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Why Wasn’t I Named a Top Sex Blogger?

It’s that time of year again. I’m getting ready to release my Top Sex Blogger list. Every year, I compile this post to highlight the 100 people I think are doing the best job in the sex blogging world. It isn’t scientific and it might not even be fair. They’re just my favorites. I’ve written about this before, but here’s why you might not have made the list:

You haven’t been around long enough.

I like to feature blogs that are at least a year old, since it means you likely aren’t going to just disappear.

You weren’t nominated.

I can’t know about every great sex blog out there. I put the call out for nominations every summer and promote it as much as possible, so if you didn’t invite your fans to nominate you, I might not even realize you weren’t on my list of blogs to review. Yes, even if you’re friendly on Twitter or you were on the list last year. People get forgotten unless they’re on the nominations list. Sorry.

Your blog hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I like to promote blogs that have new content for readers. Likewise, if you’ve posted a “goodbye” post telling us that you are quitting, I took you out of the running, even if you were active in 2011 at some point.

Your blog is password protected or otherwise unreadable.

Sorry, but readers typically don’t want to go to the trouble to email you and request a password.

I don’t like you.

This sounds harsh, but some of you are complete cunts and assholes. It has nothing to do with your actual blog. I’m talking about you as a person. If you treat people poorly, I’m not going to promote your work, even if you are a good writer. This applies to very few sex bloggers out there, but there were some who got nominated that I refuse to promote. Want to be on the list next year? Then keep doing good blogging work but stop being such a jerk.

Your blog isn’t really about sex.

A lot of you have “sex blogs” but you really talk about your life more than about anything related to sex or sexuality. That’s okay, but when I have to make hard decisions about who makes the cut for this list, someone who blogs about sex more regularly is probably going to win out.

And the number one reason you’re not on my list? There were over 200 blogs nominated!

Not everyone is going to make my list. Some of you write great blogs, but I’m trying to highlight people who go above and beyond to do something really awesome online. Keep trucking! You have a really good start and I know you can make the list next year!

A lot of people are not going to agree with the list I’ve created. That’s okay! It’s my list. You should definitely consider making your own list on your blog to promote the people you like. That’s what is so great about having a blog – you get to fill it with your opinions. So stay tuned…tomorrow, I’ll be announcing the nomination prize pack winner and on Tuesday, the list will be unveiled!

Oh and something else exciting? I’m going to be running an online virtual event – FOR FREE – for sex bloggers to help y’all out with things like traffic, making money, and branding. So watch for that announcement soon so you can attend if you’re interested in making an income from your sex blog.

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