Top 5 Best Silicone Dildos Reviewed In 2023

Silicone dildos are relatively new, and it’s because most of us didn’t know we needed one until recently. The tacky, sleazy, low-quality products we had used for years were causing more problems than they solved. Individuals, couples, and companies started seeing an opportunity to revolutionize the sex toy industry with higher-quality devices. Enter: the silicone dong.

This material provides multiple advantages, like enhancing your sensations. It’s also longer-lasting than most plastics, softer than all metals, and easier to keep clean than glass. Meanwhile, manufacturers have discovered how to integrate high-tech features and advanced pleasure settings for ultimate control. Are you really going to navigate this new market without a buyer’s guide?

This article will explain what a silicone dildo is, how it works, and its primary features. Then, the content will discuss the pros and cons of owning one before introducing you to five fantastic possibilities. We’ll wrap up with the most commonly asked questions so you can feel more prepared when sex toy shopping. Let’s begin.

What Is a Silicone Dildo?

A silicone dildo, or a dong, is a sex toy designed for penetration and internal stimulation. People use them to replicate sexual intercourse and improve foreplay, intimacy, or pleasure. Some devices are primarily for individual masturbation. However, newer models focus on the couple’s play and long-distance interactivity to bolster sensations and promote togetherness.

Dildos made of silicone are a special breed with fewer flaws than the alternatives. The material is finer and more durable, for starters. It’s challenging to damage silicone during a session, so most damage occurs because of incorrect storage. That means your toys last longer, which can help justify the higher price tags.

Meanwhile, many assume silicone dongs are naturally floppy and flexible. However, that’s not always the case. Some devices feature robust internal cores to simulate an erection for maximum stimulation. You can use them to penetrate different orifices despite skin sensitivities, allergies, or experience levels.

DID YOU KNOW: The sex toy industry used to make most devices from latex, but now, silicone is the most commonly used dildo material.

Why Silicone, Though?

Countless materials are floating around the sex toy industry, but none are as famous as silicone. Unlike other insertable devices, these feature a non-porous skin-safe material free of allergens and potential dangers. They’re also easier to maintain because airborne debris doesn’t stick to the surface, and a quick rinse can clean them.

Sex toys made of silicone can be more expensive due to their convenient perks. But you can use one despite skin conditions, and most high-end personal lubricant is compatible. Choose a water-based formula for the best results. Then read the owner’s manual for due diligence. Also, consult your doctor if you’re unsure how silicone will react to your skin.

Silicone dildos are generally safer than other options. They’re hypoallergenic and gentle to your body but durable enough for rough sex and experimentation. The silky-smooth texture feels terrific against the genitals, helping your device slide in and out with minimal friction. Even if you choose a device with unique features, silicone can help keep everything cohesive.

The Primary Features

No two silicone dildos are the same. Even brands that manufacture multiple similar models will have devices with subtle differences. It’s your job to tell them apart by examining their features and comparing them to the others. Note the pros and cons of each element to determine your best match. There is no right or wrong answer.

Conversely, you should shop for the following features to ensure you buy something worth the money:

#1. Thick, Soft Coating

Some sex toy manufacturers will try to cut corners with thin, flimsy silicone coverings. They’ll use cheap textiles to fabricate products but then charge premium prices. Also, a few brands utilize grainy silicones to save money instead of silky-smooth ones for your benefit.

The best silicone dildos feature a thick, soft coating that’s kind to your body and gentle on your wallet. You might pay more upfront but save on maintenance and repairs. Higher-end dongs usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacements either.

Soft materials are essential when masturbating, as are thick textiles. Both help protect your skin from irritation and shield the toy’s delicate mechanisms from body fluids and lubricants. Check the silicone grade before purchasing a pleasure product. Or contact the manufacturer for more information.

#2. Ergonomic Dimensions

Top-quality silicone sex toys feature dimensions compatible with specific body parts or activities. Many also have shapes that mimic male anatomy to naturally stimulate internal nerve endings despite the user’s sexual orientation. These products often produce more intense orgasms with protruding heads, curved shafts, or attached balls.

The measurements of your silicone dildo are crucial, especially if you want to experiment. Fortunately, manufacturers can make these dongs any size. Choose a massive shaft or go for something smaller to travel or play discreetly. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to enjoy the dimensions you crave.

#3. Optional Attachments

Luxury-grade silicone dildos sometimes feature attachments or attachment clasps for additional pleasure. They often have O-rings that can secure spare parts for pegging, mounting, or otherwise. However, the lack of enhancements is not always indicative of low quality. Top-notch dongs are also simple and straightforward.

A few options even let you attach products from other brands, giving you more room to play as desired. Always check the compatibility first, though. You could damage your device if you attach something that’s not meant to be there. This choice might also void your warranty, so be careful.

Learn how your sex toys work before playing with them. Read the owner’s manual, check for safety recommendations, and practice using your stuff to enjoy optimal pleasure. Then stop if you experience pain or discomfort.

How It Works

A silicone dildo is relatively easy to use. No special skills or equipment are needed to experience pure bliss with a dong like this. However, you shouldn’t assume each session will be identical because you’re using similar toys. There are specific things you can and can’t do with a silicone dong. Consult the owner’s manual for particulars and ignore anything that contradicts it.

Stay safe to have the most pleasurable experience and prevent unwanted mishaps. Here are your keys to friskier freedoms:

  • Vaginal Penetration
  • Anal or Prostate Massage
  • Double Penetration
  • Orifice Stretching
  • Hands-Free Pegging
  • Controlled Edging
  • Discreet Traveling
  • Interactive Couple’s Play

Meanwhile, these are some of your limitations:

  • Avoid swapping from anal to vaginal masturbation without a thorough cleaning.
  • Don’t insert a silicone vibrator or dildo without adequate lube.
  • Always wash the surface before returning your device to storage.
  • Never share your toys with partners you don’t know or trust.
  • Prevent accidents by not tampering with your toy’s design.

Remember, you might need extra accessories to enjoy these sex toy play suggestions. For example, buy a corresponding mount or harness if you want hands-free stimulation. Or purchase a high-end personal lubricant to protect yourself while stretching. You can also invest in two compatible devices for interactive play if the dildos feature automatic settings.

FACT: You and your partner might experience a learning curve when trying advanced products with SexTech capabilities.

The Pros and Cons

Let me know if you find a perfect product in any industry because it’s a miracle. Most manufacturers can’t satisfy diverse audiences with a singular idea. They usually present multiple versions of similar designs to give consumers a choice. Make the right decision.

Excellence in decision-making begins with good information. Before buying one, you must consider the pros and cons of owning a silicone dildo. Here is what you should know:


  • Ideal for compact pleasures
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Designed for delicate body parts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High-quality for better gifting
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Requires water-based personal lubricant
  • Needs special storage arrangements
  • More expensive upfront

The pros certainly outweigh the cons here, but you should still use the information to make better buying decisions. Then, learn what to look for and avoid when pinpointing your perfect sex toy. Make a list to help you track progress and compare different options.

What to Avoid

Understanding the potential risks and benefits is essential. Silicone dildos are fantastic if you get the right one and use it correctly. However, the wrong dong can cause issues you and your partner can’t afford. Thousands of people go to the emergency room yearly because of sexually-related accidents involving sex toys. Don’t be a statistic.

Stay away from low-quality devices with questionable materials or features. Don’t masturbate with anything containing phthalates, parabens, or latex. Those ingredients can cause skin irritation even if you’re not allergic to them. Silicone is the answer to that problem, which is why you see it everywhere and pay more to play.

Also, avoid dildos featuring overly complex designs or complicated functions. The sex toy industry should be able to deliver accessible, user-friendly products by now. You can still enjoy advanced pleasures, but you don’t have to finagle an irritating device to reach an orgasm.

Know what to look for instead of guessing. You could fall victim to clever marketing schemes that leave you broke and disappointed. Read reviews and use buyer’s guides like this to monitor your steps. Or talk to your partner for more information about fantasies, desires, and boundaries.

What to Look For

There’s no such thing as a terrible sex toy, just terrible designs. Innovators are always trying to one-up each other with exciting new developments. Some are winners, and others are flops. You can’t always trust a well-known brand to bring you top-quality stuff. Use discernment instead.

High prices aren’t indicators of quality either. You can pay hundreds for something that stops providing pleasure within weeks. Don’t go too simple with the design; enjoy months or years of continual bliss without getting bored. Look for a silicone dildo featuring the perfect combination of manual pleasure features and automation. Or find an option compatible with different accessories to build a better routine.

Still don’t know where to begin? Look for these crucial elements:

  • Balanced Weight – Your dong should either be heavy on one side and light on the other or weigh the same from base to tip. Check the specifications to discover this truth.
  • Textured Shaft – Stimulate your internal nerve endings with a textured dildo. This can help massage hard-to-reach erogenous zones like the G-spot or P-spot.
  • Stimulating Details – Look for silicone dildos with unique detailing. You’ll give more exciting gifts and enjoy enhanced masturbation because of the additional features.
  • Waterproof Designs – One of the best things about masturbating with silicone is that the material is fully submersible in water. This is your chance to take advantage.
  • USB Rechargeable Batteries – Choose an automatic sex toy with built-in convenience. Stop carrying pockets full of dead batteries. Get with the times.

Use this buyer’s guide to save time tracking down the best products. Then look at the top brands to determine industry trends, discover design failures, and find money-saving deals to get more for less.

The Top 5 Silicone Dildos

Ready to go shopping? Check out these five fantastic options:

#1. The Vixen Maverick


The Vixen Maverick is a thick and meaty silicone dildo designed for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. It also features a curved shaft with realistic detailing, veins, and a bulbous tip. The base is flared for safety and has a non-slip suction cup on the bottom for effortless hands-free pegging play. You can enjoy its stiff core and temperature-responsive materials that work together for a lifelike experience. Explore the depths of your depravity with this 7.5-inch dong and lay your freaky fantasies to rest.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Harness Compatible Suction Cup Base
  • Requires Additional Accessories

PRO: Users can sterilize the device by boiling it in water for three minutes.

CON: You need a 2-in O-ring to use a harness with this toy.

#2. The Lifelike Lover Luxe Posable Realistic Vibrating Strapless Strap-On


The Likelife Lover Luxe lives up to its name. It’s a realistic silicone dildo with multiple pleasure-enhancing features besides its natural detailing. This thing has a posable core to help you pinpoint specific erogenous zones inside the body. It’s also perfect for pegging and hands-free play because it features dual insertable ends to perform like a strapless strap-on. Explore the 12 vibration functions as you enjoy the pronounced head, raised veins, and subtle texture along the shaft. Use it for vaginal or anal penetration, and finally, feel the intensity you crave with or without the good vibes.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 90-Minute Run Time

PRO: This lightweight, compact vibrator provides sharable pleasure for countless experiences.

CON: The battery can take a while to recharge, even with a solid connection.

#3. The Vixen Outlaw


This superior sex toy stands out from the crowd, and it has nothing to do with the size. The Vixen Outlaw breaks all the rules with a textured shaft that measures nine inches in insertable length. You also get a pair of squishy balls and a flared base for better safety and satisfaction. The versatile design means improved couple’s play and solo stimulation. This device has a solid internal core to target your g-spot or p-spot. It also features a bulbous head for an undeniable presence going in or out.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Temperature Responsive
  • Patented Real-Feel Materials

PRO: This massive silicone dildo is harness compatible for hands-free play.

CON: The large size can be uncomfortable during insertion without extra lubrication.

#4. The Tantus Charmer


The Tantus Charmer is as straightforward as you can get with a silicone dong. It curves slightly to help target the p-spot or g-spot, offering a slim design for discreet pleasures. This contoured dildo features four raised ridges along the shaft to provide an effortless internal massage. You also get over six inches of insertable length with 3.75 inches of great girth to explore. Best of all, the silky-smooth materials clean quickly and require minimal lube for comfort.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Harness Compatible Flared Base
  • Temperature Responsive Materials

PRO: The compact size and flexible shaft make this toy perfect for traveling.

CON: This device requires purchasing a 2-inch O-ring for the harness to work.

#5. The Fun Factory Limba Flex


It’s so cute, but don’t let the adorable design fool you. The Fun Factory Limba Flex offers deep stimulation despite being only 4.5 inches long. This fantasy dildo provides precision pleasure to pinpoint your delicate nerve endings with a slim, tapered tip and ergonomic dimensions for better control. You can also bend the flexible shaft during insertion, and it has a suction cup base for hands-free pegging. Explore your most secret desires using a silicone dong designed for beginners or pros.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Harness Compatible Suction Cup Base
  • Temperature Responsive Materials

PRO: The unusual design makes this toy perfect for on-the-go stimulation.

CON: This silicone dildo requires a 1.25-inch O-ring to become harness compatible.

How to Make Your Silicone Dildo Feel Better

Want to make your favorite silicone dildo perform like a champ? We all do. Unfortunately, many sex toy designs have built-in performance restrictions for safety or efficiency. In other words, you can’t expect a rocket ship between your legs every time you masturbate. It would probably hurt anyway.

Instead of wishing for better products and waiting impatiently for them to appear, use these clever strategies:

  1. Clean It Before You Use It.
  2. Try Enhanced Lubrication.
  3. Take It to the Water.
  4. Hand It to Your Partner.
  5. Enjoy Temperature Play.

For more pleasurable tips and tricks to enhance your experience with silicone dildos, discuss fantasies with your partner. Determine their wants and needs to align them with yours. Then get creative without being unsafe.

Silicone Dildo FAQs

These are the five most commonly asked questions about dildos made from silicone:

How Do I Clean a Silicone Dildo?

Cleaning your favorite playthings should be relatively easy, or you have the wrong toy. Read the owner’s manual for specific care instructions to avoid costly mishaps or injuries. Most devices require a quick rinse with fresh water and a generous application of sex toy cleaner. Also, let your products fully dry before returning them to storage.

TIP: Buy a dildo cleaning solution compatible with silicone materials.

Is There a Specific Way to Store It?

Storing sex toys can be tricky, and there are multiple factors involved. For example, your living situation could impact where or how you keep your stash. Whatever the case, always read the owner’s manual for specific instructions. The manufacturer might also include a container or design the device with integrated storage.

Whatever the case, never store your silicone dildos in direct sunlight. It could fade or damage the material, cause cracking, or threaten its mechanical integrity. Also, keep your dongs away from extreme temperatures and standing water, even if they’re waterproof.

Which Type of Lube Is Best for Silicone?

The best personal lubricant for silicone dildos is water-based. It will not damage the materials and is also gentle on the skin. Water-based lube protects your crotch and wallet with long-lasting ingredients that remain slick to the touch. Some sex toy manufacturers even provide a water-based lubricant sample with your purchase, so check the box to be sure.

TIP: Do a spot test on your body to ensure your selected lube is compatible with your skin type.

Can I Get Hurt?

You can get hurt while masturbating, and you don’t need a silicone dildo to do it. Not playing responsibly is a surefire way to incur injuries or make partners uncomfortable. Begin by reading the owner’s manual and following the instructions word-for-word. Do not tamper with your device, or you may have an accident.

Also, keep your sex toys clean. Dirty devices can spread bacteria and cause localized infections, rashes, or worse. Keep everything stored correctly to prevent unseen mishaps that could cause additional risks. Then register the manufacturer’s warranty (where applicable) to protect your investment and get replacement parts or repairs as needed.

How Do I Register My Sex Toy Warranty?

Sex toy warranty registration is usually straightforward and quick. Most manufacturers either initiate coverage at the point of sale or require customers to register online. You don’t have to do anything if your device has an automatic policy. However, you must register your dildo within 30-60 days to prevent coverage lapses or denial.

Check your owner’s manual for more specific information about warranty registration and coverage limitations. Most brands don’t fix issues caused by the owner. They only cover factory flaws and malfunctions caused by a faulty design.

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