition and we bought it from an online merchant due to the fast shipping and discreet packaging.

So, did I experience comfortable growth as a result of this device or did my partner lead me and my dick astray once again? Well, let me start by making sure you all know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition?

Having been features in numerous magazines, public information forums and talk shows, and after being developed under extremely strict production standards, the Quick Extender Pro (or QEP) is now a luxury-grade penis extension device that’s medically endorsed and designed to produce a significant increase in penile length and thickness through routine, structured use.

It’s a Type 1 CE certified contraption and it’s made right here in the United States as well. The manufacturer also took special care to make it one of the most comfortable penis enhancement devices on the market, meaning it’s crafted to minimize slippage while simultaneously increasing the overall efficacy of the device.

Best of all, this relatively complex yet user-friendly product is available without a prescription despite the fact that it comes with a quality guarantee.

Quick Extender Pro Review: The Main Features

The Quick Extender Pro features skin-safe materials, durable hardware and unique comfort components to ensure the user’s maximum potential is reached in the shortest amount of time – up to an inch in one month, according to the manufacturer.

The device and accessories are all doctor approved, with a 4000g tension spring that delivers effective traction to the penile tissues for optimal results. The brand offers numerous versions of this kit, but the Deluxe Edition contains the most add-ons, has the best ergonomics, and produces the most noticeable results of them all.

What Comes in the Box?

When it comes to penis extension tools, manufacturers usually go above and beyond to provide the consumer with everything he needs to begin enjoying growth as soon as possible. However, that doesn’t mean all devices are made the same, nor does it mean you get the exact parts and pieces with each purchase.

On top of that, some brands offer a variety of different extenders in a single collection, forcing the buyer to think critically about his needs, wants and goals. As for the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition, here are all the items you’ll find in the box:

  • The QEP Penis Extension Device (pre-assembled)
  • The Double Strap Support (DDS) System
  • A contoured base
  • A 4000g calibrated spring
  • Three (3) boxes of Rizer XL Male Enhancement Supplements
  • The QEP Booster Pump
  • A “Guide to Harder Erections” DVD
  • A 6-Volume DVD Series on Sexual Health
  • A set of 6 PureAIR Anti-bacterial foam pads
  • A set of 12 hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial comfort pads
  • A premium Mahogany storage box
  • A set of 180-degree aluminum pivots
  • A set of 6 large aluminum bars
  • A set of 2 medium aluminum bars
  • A set of 6 small aluminum bars
  • A set of 12 silicone tubes
  • A set of 4 self-adjusting Replacement Springs
  • A travel pouch with lock
  • An instructional DVD
  • A set of illustrated reference cards
  • A progress tracking chart
  • A metric/imperial measuring tape

This well-equipped bad boy also comes with total protection coverage via the brand’s lifetime warranty. The manufacturer even offers a money-back guarantee if the device doesn’t do what it claims.

So, while you don’t get the usual freebies like lube samples and toy cleaning supplies, you certainly get plenty of bang for your buck otherwise.

The Experience

To get the best idea of whether or not a product like this is worth its weight, you’ve got to do as I do: Look at it through an objective lens. Otherwise, you’re basing your opinion off of old information and you may ruin your chances with an amazing device.

As mentioned, I tried the Quick Extender Pro DE for myself and this is what happened based on the same four basic criteria that I use to size up any sexual health product:

  • The Dimensions 

It’s immediately obvious that the QEP is made for men with relatively small or average-sized penises, although the Deluxe kit does come with several accessories that can help the wearer feel more comfortable even when he has a large dick. Unlike the other options in the brand’s collection, this one is made to accommodate men who have a long way to go before they reach their growth goals, with lots of spare parts that you probably won’t even need for months.

The straps themselves could have been a bit more comfortable, but the somewhat rigid edges are a small price to pay for such amazing support.

  • The Materials 

It’s made from extremely durable plastics and metals, including thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and medical-grade stainless-steel. That means it never caused any skin irritations or allergic reactions despite my habit of wearing it for long periods of time.

I found it very easy to clean and maintain too, regardless of the numerous small parts I had to keep track of. On top of all that, it also worked just fine with every water-based lube I owned (and I’m talking about the penis pump too).

  • The Comfort 

Penis extenders are innately uncomfortable because they literally pull on your dick all day, but the Quick Extender Pro has a way of feeling as light as air and as secure as a pair of perfectly fitted pants.

I assume it’s because of the DSS system but then again it could be due to the contoured base and aluminum pivots. Even as your dick begins to grow, it’s as though the device grows with you.

  • The Results 

It took about a week before I started seeing any long-term growth in either the length or the girth of my penis. I was taking the supplements as directed and using the included penis pump between stretching sessions.

After 30 days or so, my partner and I both noticed a drastic increase in my size, plus I had more of a libido thanks to the male enhancement supplements that came with it.

The Ups and Downs

Nothing can ever be perfect because mankind will always mess it up. We’ve been trying to elongate and thicken our dicks since the dawn of time and we’re just now at the stage where we’re actually making any real progress.

Men (and women) have been seriously injured in our quest for better sex, so let’s all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the brazen ancestors who paved the way while we look over the ups and downs of the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition:


  • Ideal for Peyronie’s Disease
  • Lightweight for comfortable long-term wear
  • Customizable fitting options available
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee offered
  • Comes in attractive velvet-lined storage box
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Complex contraption with several small parts
  • Not ideal for post-op penile tissue repair
  • Can be difficult to clean and maintain for some users

The Takeaway

Modern-day penis extender manufacturers have done an awesome job of squashing the old beliefs and taboos surrounding male enhancement, and the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition is a great example of just how far we’ve come.

It’s an extremely comfortable device that comes with extra supplies to ensure maximum results, including a few items you probably didn’t even think you needed.

And since it also comes with a penis pump and three bottles of supplements, it’s almost impossible not to see a drastic change in the way you look, feel, and have sex.

Plus, even if none of the products work as intended, the maker promises your money back and even gives a lifetime warranty on all the parts and pieces of their machine.

That’s the kind of sophisticated, risk-free stuff that gets guys’ attention. So, overall, the QEP is one of the best options as long as you can get over the complexity of the kit itself.

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