The We-Vibe Ditto Review: a Butt Plug That Is Worth Your Attention?

I’m sitting here wondering why anyone in their right mind would ever say no to using a high-quality butt plug. Perhaps it’s because of the social stigma unjustly placed on anal stimulation and the devices thereof.

Or maybe it’s because so many options leave much to be desired, thereby leaving so many people on the fence about backdoor games. It’s really just a shame, especially since there’s a treasure trove of bitchen butt plugs just waiting for us to buy them.

Unfortunately, it seems that the influx in selection has become a double-edged sword of sorts.

On the bright side, a few devices have performed well enough to gain a good reputation on the market.

One such product, the We-Vibe Ditto, has gained a lot of attention lately because of its high-tech features and couples-friendly functionality.

I recently got my hands on one and boy do I have a story to tell. Few things have captured my attention to quickly and completely, meaning I more or less fell in love.

So, how did the affair begin and what took place behind closed door in my house that night?

Well, let’s all make sure we’re talking about the same thing first.

What is the We-Vibe Ditto?

Considered one of the world’s most luxurious butt plugs, the We-Vibe Ditto is a remote controlled anal stimulation device that’s ideal for men, women and couples.

It’s made to provide intensely pleasurable sensations deep within the anal canal by utilizing a combination of ergonomic dimensions and precision shaping.

This particular toy is prized for its ability to not only generate satisfying anal orgasms in solo mode but to also support kinky behaviors between two lusty lovers through the use of Teledildonic technology.

The device itself is packaged quite attractively too, both inside and box and out, with an exceptionally user-friendly control interface to finagle with and a wide range of vibration functions to explore at your leisure.

We-Vibe Ditto Review: The Main Features

Flexible, comfortable to insert, and easy to remove, the Ditto is crafted to be suitable for almost any sexual position while inside almost any body.

Not only is it pliable down at the slightly flared base of the shaft but it’s also relatively slim in its overall dimensions, providing a smooth finish for whomever the wearer may be.

And although it’s sleek and compact form makes it perfect for newbies, it still has the body-conscious features to create a demonstrative presence inside the anal canal thanks to the asymmetrical design.

To top it all off, there are a series of 10 different vibration functions that you can cycle through with just the touch of a button.

More than that though, this We-Vibe butt plug serves as an interactive sex toy that brings real-time correspondence into an otherwise long-distance relationship. Simply sync the free We-Connect app from your smart phone and let the games begin.

The app features tons of customizations features including downloadable porn and other sexy X-rated content made to be shared with a partner.

As for the plug itself, the entire contraption is made out of silky-smooth silicone and measures 3 inches in insertable length and 3.75 inches in total circumference. And with a wireless remote control to go along with it, there’s virtually nothing that you and your anal playmate can’t do in the bedroom.

What Comes in the Box?

Some of today’s best sex toys come packed inside well-stocked boxes full of useful freebies and other incentives. The We-Vibe Ditto, however, is not one of those toys.

This powerful little number stands alone and comes with only the bare essentials – a testament of the manufacturer’s commitment to putting every last penny into the machine’s overall design. Here’s what you get for the money:

  • The We-Vibe Ditto butt plug
  • A wireless remote control
  • A USB charging cable
  • A set of instructions

You’ll notice that there aren’t any personal lubrication samples or even a small packet of sex toy cleaner in the box with this thing. Apparently, the maker assumes you already have some of that stuff lying around your house somewhere.

And since most people who enjoy anal sex tend to be prepared for play before it happens, they’re not exactly wrong. I, for one, would rather fend for myself on those things in exchange for a better quality product.

We-Vibe Ditto Review: The Experience

I bought my first WVD butt plug from a local adult entertainment store but it was broken when I got it home so I picked up my refund and purchased one online instead.

It arrived at my house as expected in an unmarked box but that was pretty much the last predictable thing that happened that night.

Meanwhile, I should probably tell you that my current partner has never once worn a butt plug or even had the first thing shoved up his ass. With that said, the rest of this should make perfect sense to you.

So, the night comes and I set up this really romantic picnic-type thing in the middle of my living room hoping to win some brownie points with my obviously nervous lover. I had mentioned wanting to try some butt stuff a few weeks prior but the reception wasn’t all that great.

Assuming I could change his mind, I went ahead and bought the Ditto because it’s marketed as a couples-friendly option. I figured if he didn’t like how it felt then he could at least use it on me in a fun and exciting way.

It’s good plan ahead, but it’s also interesting how things just seem to work themselves out.

Fast-forward past all the romantic crap and my partner and I are in the throws of some pretty serious passion – I’m talking about heavy petting all over the body.

I reach around to open our bottle of anal lube just as my partner is about to stick my dick in his mouth. Not wanting to mess up the flow I allow it, giving me more time to prepare for the upcoming surprise.

Having already warned my partner about my intentions, I was confident that he was ready. With everything fully charged and lubed up, I slowly started rimming his asshole as he sucked me off.

That was almost enough to make us both cum by itself. There’s just something exciting about exploring new territory, but I digress.

His first reaction was a little jump but he seemed to like it. I didn’t have the vibes on yet because I figured that might be a little too much at first. Slowly, I started pushing the tip deeper and deeper inside his ass until I eventually reached the base.

I’m pretty sure the gently tapered design of the shaft is what allowed me to get away with that kind of thing so soon, because otherwise my man would have punched me right in the face for trying to penetrate him.

Anyway, I let the plug just sit there for about 10 minutes while he sucked me off and then I picked up the wireless remote when he wasn’t looking and turned that bad boy on.

We started with the lowest setting but I’ve never seen my man act like such a bitch in all my life. By that I mean he wiggled and giggled like a little girl all the way through each of the 10 vibe functions.

I didn’t even have to reposition the plug once. By the end of it, he was apologizing to me for saying no so many times and now, we seldom ever have sex without something being shoved up in his ass and we’ve spent several hundred dollars on devices at this point.

I guess this is what I get for introducing him to a new kind of sex…

The Ups and Downs

Although anal sex and/or masturbation is a perfect for generating incredibly intense orgasms through stimulation of the p-spot, no anal sex plaything is ever without flaw.

That even goes for best-selling items like the Ditto by the well-respected We-Vibe brand. The key is to find something that’s got all the bells and whistles you need, even if that’s something completely different than anyone else.

To do that, you must first consider the good, the bad and ugly of each toy. Here’s what you need to know about this one:


  • Wireless remote controlled for long-distance play
  • Ideal size for newbies and pros
  • Flared base for increased safety
  • Tapered tip for better comfort during insertion
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Fully submersible in water


  • Wireless remote requires separate batteries
  • Does not sync with other sex toys
  • Standard data rates apply when using the compatible app

Where To Buy We-Vibe Ditto Online:


The Takeaway

Overall, I’d say the We-Vibe Ditto is a commendable butt plug with plenty of love to pass around.

And while the selection of pre-programmed vibe settings isn’t the most impressive thing I’ve seen, the addition of the wireless remote control and smart phone app make this thing one hell of a sex toy.

Smooth, bendy and equipped with lots of safety and pleasure features, it’s a very well-rounded butt plug that I’d suggest to almost any couple with curious anal enthusiasm.

Best of all, it can be used by both men and women, so sharing the experience in several ways is now a real possibility. If this butt plug were a meal, it would be filet minion for sure.

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