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If you’ve received an email that directed you to this page, someone you know thought you might want to visit this site.

Pure Intimacy is an online ministry of Focus on the Family that recognizes the pain of pornography and sexual brokenness and offers the hope of healing and restoration. We are committed to the idea that God loves us and wants to help us when we are hurting. We also believe that God’s design for healthy sexuality is liberating for those tired of living with sexual confusion or pain. Our site is designed for parents, pastors, counselors and strugglers alike. We hope anyone pursuing God’s best in their life–or helping others do the same–will find Pure Intimacy’s guidance and help in the area of sexual redemption to be a comforting and useful. We invite you to take a look around.

Pure Intimacy

was designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, with sections addressing a variety of audiences and needs.

Pornography & addiction
This section contains a focal point in our ministry – helping people understand and struggle free from the harms of pornography and roots of addiction. While most articles here address pornography use, they also provide insights into a number of issues related to sexual brokenness. This is the place for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of addiction, the harm of pornography, and how to begin to heal.

God’s design for sex
Everything we strive for via Pure Intimacy is to uphold and call people toward God’s good plan. Hence, this section can be considered the “heartbeat” of Pure Intimacy. Some years ago, we realized that we were trying to help people break free from porn use and addictions, but we hadn’t defined what healthy sexuality looked like. We hope this section begins to open up that door for many people. We recognize the Christian Church hasn’t always had a very robust or informative vision from sexuality. We hope to change that.

Married couples
The majority of our visitors are or have been married at some point. Our goal is to preserve marriages when possible and provide resources to help couples navigate the difficult journey of healing from pornography, addiction or infidelity. We also hope to help married men and women gain a vision of what a thriving relationship looks like. Many wounded spouses come here believing they can never go back to their lives as they knew them. We want to be a positive influence in your discovery of anew relationship – one you have never had before, one that functions as God intended from the beginning. There is hope!

One of the most common questions Pure Intimacy receives is “How can I help my child who has been using pornography.” Just as common is the request to help parents teach and pass on Christian values about sexuality. We hope to give you the resources you need to protect your child from pornography, heal your child if he has been exposed and help you give your children a vision for sexual health and wholeness according to God’s beautiful design.

Protect my family
If you are concerned about emerging technology and the dangers it poses to your family, be sure to visit this section. Resources on how to monitor and filter content on the Internet, cell phones, iPods, and social networking sites, will arm you to protect your family and give your children a sense of healthy media use.

Ministry leaders

These resources are bothabout andfor clergy and other ministry leaders. If a minster or leader has experienced a moral failure or may simply be looking for better ways to serve the church by teaching on sexuality issues, we have resources here to help. We also recommend that all ministry leaders visit the section on God’s design for sex – this is the core of what churches need to hear and aspire to in our sexually broken culture.

Drawing from some of the best resources from our sister site, Boundless.org, which is devoted to encouraging the Christian single, we have gathered a thorough line up of articles dealing with pornography use, sex in dating, preparing for marriage and how to handle unwanted singleness.

Many Pure Intimacy readers have requested information on the specific issue of homosexuality – and particularly, responding to unwanted same-sex attractions. This section offers some introductory articles to this topic which is so prevalent in today’s culture. Also, important links to organizations which provide more in-depth assistance can be found in the “your questions answered” portion of this section.

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