The Top 10 Benefits of Orgasm

Because an O-Face Looks Good On You.

I can’t be the only one who remembers the iconic scene in “When Harry Met Sally” where Meg Ryan’s character has an orgasm right in the middle of a restaurant. That scene became instantly popular and I’m sure we can all figure out why. I mean, having an amazing orgasm like that is already a great thing, but doing it where everyone can see and hear you is hilarious. Unfortunately for her, the whole thing was fake.

As it turns out, real orgasms can do more than make a movie scene go viral. But we don’t have to bust a nut in public to reap the benefits (thank God). Our excellent Creator has done us all a favor by installing orgasmic release into our natural body rhythms and then making the results something that will improve our wellbeing. Talk about graceful, am I right? In fact, there are at least 10 different health-related benefits that come along with experiencing a proper orgasm. So, whether you do so on your own, with a partner or with the help of a few sex toys doesn’t matter. The real issue is whether you’re getting enough orgasms to enjoy optimal physical health. Well, are you?

Recent studies have determined that the average man needs to ejaculate at least twice per month, or 24 times a year. And while those numbers may seem quite low, they’re nothing compared to a woman’s recommended number (which just so happens to be about double). According to healthcare professionals, counting your orgasmic releases is actually more important than counting calories and steps, not to mention it’s a whole lot more fun. So, what happens in the human body at the time of orgasm and why is it so benefitial to our health? Let’s find out.

The 10 Benefits of Orgasm

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the following health benefits of orgasm can be obtained regardless of how orgasm is reached. Therefore, if you have a freaky side and fear you won’t get the good stuff out of your experience, think again. The point is to engage in a physical release of ejaculate as often as possible and here are ten good reasons why:

Orgasm Improves Circulation

A freely experienced orgasm can make your blood flow better, especially in and around the pelvic region of your and/or your partner’s body. This is especially good news for people who have circulatory problems or numbness and tingling in their extremities. In fact, modern-day sciences has discovered that women who have orgasm at least once per week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than the women who are celibate or who experience orgasm less frequently. In other words, good sex is good for the heart.

Orgasm Increases Fertility

Having trouble getting pregnant despite your fervent love life? It may be due to the fact that you or your partner are not reaching orgasm enough. Properly experienced orgasms produce an elevated sense of wellbeing by stimulating your hypothalamus gland which regulates things like appetite, emotions and body temperature. Orgasm also stimulates the pituitary gland, regulator of the reproductive hormones which induce ovulation and the production of cervical fluid. It may all seem too scientific to be sexy, but that’s just the way it works.

Orgasm Provides a Lymphatic Massage

Need to improve your digestion but unsure how to go about it, unwilling to take over-the-counter or prescription drugs for it, and unaware that having orgasm can help? You sound like I did a few years ago before I learned that ejaculation can do a lot more than make my eyes roll back in my head. As it turns out, a rich and full orgasm makes satisfying bowel movements easier, plus it may actually aid in the prevention of certain types of cancer. The reason: Because orgasm acts as a natural detoxifier for your organ systems. Sounds pretty hot, right?

Orgasm Promotes Healthy Estrogen and Hormonal Levels

The simple choice of engaging in sexual activity may be the best decision you’ve ever made, especially considering the fact that orgasm helps keep genital tissues young and supple. Contrary to popular belief, the human body’s peculiar mechanisms actually strengthen with use, meaning frequent sex and orgasm can increase your overall health and wellness by a large degree. Scientists have actually discovered a direct link between imbalanced hormone levels, osteoporosis and heart disease, with orgasm being the only thing that can render them all insignificant.

Orgasm Induces Deep Relaxation

Most of us have trouble getting fully relaxed after a long day. Long naps and stiff drinks aside, orgasm is the all-natural way to take a load off (literally). A real orgasm instantly boosts endorphins ( or good mood hormones) while simultaneously flushing the body’s main body systems of cortisol (an inflammatory stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland). Ever wonder why you’re so ready to take a nap after love-making? It’s because you’re as relaxed as you can be and that’s a good thing.

Orgasm Spikes DHEA Levels

While orgasm can make you feel like a pool of melted butter, it actually makes you more intelligent. Studies have shown that orgasm improves your brain functioning by spiking DHEA levels in the blood. And that DHEA is good for more than making your mind sharper. It’s responsible for balancing the immunities, maintaining and repairing tissues and promoting healthy-looking skin too. Of course, this is all just a fancy way of saying that orgasm makes you more attractive, but you’re smart enough to know that now, aren’t you?

Orgasm Helps You Look and Feel Younger

Studies have shown than people who experience an orgasm at least three times per week are more likely to live longer and happier lives, not to mention they usually look abut 10 years younger doing it. The only catch: you have to derive your orgasm from a stress-free relationship. So, if that means busting a nut exclusively with sex toys to avoid all the drama, then so be it. Stay young at heart and save face by reaching climax often, regardless of who’s around (or not). Now you see why the sex toy industry is so enormous these days?

Orgasm Boosts Your Immunities, Especially Infection-Fighting Cells

Did you know that experiencing an orgasm can make you less susceptible to communicable diseases like the flu and the common cold? It’s true; orgasm boosts the immune system significantly enough to cause a gasp of surprise in the scientific community. In fact, recent studies have revealed that a sexually well-rounded person has immunities that are nearly 20% stronger than the immunities of someone without an active sex life. They don’t teach you that in health class, do they?

Orgasm Cures Headaches, Migraines and Minor Body Pain

Forget taking a handful of over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. Your body is already equipped with the tools to alleviate minor to moderate pains through the use of a good ole orgasm. Sexual climax and release can elevate the body’s pain thresholds tremendously, making that headache or migraine disappear. It does such a good job of this that many doctors actually recommend it to mothers who are preparing for natural child birth.

Orgasm Increases Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin is a very important hormone in the body that gets released in response to interpersonal stimuli. In other words, it’s responsible for bonding, linked to passion, and known for producing feelings of togetherness while supporting intuition and promoting better social skills as well. Put simply, orgasm makes you a better person and less of a weirdo. It is, in some circles, considered a “natural success drug.” And I don’t know where those circles are, but I certainly want to be a part of them.

Obviously, orgasm is something we should all enjoy as often as possible. However, that’s easier said than done for so many unfortunate people. Talented porn stars may make climax look easy but countless individuals still have trouble either reaching orgasm or experiencing a full one. There’s got to be a better way, right? The answer is yes.

5 Ways to Reach Orgasm Every Time You Have Sex

Having plenty of sex but not quite reaching the finish line every time? The problem may be with your partner, but it might also be in your approach. Here are five surefire ways to experience orgasm every single time you get laid (or masturbate):

  • Relax

It may seem obvious, but relaxing can help you experience a much smoother and more satisfying orgasm even if your lover isn’t up to par with your lofty sexual standards. Those hard-working pelvic muscles of yours are much less likely to engage in the pulsations of orgasm when you’re uptight.  And while orgasm itself can induce relaxation, a certain level of slack is required to experience all the body has to offer. One way to get relaxed while getting smashed: Concentrate only on the sensations being produced and sounds being made, with no mind given to appearance, agenda or apprehensions.

  • Communicate 

No matter how familiar you are with your current partner, a little communication goes a long way in the bedroom. Telling your lover what you want and how you like it is not only productive but it’s also considered sexy talk by most people. On top of that, adding constructively dirty banter to your routine can flirt with the panty-lines of BDSM and make things a whole lot more interesting than they already are. Communication is a key component in everything else, so why would your sex life be any different? Giver directions, offer advice and provide positive feedback at all times during sex but remember: You get more flies with honey than with vinegar, so don’t be mean (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

  • Two Words: Sex Toys 

Sometimes we just can’t keep up with the demands of our body and/or our lover. That’s where a high-quality, high-functioning sex toy can come in handy. The innovations now coming from the sex toy industry are surprisingly sexy, with features like Bluetooth connectivity, downloadable porn content, virtual reality experiences, SenseMotion Technology, Sync-to-Music Technology and wireless remote controls. If you’re not reaching orgasm enough through natural means, it may be a good time to start incorporating synthetics. After all, sex toys sell by the millions for a reason and there’s literally something for every man and woman on the planet regardless of body type, sexual orientation or appetite.

  • Lube It Up 

Do you realize how much better sex and masturbation can feel when you use an adequate amount of high-quality personal lubricant? Lube is known to enhance the sensations of pleasure regardless of what you use – a human being, a sex toy, your own hand, or otherwise. Some varieties even have bonus features like heating, cooling or tingling, so exploration and customization are definitely possible. Just remember to pair your lube with you skin type(s) and toy material (if applicable) because the wrong ingredients can have damaging effects on your body and/or playthings. Read my lube buyer’s guide for more information on how to select the best one for your budget and lifestyle.

  • Practice Makes Perfect 

Regardless of how skilled you think you are, practicing positions and experimenting with toys and techniques are great ways to improve your chances of reaching orgasm each time you have sex or masturbate. Like my mama always said, “Practice makes perfect.” And she would know; she screwed the whole neighborhood behind my father’s back. I’m sure she wasn’t doing that for nothing. Good orgasm is described as a drug by some people, so take a hit and do it often. The more your body practices what it’s supposed to do, the more likely it is to do its job when the time comes. Just ask my whore of a mother. I’m pretty sure she can climax on cue like the Meg Ryan.

Orgasm In Summary

Orgasm, or sexual climax, is one of mankind’s most natural pleasures. However, it might also be one of the healthiest activities we could engage in. Frequent orgasm has at least 10 benefits, if not more, and they can all be yours at the low price of free (unless you use a sex toy, of course). Either way, those who have enough orgasms tend to live longer, feel happier and look better. Isn’t it time you started focusing on yourself?

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