We-Vibe Chorus Review For 2022

The We-Vibe Chorus was surprising, but probably not as you’d expect. I certainly wasn’t prepared to experience the sensations and convenience provided by the unique design. However, the performance wasn’t perfect, and much was left to be desired. So, what is my final verdict?

Each element receives a different judgement because of versatility. You can use this device in several ways to pinpoint specific erogenous zones or pleasure a partner. It’s suitable for solo missions, group sex, and long-distance relationships. Still, there are some details to consider before buying one.

This We-Vibe Chorus review will offer valuable and objective insights to help you decide. Is the WVC worth your money or not? Let’s find out.

What Is the We-Vibe Chorus?

The Chorus by We-Vibe is a handheld sex toy for women and couples. More specifically, it’s a wearable vibrator that supports and encourages hands-free masturbation. The design motivates a harmonious match and enhances sensations with customizable functionality. What’s wrong with that?

It all comes down to the construction. Such intuitive toys must have high-tech features to run smoothly. The Bluetooth connection driving the compatible app should also be reliable and steady. Fortunately, the upgraded WVC uses quality sextech for uninterrupted bliss. However, that doesn’t mean your sessions are always stress-free.

DID YOU KNOW: This toy presents a unique learning curve with innovative design concepts that challenge the norm.

The Main Features

What features does the We-Vibe Chorus have that others don’t? It’s a relatively standard app-compatible vibrator. You use the integrated button system to scroll through various settings or switch to your smartphone for additional functions. Meanwhile, it has a squeezable remote to help you control the intensity level based on your grip.

The device is broken into two separate but equally sensational sections, requiring no assembly or disassembly. One portion is an inner arm that targets your g-spot or p-spot, depending on the insertion point and position. Unfortunately, the motor isn’t powerful enough to force an orgasm or support BDSM. It’s more of a casual contraption for moderate masturbatory prowess.

You can sync the toy with the enhanced We-Vibe app for long-distance play. The upgraded sextech means no limit to the space between lovers. Press it against your body for real-time interactions, or enjoy the external arm for a quick clitoris massage. Experience dual orgasms, even if they’re not the most intense you’ve ever felt.

The design requires you to keep the remote close to your device, and it rumbles in response to your touch. Use it to explore seven vibration patterns and three speeds on a whim. Effortlessly control the show or hand the reins to your partner for a sexy surprise. The We-Vibe Chorus allows both.

It also has these exciting new features with the updated design:

  • Content Cards
  • Feedback Function
  • Tutorial Mode
  • Multi-Toy Operation
  • PIN Restricted Access

The manufacturer threw in an ultra-discreet charging dock with this version, but not the previous one. The new and improved model is also adjustable in two spots for precision fitting. Check the owner’s manual for a closer look.

How It Works

Playing with We-Vibe toys is usually easy because the brand is committed to user-friendliness. However, some might think the Chorus is somewhat complicated. You can use it with or without the app; you don’t have to fuss with the remote if it’s not your style. Still, learning how to turn the device on or off can be problematic. It’s also challenging to synchronize the app without a solid internet connection.

Charge the battery while finagling with the app because both could take a while. Discover the various performance settings, pick your options, and do any software updates required. This device updates often, but it usually doesn’t take very long. You can enjoy fast and efficient orgasms once the initial hurdles disappear.

TIP: Use plenty of water-based lube to prevent skin irritation and enhance the sensations.

How It Feels

Don’t get your hopes up too high when using the Chorus by We-Vibe. It’s probably not as powerful as you’d expect from such a well-known sex toy brand. The shape and size suit all body types, but the motor lacks agility. That means it’s relatively weak compared to other devices in their lineup. It also features a slight delay between settings, which can get annoying.

Luckily, the silicone materials are silky-smooth, and the vibe distribution is balanced. You can explore different positions without slippage, but you might feel vibes in the handle during manual play. Choose your approach wisely, and don’t forget the watersports. The Chorus is fully submersible and thus easy to clean.

FACT: It’s whisper quiet, so travel confidently, knowing your secrets are safe.

What Comes in the Box?

The We-Vibe Chorus comes with the items required to begin masturbating immediately. Here’s what comes in the box:

  • The Chorus Couple’s Vibrator
  • USB Charging Dock
  • Wireless Remote
  • User’s Manual

You don’t get any lubricant samples, so buy your supply first. I’d suggest using something from the We-Vibe collection to ensure maximum compatibility.

The Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect, and the WVC is far from it. Check out these pros and cons before spending your money:


  • Adjustable Arms
  • Travel-Ready
  • Suitable for Practice
  • Easy to Clean
  • Discreet Design


  • Short Battery Life
  • Mediocre Intensity
  • Best for Beginners

How to Make the We-Vibe Chorus Feel Better

You can always make a sex toy feel better with a creative approach. These are some of my suggestions when using the We-Vibe Chorus:

#1. Apply Enhanced Lubricants

Buy personal lubricant with heating, cooling, or tingling properties. It will help intensify your sensations and improve your orgasms. However, check the ingredients first. Ensure you’re not allergic and they’re compatible with the toy’s materials.

#2. Keep It Squeaky Clean

Wash your device before and after each use. It can help reduce aerodynamic drag and prevent uncomfortable mishaps. Clean sex toys perform better, and this one is no exception. The WVC is silicone, which means effortless maintenance for the most part.

#3. Try Temperature Play

You can take the Chorus into your tub, shower, pool, or hot tub for aquatic play. However, you can also run it under hot or cold water for temperature adventures. Experiment with different sensations to find the one that feels best to your body.

#4. Don’t Fly Solo

This device is suitable for solo missions, but it feels better when you play with a partner. Hand them the wireless remote or use the smartphone app for controlled spontaneity. Then program the app to remember your favorite settings for later.

#5. Take a Deep Dive

We-Vibe sex toys like the Chorus are suitable for vaginal or anal penetration. However, this one features a clit massaging arm. Use it to flick your bean or tickle your taint, depending on your preference. Slide it deep into your body to better stimulate the right spots.

My Final Verdict

The We-Vibe Chorus is impressive for a handheld vibrator but lacks compared to other long-distance sex toys. It’s also not powerful enough for some users, leaving them reaching for the devices already in their collection. It will likely make a practical addition to your stash if you don’t depend on it for everything.

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