Sex Toy Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Because Sex Toys Are an Experience, Not a Just Product.

Proudly perverted yet hopelessly materialistic, my sex toy collection has grown bigger and stronger than my kids have. And as much as I hate to admit it, my personal inventory now includes 213 sex toys (111 for individual use and 102 for couple’s play), 16 different sex toy accessories (some repeats), 44 pieces of lingerie, 18 BDSM tools, 36 erotica books and a porn movie collection about the size of Arizona. Needless to say, I know a thing or two about what it takes to maximize sex and masturbation using manmade objects.

Today’s sex product industry overflows with options that tantalize every taste on the planet, from vibrating bullets and automatic blowjob machines to squirting dildos and electrostimulation butt plugs. But while those choices are a much-needed victory over the taboos that once ruled our society, they’re still not enough to satisfy every curiosity, kink or fantasy. Intuitive sex toy manufacturers have started making accessories to work in unison with their products and people like me couldn’t be happier about it. Meanwhile, there are millions of people who don’t even know this stuff exists. I’ve got just what you need, so listen up. School is in session, boys and girls.

What Is a Sex Toy Accessory?

Sex toy accessories come in all shapes and sizes, plus they have a wide variety of purposes and can be purchased almost anywhere sex toys are sold. They range in price and quality and have just recently joined the sex toy industry in its quest to take over the world. Generally categorized as “add-ons” or “extras,” not all sex toy accessories are optional and therefore some shopper’s knowledge can help you narrow down your search for the perfect one. On average, however, most sex toy users end up owning more than one accessory because they’re either necessary, affordable, exciting or all of the above.

Today’s sex toy industry is full of accessory options, despite the fact that these products have only been on the market for short time. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that sex toys ventured anywhere near the mainstream. And we had to wait a few decades after that for brazen manufacturers to start launching products to compliment what we already thought we’d never have. Now, we get to choose between countless options in our effort to increase our sexual pleasure and decrease our chances of embarrassment or injury. The right sex toy accessory puts the power of precautious passion back into our grubby little hands, which is why I think they’ve taken off so quickly – and by “taken off so quickly” I mean that there are now # different types of sex toy accessory to consider having.

Sex Toy Accessory Types: 101

Here are the top 12 most common type of sex toy accessory available on modern market, plus a brief description of each and any pros or cons related to it. Keep in mind that many of the items listed below are either necessary or practical to have around while enjoying sex or masturbation (either by yourself or with a partner). Most of them are from the same few brands too, just to give you a shortcut passed the compatibility question. Besides, many of today’s otherwise well-known sex toy makers have yet to catch up with the few industry giants that continually break the mold, but I digress. Here’s that dirty dozen I promised you:

  • Male Masturbator Sleeves 

The modern male masturbator is one of the hottest-selling sex toys to ever grace our presence, and the best part is that the most notable manufacturers offer a wide variety of interchangeable sleeves – each with a distinct texture and a different application. Many of the luxury-grade male masturbator sleeves can even have their orifices customized to resemble a random or porn star-inspired pussy, mouth or ass.

PROS: This sex toy accessory allows you to tailor your experience while keeping things interesting. It also prolongs the life of any sex toy since it limits the amount of mileage that gets put on each sleeve.

CONS: Obtaining a collection of high-quality male masturbator sleeves can get expensive, plus they’re not all made the same nor are they all compatible with one another.

  • Male Masturbator Sleeve Warmers 

Today’s best male masturbators are made to look and/or feel as realistic as possible, which is probably why sleeve warmers have become such a popular sex toy accessory. Male masturbator sleeves already feel amazing, but sleeve warmers help give them that hyper-realistic sensation that closely rivals the real thing. Besides, it’s much safer than using the microwave and it’s a whole lot more sophisticated.

PROS: This accessory is one of the most practical options for serious sex hounds and masturbators, plus it works with almost any kind of male masturbator sleeve.

CONS: It can take several minutes for the sleeve to warm up to the temperature you like.

  • Shower Mounts 

Sex toy shower mounts are the greatest invention since sliced bread – a practical and user-friendly addition to any sex toy collection regardless of the user’s love life, lifestyle or toy selection. Built with a spot to secure your favorite dildo or waterproof vibrator, shower mounts for sex toys use suction to temporarily adhere to the shower wall for hands-free play. They’re sturdy, sexy and a surefire way to make it 10-times steamier in whatever bathroom you visit.

PROS: Good shower mounts are made from virtually unbreakable materials. Also, they make it easy to enjoy several different sensations at once without feeling overwhelmed by anything but pleasure.

CONS: This accessory isn’t appropriate for all body types or toys unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

  • Automatic Stroking Devices 

Perhaps the most sophisticated and technologically advanced of all the sex toy accessories in the world, luxury-grade automatic stroking devices invite your favorite male masturbator on a ride like none other. Using self-propelled driveshafts, ergonomic button placement, and high-tech features like Bluetooth and virtual reality connectivity, automatic accessories like this may cost a pretty penny but they deliver a potent punch. Most are compatible with anything in their mother brand’s inventory, and some can even be used with sex toys from other manufacturers.

PROS: VR-compatible automatic stroking devices bring any porn scene to life in a way we only dreamed of until now, plus the hands-free ability helps you enjoy a customized orgasm while getting other things done (like your partner).

CONS: This accessory is neither practical nor inexpensive, thus it’s probably not for newbies who are afraid of a life-changing orgasm.

  • Smart Device Apps for Supported Porn Content

Many of today’s best sex toys, especially those designed specifically for couples, use downloadable apps to deliver specialized porn content and games to curious consumers. And while smartphone/tablet apps aren’t always necessary to enjoy what the toy has to offer, neglecting to use them can decrease the amount of pleasure you get for the money you spent on that compatible sex toy.

PROS: The available content is usually curated by the manufacturer to work in tandem with what the connected sex toy can/can’t do. On top of that, it’s typically free or extremely affordable to access.

CONS: Users must either purchase a data package from their service provider or be within WI-FI range to enjoy this digital accessory.

  • Virtual Reality Goggles 

If you go for a sex toy/accessory that supports virtual reality porn content you’ll need a set of compatible VR goggles to go with it. Virtual reality goggles provide a visual interface through which you and/or your partner can enjoy a customizable combination of sensations provided by your favorite high-tech sex toy(s) and any related pornographic content being streamed. As a relatively new concept in the sex toy world, VR goggles are most commonly used for gaming and thus offer some of the best graphics on the planet.

PROS: Today’s VR-compatible sex toys come with preprogrammed content, content via downloadable apps and/or content-rich websites with the party happening 24/7 online. Furthermore, that content can be synced with your device and the goggles to create a seamlessly realistic masturbation sex-perience.

CONS: Not all virtual reality goggles are compatible with all VR sex toys and accessories. Plus, some of them are pretty expensive if you’re only buying them for use with your sex toys.

  • Phone Straps

Did you know that you can now strap your smartphone to a hands-free mount while you have sex or masturbate to your favorite porno scene? Phone straps offer even more versatility to an industry that keeps inventing high-tech stuff, making downloadable content, games, Bluetooth interactions and virtual reality sessions much more enjoyable and easier to create.

PROS: High-end phone straps are durable, sturdy and waterproof, plus some of them even come with an adhesive strip, magnet or suction cup to keep it in place.

CONS: Phone straps don’t fit all types of phones/smart devices unless stated as “Universal” by the manufacturer.

  • Sex Furniture

There are two types of furniture in this world: The kind you show off to visitors and the kind you hide in the closet. Sex furniture, an honorary member of the latter group, serves its primary purpose in the bedrooms of those who need a little boost. Sex pillows, wedges, ramps and swings make up the majority of this accessory category, although manufacturers are always trying new things. The point is that these bad boys are designed to elevate you and/or your lover’s back and hips or support creative position experimentation, whichever your crotch desires.

PROS: Well-made furniture for sex can help with mobility problems while eliminating partner size differentials. Most models are machine washable and many come with their own storage container too.

CONS: Sex furniture can be somewhat costly and may be difficult for some people to hide.

  • Personal Lubrication 

Not necessarily considered an “accessory” by most folks, personal lubrication is typically thought of as a “must-have” in any sexually active bedroom, especially ones that frequently utilize sex toys. Personal lubricant, or lube, is nothing more than a slick, lubricating solution with various viscosities and applications. Typically, water-based lube is your best choice for sex toys and other accessories.

PROS: Luxurious lubrication can increase the sensations of sex and masturbation. Lube can also extend the life of your sex toys and help prevent injury. Plus, some are even flavored or have heat/cold properties.

CONS: There are none as long as you don’t run out. Oh, just make sure the lube’s ingredients are compatible with your skin type and the toy’s materials.

  • Toy Cleaning Solution 

Depending on the type of product you have and the manufacturer thereof, a special cleaning solution may be required to preserve the integrity of your sex toys. Specialized solutions are generally hypoallergenic and safe for all materials, with a relatively innocuous combination of ingredients that help kill bacteria and support the cellular structure of the toy’s covering.

PROS: Toy cleaners can sterilize your sex toys quickly, which makes it easier to swap between vaginal and anal escapades.

CONS: Some toy cleaning products are expensive or have a foul odor. Plus, they’re somewhat unnecessary for toys that can be cleaned with a timely water bath.

Modern sex toys require modern maintenance solutions, not to mention the kinds of bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from such an innovative industry. Well-suited sexual accessories can transform a mundane love life into something truly spectacular. However, you usually won’t appreciate the full scope of a good accessory until its many advantages are explored.

Why Sex Toy Accessories Though?

Nobody wants to get caught unprepared for the best sex of their life. After all, what happens when your fantasies outgrow your toy collection? You start looking for add-ons and extras to take your sex and/or masturbation to the next level. With the right sex toy accessories involved, you get to play a starring role in the raunchiest desires because your sex toys are now rendered virtually limitless. Put simply, owning a bunch of high-quality sex toys is one thing but having the necessary accessories is a whole other story. And those who enjoy the most satisfying sex are the ones who spring for all possible bells and whistles.

The vast majority of modern-day sex toy manufacturers offer a few accessories to go along with their most popular devices, although that’s not always the case. In fact, some brands don’t have the first accessory available, and thus their toy selection is limited by the user’s preference in that moment alone. Still, certain sex toy makers have started to work closely with one another to offer the maturing market a new fleet of products and accessories that are compatible with one another (even across brands). Considered the mark of a truly sophisticated sexual being, accessories for sex toys can demonstrate your appreciation for poise and pleasure.

In fact, well-made accessories for sex toys usually provide the following three benefits aside from making you look like a sexual hero (which is enough, is it not?):

  • Sex Toy Accessories Can Broaden Your Intimacy Horizons 

It’s already understood that using sex toys in an intimate relationship can improve bonds and increase sexual pleasure for both partners. However, proper and creative use of those sex toys is necessary to enjoy those advantages. Without adequate accessories, your sex life could take an unaffordable hit, causing you and/or your partner to start wanting more than can be provided. Accessories not only protect your relationship by making sex toy use more enjoyable but they often inspire creativity where there was none before.

  • Sex Toy Accessories Can Prolong the Life of Your Toys 

Depending on which accessory we’re talking about, many can actually preserve your sex toys and make them safer or more pleasurable to use. Some manufacturers even suggest certain products to go along with their toys, not just to make more money off the customer (which is definitely the case sometimes) but to also encourage responsible ownership and prolong the life of the product as much as possible. Having the right set of accessories available makes each situation feel more customized to the user, making it easier to masturbate without sustaining injury or doing damage to the device itself.

  • Sex Toy Accessories Can Increase the Pleasure You Get from Sex and/or Masturbation 

Imagine being able to take your favorite sex toys into the bath, shower, pool or hot tub whenever you wanted. Think about what it would be like to use that toy of yours on the go or with a wide variety of partners. Picture yourself having sex or masturbating while your hands are free to do other things. That’s what the right sex toy accessory can do for you, because they’re inherently designed to increase the efficacy of your toy and thereby increase the pleasure you and/or your partner experience. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Sex toy accessories are pleasurable, practical and relatively easy to find, but picking out the right one isn’t nearly as simple. Today’s market is too huge for anyone to navigate in one afternoon, and most of us have better things to do than sit around on the internet looking for extras to go with our favorite sex toys. And regardless, it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for if you don’t, in fact, know what you’re looking for. The vicious cycle catches up and swallows too many consumers, so let this guide steer you in the right direction. The only way to discover the accessories you’ve been after is to first answer the following 5 questions about yourself and/or your partner. We’ll get to the other stuff later:

  1. Do either of us have any skin sensitivities or allergies to certain products or materials?
  2. What do I/we need sex toy accessories for?
    • What sorts of things do I/we intend to do with our new sex toy accessories?
  3. How much knowledge do I have about the latest technologies?
    • Is everyone comfortable with using high technology during sex and/or masturbation?
    • Do I have all the necessary equipment and, if so, do I know how to use it?
  4. Is there a specific sex toy brand that I prefer or dislike?
    • Are the accessories I’m considering compatible with the products I own?
  5. How often will I likely use the accessories I’m about to purchase?
    • Is the cost of the accessory in my shopping cart worth it?

I know, determining whether those accessories you’re considering are worth it or not is a tough gig. There are no rules and everyone claims to have the best product there is. Don’t be gullible. Figure out the value and practicality of any accessory by using the following guidelines.

The Top 10 Ways to Tell If Those Sex Toy Accessories Are Worth It or Not

A sex toy is just a sex toy until an accessory is used. That’s when it becomes an erotic experience. But sex and masturbation only get that good when you’ve carefully vetted out the right accessories by making these 10 simple considerations:

  • Compatibility with Your Existing Sex Toy Collection 

A good accessory should always work well with the sex toys you already have in your collection, and if not, that accessory should at least be compatible with something you’d actually use.

  • Compatibility with Your Chosen Lube 

Personal lubrication is a personal decision, but that decision must always take into consideration the fact that not all lubes can be used with all sex toys or accessories. In my experience, water-based lubes are usually the best bet since they work well with any skin type or toy material.

  • Your Partner’s Preference 

Selecting a sex toy accessory based on what your partner wants is a terrific idea that, if executed correctly, can instigate a new kind of passion, kink or fetish in the bedroom and beyond. Find out what fantasies are in play before looking for accessories so you can match things up as best as you can. Remember, the Peanut Gallery may not have it all figured out but they still have an opinion.

  • Your Sex Life 

Regardless of what your partner wants or needs, sex toy and accessory selection is sometimes about self-gratification only. So, what’s your sex life like? Do you achieve orgasm on your own or with a partner more often? Do you use sex toys every time or just occasionally?

  • Your Skin Type(s) 

Keep in mind the importance of knowing whether you and/or your partner(s) have allergies or sensitivities to certain things. Buying an accessory that’s made from a material that causes irritation or allergic reaction is counterproductive and there’s usually nothing you can do to get around it.

  • Your Technological Savviness (or Lack Thereof) 

Some sex toy accessories are even more high-tech than the toy itself, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before getting into it. Also, check that you have all the proper equipment and/or space to use and store the accessory as intended or directed.

  • The Brand Name 

Brand affiliation is an important consideration because it can determine whether your accessories are compatible with the toys you already own. Some brands may even offer products that work in unison with toys and/or accessories from other brands, but that’s relatively rare and it usually comes with a hefty price tag.

  • The Product’s Practicality 

Most modern-day sex toy accessories are made to look extremely appealing to the eye. Either that or they’re continually boosted as a “must-have” product. However, you don’t have to own everything under the sun to enjoy intense sexual pleasure. The sex toy accessories you choose need to fit into your lifestyle in a sensible way, otherwise you’re just falling for a bunch of clever marketing tricks.

  • The User-Friendliness 

Amazing inventions are created every day, but some of them have a lot of room to grow before they can be considered high-quality in any way. Ergonomics are crucial, especially when it comes to handheld sex toys and compatible accessories. Make sure the products in your shopping cart are user-friendly enough for both you and your sexual partner.

  • The Manufacturer’s Suggestions 

Of course, some sex toy accessories are basically mandatory because of how the product is designed or what the maker recommends. Determine whether the manufacturer of the toy or accessory has made any suggestions regarding care or maintenance by carefully reading the manual of the devices you already own or by reading any info you can find online about the devices you’re considering.

The End Game

When it comes to selecting your first (or next) sex toy accessory, the end game is always making sure it fits into your sex life while also increasing the amount of pleasure you and/or your partner experience. Properly used, high-quality accessories have the power to significantly enhance everything that happens in the bedroom, plus many of them are designed specifically to take the romance off the mattress. By carefully considering a few key factors and by diligently researching your favorite options, finding the perfect sex toy accessory is easier than it has been up until this point. Best of all, some of the more reputable manufacturers out there offer warranties on their best-selling products (accessories included). As a general rule, though, never purchase a sex toy accessory from a brand you don’t know anything about, and stay away from anything with potentially harmful components or materials for best results.

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