Top 5 Best Thrusting Dildos Reviewed In 2022

Thrusting dildos can make your partner an option and a liability. Some couples don’t even like using these devices because they’re threatened by the awesomeness.

Using something that feels similar to a living lover without all the bullshit is definitely a blessing. But the manufacturers aren’t responsible for their customers’ obsessions.

Many skeptics believe playing with a thrusting dildo can wreck a relationship.

They feel the toys are too realistic and create a physical or emotional chasm between partners. You can agree or disagree, but finding the perfect device is challenging either way.

This buyer’s guide should make your shopping trip a little easier.

What is a thrusting dildo, and how do they work?

Which features are most common, and what elements should you avoid? You must learn as much as possible and consider my top five recommendations.

I’ll also provide some essential FAQs to help.

What Is a Thrusting Dildo?

A thrusting dildo is a sex toy that automatically moves based on your commands.

Most devices feature pre-programmed settings, allowing real-time customization and more authentic sensations. Some also have remote controls or app-compatible interfaces to support long-distance relationships.

The unique elements also encourage sexual experimentation.

They promote couple’s play and solo stimulation despite the user’s experience level. Dildos that thrust can penetrate the vagina or anus at variable speeds, and many have integrated vibrators to enhance the pleasure.

Most also feature flesh-like materials and textures to seal the deal.

DID YOU KNOW: You can use thrusting dildos with or without the automatic motions.

How Thrusting Dildos Work

No dildos are the same, and automated dongs are no exception.

Most work with a built-in motor or onboard computer system that directs the motions and speeds. You can also command some devices with a wireless controller or smartphone app.

Those options typically offer expanded performance modes to help people tailor the sensations.

Meanwhile, the high-tech versions usually cost more and require additional practice. You can connect with lovers in new and exciting ways while sitting in your living room.

The best thrusting dildo also uses an integrated control panel to manage the various settings and ensure top-notch ergonomics for everyone.

These automatic sex machines are generally easy to use, requiring minimal skills and equipment.

However, they work best when you start slowly and become familiar with the device. Some pack a powerful punch that could bruise your insides.

Check the owner’s manual on each option for more information.

The Main Features

You can find thrusting dildos in almost any adult entertainment store, and many online merchants sell them.

Still, you can’t depend on every device being similar. Rely on standard features instead. They can help satisfy cravings and protect your body, even if you like it rough.

Having sex with a live partner doesn’t always cause an injury, so neither should masturbating with a thrusting toy.

These products are generally safe, with enticing elements to appease both partners’ desires.

Here is what you can usually expect:

  • Skin-Like Materials – Thrusts don’t feel as exceptional without a fleshy texture to complete the scene. Most manufacturers use skin-safe textiles that feel like natural human skin.
  • Realistic Detailing – Many devices feature curved shafts, veins, balls, or bulbous tips to help convince your body it’s being pleased by a partner.
  • Self-Driven Motors – Nothing thrusts like an automated motor powered by a robust battery you can recharge on demand. This is a standard operating system.
  • Noise-Cancelling Technology – Most customers want their sex toys silent, so manufacturers build products that reduce the decibels of your debauchery.
  • Adjustable Settings – Customize your sensations or deliver a sexual surprise to your partner with intuitive controls and tailored performance modes.

Some thrusting dildos also feature reservoirs you can fill with your favorite lubricant. Then, press a button, and the device will ejaculate like a natural lover.

It’s a healthy, safe, and satisfying alternative to waiting for your partner to finish. You can even heat the lube to enhance realism and experience something eerily similar to real sex.

Special Features to Find

Some manufacturers go the extra mile and create revolutionary products.

They introduce sextech to promote intimacy and foster connections despite a user’s location. Keep an eye open for Bluetooth sex toys and real-time motion sensors that work remotely.

Learning the ropes allows you to enjoy an innovative approach to mutual masturbation.

The Pros & Cons of Thrusting Dildos

Nothing in this world is perfect, not even a sex toy mimicking realistic motions.

Throw in some makeshift ejaculate, and it’s still not guaranteed to satisfy your every whim. You must consider the pros and cons to find a device that doesn’t disappoint.

Here is what you should know about thrusting dildos before you buy:


  • Lifelike Sensations
  • Adjustable Pleasure
  • Couple-Friendly
  • Versatile Operation
  • Perfect for Travel

Use thrusting vibrators and dildos to increase your stamina or practice various positions. Or buy sex furniture with toy holes to enjoy hands-free bliss.

Try a harness or mount for pegging.


  • Potentially Habit-Forming
  • Learning Curve Required
  • Can Bruise the Body

Remember, dildos that trust can require additional maintenance steps depending on the features, materials, and settings.

Always check the owner’s manual for specific information and safety warnings. You can also find facts about cleaning and storage there.

What to Look For

Knowing what to look for is only half the battle, but you must start somewhere.

Manufacturers will always claim their products are the best. And you could get caught up in clever marketing or peer pressure.

Establish some fundamental criteria to help you decide who’s telling the truth.

Be a savvier sex toy shopper.

Pick a few favorites, and then compare them to the following features to ensure you’re buying the best thrusting dildo:

#1. Skin-Safe Materials

High-quality textiles are essential because they contact your most vulnerable spots. Choose the wrong stuff and pay a painful price.

Protect your skin by finding sex toys made from the following materials:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Patented polycarbonate blend

You probably won’t find many thrusting dildos made of borosilicate glass or metal.

Stick with the basics to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. Or use a condom to protect your skin from allergic reactions and irritation.

TIP: Use a personal lubricant compatible with your sex toys to prevent damage.

#2. Excellent Details

Dildos that thrust can feel terrific because they mimic the movements of authentic sex.

However, those sensations aren’t the same without fleshy materials and realistic detailing.

Many devices feature veins, rings around the tip, and bulky heads to simulate intercourse with a partner. Look for dongs that have natural elements for the best experience.

Meanwhile, remember that inauthentic-looking dildos can be equally pleasurable. Don’t automatically disregard the innovative designs and patented materials.

Find something suitable for your skin type and go from there.

#3. Powerful Features

Nobody wants a weak thrust, whether from a lover or a machine. You likely desire intense sensations and robust motions to experience physical bliss.

However, sex machines with low-quality construction can’t keep up with those demands. Find a device with a powerful motor, secure smartphone apps, and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity.

Keep in mind that noise isn’t always indicative of power.

Some of the most intense thrusting dildos are whisper quiet, producing little noise even on the highest setting. Never confuse decibels with durability, or you’ll end up disappointed.

#4. Rechargeable Batteries

Nothing sucks worse than your thrusting sex toy dying mid-stroke. It can be highly frustrating, but keeping batteries in the house is an even bigger headache.

You can either stock up on store-bought supplies or choose a dildo with a USB rechargeable motor. The choice is yours, but there are some pros and cons.

  • USB rechargeable thrusting dildos usually weigh more because of the battery.
  • Battery-operated sex toys might not last as long as USB devices.

Choose carefully because more sex toy manufacturers won’t replace your device after use. Some offer replacement parts and new batteries, but that’s about it.

Check your warranty for more information.

#5. Waterproof Designs

Not all automatic dongs will be safe to use near water. You must get a waterproof device to ensure nothing breaks or gets damaged.

Submersible sex toys are more fun, easier to clean, and can inspire intense sessions with or without a partner. Look for something that you can take to the shower for aquatic play.

NOTE: Some waterproof dildos feature wireless remotes or apps compatible with your smartphone. Those items usually aren’t submersible in water.

What to Avoid

Many toys for women, men, and couples have features you want to avoid.

Their marketing campaigns might say otherwise, but a savvy shopper will know the difference between a high-quality product and a rip-off. Particular attributes can make a seemingly perfect device a total disappointment.

For example, you should avoid low-end materials containing potential allergens and harmful chemicals. Don’t buy anything with latex, parabens, or phthalates.

Those ingredients can irritate your skin, cause an allergic reaction, or worse. They’re also more difficult to clean and don’t last nearly as long as the good stuff.

Also, avoid abstract shapes and forms that could injure your body. Some manufacturers go above and beyond to help users reach their g-spot or p-spot.

However, you don’t need a crooked shaft to pinpoint the sweet spot. A good technique and a decent stroke should suffice.

Don’t purchase products without a warranty from the manufacturer.

Some retailers offer purchase protection, but contracts can help with broken components, replacement parts, and factory flaws.

Look for a device with at least one year of limited coverage to start. Then see if there is any way to extend it when needed.

NOTE: Each of my five recommendations comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, clear instructions, and excellent materials.

The Top 5 Thrusting Dildos In 2022:

My five thrusting dildo recommendations are no joke. They’re the top-selling devices in this category, with excellent customer reviews and designs.

You can use each one with or without a lover, and they’re also perfect for traveling or gifting. Choose your favorite options using the guidelines mentioned above, and then read the owner’s manual before playing.

Next, check out these five fantastic dildos with powerful thrusting motions:

#1. The Fun Factory Stronic Real – Best Thrusting Dildo Overall


The Fun Factory Stronic Real is a realistic dong with multiple play options. It features a natural design and fleshy materials, but the fun doesn’t end there.

It also has seven vibration speeds and three exciting pleasure patterns to explore. This intense service provides an undeniable back-and-forth motion with a slightly curved shaft for maximum satisfaction.

You get authentic detailing from base to tip, plus a tapered head for easy insertion. This 5-inch dong is also perfect for traveling and gifting, with a compact and lightweight design for easier handling and unbeatable discretion.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can get up to two hours of playtime with each charge.

CON: You’re not supposed to use this device if you wear a pacemaker.


#2. The King Cock Ultra Realistic Thrusting Dildo


Leave no stone unturned with the King Cock Ultra Realistic Thrusting Dong. It’s suitable for vaginal and anal stimulation, with plenty of length and girth for unforgettable internal play.

This device features seven thrusting modes and vibrates at three different speeds.

Meanwhile, you get four variable pleasure patterns plus a self-heating core for ultra-realistic sensations. Press a button to satisfy your deepest cravings and take a thrilling ride on this massive shaft.

It offers a stiff pole, raised veins, bulbous balls, and next-level pleasure for individuals and couples.


  • NOT Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Plastic

PRO: You can use this enormous dildo to stretch your holes and try new things.

CON: The large base is perfect for gripping but can be cumbersome to store.

#3. The Lifelike Lover Luxe Thruster


This thrusting dildo also rotates to offer enhanced sensations and additional play options. It features natural elements like raised veins, a thick tip, and firm balls for real fun.

The Lifelike Lover Luxe is a luxury dong with over six inches of a shaft on top of a sturdy suction cup base.

Enjoy an authentic experience and then boost your orgasm the classy way. Sex doesn’t have to be complicated, so this device includes a remote control for effortless partner play.

Give it as a gift or take it anywhere when you activate a convenient travel lock, manufacturer’s warranty, and fulfilling functions.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can use this device with a harness or mount for hands-free play.

CON: It has a short 35-minute battery life and requires an O-ring to use as directed.

#4. The Happy Rabbit Thrusting Dildo


The Happy Rabbit Thrusting Dildo is three toys in one. It thrusts on your command but also vibrates and tickles your clit with the press of a button.

Explore fifteen unique vibe modes, with a dozen in the rabbit ears and three in the shaft. This device targets your g-spot or p-spot while satisfying your external cravings.

It’s also virtually silent and features a travel lock for discreet adventures. Enjoy a super-powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and semi-realistic design that leads sex toy trends across the industry.

Even Good Housekeeping sings its praises as one of the best luxury silicone thrusters on the market.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: You can enjoy internal and external pleasures simultaneously or separately.

CON: It doesn’t have the ultra-realistic features that some users prefer.

#5. The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl


Looking to create a scene with your partner? Grab the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl to get the party started.

It’s a luxury dildo with built-in vibrations, a powerful thrusting motor, and soft rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris.

Enjoy external and internal sensations while targeting the G-spot or P-spot with this robust design. It has 36 possible pleasure combinations to put you in complete control.

Practice bondage, explore foreplay, try new positions, or use it as your everyday dildo. You also receive a satin drawstring storage bag with your purchase and an attractive container for gifting.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

PRO: This device is part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection sponsored by E.L. James.

CON: It costs a little more than similar sex toys because of the high-profile branding.

I suggest picking out two or three enticing options and comparing the features.

You can read sex toy reviews for more insights from people who have already used them. Or buy more than one to develop a diverse collection of high-end thrusting dildos and automatic vibrators.

Where To Find The Best Thrusting Dildos Online:

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Thrusting dildos are a remarkable invention designed to mimic vaginal or anal intercourse sensations. They function at different speeds, offer variable intensity levels, and are perfect for solo stimulation.

You can also use them with a partner for fantasy fulfillment, endurance training, and foreplay.

Choosing the best dildo with thrusting action is crucial because no two devices are twins.

You’ll find multiple options available, even from the same brand.

Pick a sex toy that can integrate into your existing collection or add excitement to the pot. Or talk to your partner for recommendations and advice.

Make sure the stuff you buy is exciting for both people.

Thrusting Dildo FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about dildos that automatically thrust:

Is There a Specific Way to Clean a Thrusting Dildo?

Cleaning your pleasure products is generally straightforward. High-tech devices with automatic motors are also easy to maintain if they have waterproof materials.

Check the owner’s manual for more specific information before washing your toys with water. Then use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner to scrub debris from the surface.

Let your toy dry before returning it to storage.

How Should I Store My New Sex Toy?

Storing your pleasure products is generally straightforward. High-tech devices with automatic motors and rechargeable batteries often include storage containers.

Check the box or read the owner’s manual for more specific information and usage tips. Then keep your stuff away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Store everything together in a secure place where children and pets can’t reach.

TIP: The best place to store your sex stuff is in a designated box, bedside drawer, or closet shelf.

What Type of Lube Should I Be Using?

Use a personal lubricant that feels good on your skin.

Also, be sure it’s hypoallergenic to prevent irritation and painful reactions. Then check that the ingredients are compatible with your toy. Never use silicone-based lube on a silicone sex toy.

Apply a water-based formula instead to avoid issues. Water-based lubrication is safe for all skin types, and likely won’t damage your device.

Read your owner’s manual to be sure, and check the box for a sample from the manufacturer.

Can a Thrusting Dong Hurt Me?

You can get hurt using any sex toy, whether it thrusts or not.

Experience, cleanliness, and position can significantly affect your pleasure, and the wrong combination can cause trouble.

Always read your owner’s manual for specific information and safety tips. Never tamper with the device or try to disassemble it. And stop if you feel unwanted pain or discomfort during sex, foreplay, or masturbation.

There are thousands of annual ER visits because of sex-related accidents, so don’t become a statistic.

How Do I Register My Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Sex toy warranty registration is generally straightforward.

Most retailers provide the information at checkout or help buyers set up coverage before they leave. You can also check the box to determine what the maker suggests.

The packages typically include a warranty registration card or more instructions in the owner’s manual. Read your literature carefully to discover coverage limitations and find contact information. Then get ahold of the manufacturer if you have any specific questions.

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