Pure Intimacy: God's Design for Sex

Recovery and Redemption

An Introduction to Pure Intimacy.

Pure Intimacy

is an online ministry of Focus of the Family devoted to the biblical truth that human sexuality flows from the image of God that we bear as male and female and is a good gift from God. This wonderful, powerful and life-giving gift has been marred by our sinfulness, by an enemy who comes to kill, steal and destroy, and by a world system that twists and distorts the goodness and purpose of sexuality. We see around us so many ways that human sexuality can be misused, misguided and misdirected – pornography, sexual abuse, addiction, infidelity, divorce and homosexuality are just some examples of broken sexuality in us and in our relationships.

The good news is that God’s grace and truth are stronger than those forces that work to damage and destroy us, and many in the church are living testimonies to the reality of God’s saving, healing and redemptive power. When Jesus died and came back to life, He gave us power to overcome sin, healing for our wounds and sicknesses, and victory over the world and our enemy. Our faith in Him begins a new life in us that begins to transform us entirely – including our sexuality. We begin a life-long process that changes our thoughts, attitudes, relationships, behaviors, beliefs and feelings.

Our goal at Pure Intimacy is to present to others the healing and transformation that we’ve found in Jesus Christ. Jesus said that those who drank the water He provided would never thirst again (John 4: 14). The living water that Jesus offers is the redemption of our lives – from whatever abuse, sin, sickness or hate that has damaged and wounded us. This includes redemption from things done to us and acts we have committed. Come and drink with us – as we share living water that brings healing and life.

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