Womanizer Liberty Review For 2022: Best Sex Toy For Travel?

Did you know that many women can’t ejaculate with internal stimulation? I thought there was something wrong with my partners for years. It turns out my body was working against me, and my sex toy collection wasn’t helping.

I’d been using dildos and standard vibrators for a long time but never really experienced a satisfying orgasm. Penetration felt fantastic, yet my pussy craved more. I eventually learned about clitoral suction machines, and everything changed. The Womanizer Liberty Silicone Rechargeable Clit Stimulator is now my go-to device.

It has features I didn’t know existed and capabilities that were impossible a few years ago. Although not a member of the sextech family, this female pleasure product offers excellent ergonomics and an intuitive design. So, what is it, and why am I crazy about it? Let us count the ways.

What Is the Womanizer Liberty?

The Liberty Clitoral Suction Stimulator is another high-performance machine from Womanizer. It uses patented technology to stimulate stubborn nerve endings for an intense climax. The device harnesses Pleasure Air™ functionality to tickle the clit without direct contact, sending waves of bliss to sensitive erogenous zones.

It serves as an alternative to oral sex and produces sensations unlike anything from a dildo or vibrator. You can also use it on the nipples during foreplay or pass it to a partner for surprising delights. The Womanizer Liberty is packed with pleasurable features inside a lightweight, compact form.

FACT: This petite product is perfect for traveling discreetly with your favorite playthings.

The Main Features

Enjoy an escape from reality with a device that can do what no human can. Build sensations gradually with a touch-sensitive control pad that operates six intensity levels. Start off slow, and then work your way into squirting satisfaction on the highest setting. Its powerful motor commands the charge no matter your favorite performance mode.

The Womanizer Liberty pulsates on your clit using robust air currents, simulating suction to draw out a toe-curling orgasm. Take it to the sheets, the streets, or the tub for discreet spontaneity. It’s fully submersible in water and never loses power or suction because of moisture. You still have to store it properly to protect the components.

It also features an updated battery with a magnetic USB charger for quick convenience. The battery life is impressive, but it takes a while to fully recharge. Watch out for a disconnected magnet, or else charging your device will take twice as long. Have patience because the wait is worth it.

This travel-ready sex toy for women is safe for all skin types, with a high-quality silicone tip and plastic casing. The handle also features grooves to help secure your grip. Liberty measures about 5.5 inches in circumference and has a 5-inch length. Unfortunately, that only matters for storage since the device is explicitly designed for external play.

The Womanizer Liberty doesn’t contain any allergens and quickly passes Customs checkpoints. You don’t need spare batteries, and there aren’t any detachable parts to manage. It’s also easy to use and stylish to own, making it a perfect gift for your partner. I keep mine to myself, though.

How It Works

In a world full of complex devices, it was nice to find a simple solution to my sex woes. I found Womanizer Liberty to be straightforward and suitable for multiple experience levels. It features a simple control interface with only a few cleverly placed buttons to encourage partner play and solo stimulation. Charge it, apply the lube, and then get busy.

My toy came halfway charged from factory testing, but each order is different. Use the downtime to explore features and read your owner’s manual. You can also register the warranty to protect against accidental damages or manufacturing flaws. It’s best to complete the registration before using your toy (for obvious reasons).

You can’t use the Liberty Clitoral Suction Stimulator while it charges, so get hydrated and do some stretches as you wait. The manufacturer made this sex toy feel otherworldly and intense, which means lots of ejaculate flying around the room. Grab some towels and aftercare products; this is your warning.

Scroll up or down through the settings to find your favorite one. The button placement is such that you can easily reach the controls during masturbation. However, you can also switch the setting with a slip of the hand. Use plenty of lube, but be careful how you hold the device.

How It Feels

The Liberty Stimulator for clits lives up to its name. Combined power and efficiency ensure maximum stimulation to the most sensitive nerve endings. You can use it with or without lube, in or out of the water, and by yourself or a partner. It also feels comfortable in hand and is versatile in any collection.

The best part is that the Wo-Lib pinpoints your clitoris and stays there until you squirt. However, the sweet spot for the Pleasure Air™ technology is relatively thin. Finding the best position takes practice, which creates much frustration for some beginners. Read the owner’s manual for usage tips, positioning tricks, and safety warnings.

TIP: I use this device with an insertable dildo or vibrator for a blended orgasm.

What Comes in the Box?

Personal pleasure requires preparation. Still, some sex toy brands leave customers scrambling for supplies and accessories. Get ready. Here is what comes in the box with the Womanizer Liberty Silicone Rechargeable Travel Clitoral Suction Stimulator:

  • The Liberty Stimulator
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cord
  • Storage Container
  • Owner’s Manual & Quick Start Guide

You don’t get free lubricant samples or sex toy cleaning supplies, but this is one of the most hygienic devices available. The no-touch stimulation keeps the head clean while the non-porous handle stays fresh in dirty hands. Meanwhile, Womanizer now offers a standard five-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their sex toys. You might have to register, and some restrictions may apply.

The Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, not even a sex toy designed to stimulate a clitoral orgasm. The reason is that all bodies are different, and your experience level can also determine your outcomes. Playing with a partner might also impact the results because they must learn the curves of your body.

Play with the Womanizer Liberty generously and alone for the first few rounds. You can learn the settings, choose your favorite features, and teach lovers how to use it on your clit. Then prepare yourself and your partner for these pros and cons:


  • Powerful and petite
  • Designed for clitoral stimulation
  • Rapid results
  • Convenient charging
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain

This device also comes in an attractive presentation box for gifting. It also doesn’t replace traditional sex toys because it provides a revolutionary sensation.


  • Might require practice
  • Not designed for penetration
  • Long recharging time
  • Somewhat noisy

The Liberty frees you up to experience orgasms on the go. Yet, the motor becomes louder as you increase the output. It also starts to whine a bit when the battery life gets low.

How to Make the Womanizer Liberty Feel Better

You can make the Liberty Clit Suction Stimulator feel even more enjoyable with a few easy adjustments. None of these tricks involves tampering with the device or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. I experience heightened pleasures with these five habits:

  1. Keep It Clean – Dirty sex toys can cause severe problems. Bacteria on the surface can lead to skin irritation and infection. Wash your stuff before and after each use, then keep everything stored appropriately.
  2. Store It Correctly – Keep your pleasure products away from children and animals. Never put them in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. And read the owner’s manual for specific instructions to prevent damaging your device.
  3. Use Enhanced Lubricants – Try lubes with extra ingredients to enhance your sensations. Choose heating, cooling, or tingling lubricants for increased intensity. Excellent lube also helps create a seal for the Womanizer tip when you contact the clit.
  4. Play with Your Body – Try using the Liberty Suction Stimulator on different body parts. You can play with your nipples, tickle your earlobes, or hit other spots that make your toes tingle. Check the owner’s manual for specific no-go zones.
  5. Stimulate Around the Vagina – I like to massage around my vulva when playing with a clit sucker. This helps rev up the nerve endings around my clitoris to produce a more profound orgasm. It also ensures I learn where the sweet spot is.

Use my practical sex toy tips to improve your experience with the Womanizer Liberty Clit Suction device. Then track your progress to develop a personalized routine.

The Final Verdict

The Liberty Clit Suction Stimulator by Womanizer is a terrific device with plenty of pussy power. It offers variable functionality and an ergonomic design for handheld pleasure. However, users must practice pinpointing specific areas to squirt from masturbation. The sweet spot is tiny, but the results are tremendous. Use it as directly to feel the full force of Pleasure Air™ technology.

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