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Top 7 Best Male Chastity Devices (Cock Cages) Reviewed In 2021: Because Hollywood Ain’t Got Nuttin’ on This Prison Movie

At A Glance: Our Quick Top 5 Picks For Best Penis Cages

  • Ergonomic cock cage made from polycarbonate
  • 3 locking pins and spacers offer tailored wear
  • Designed for comfortable long-term wear
  • Transparent cock cage made from medical grade polycarbonate
  • Designed for comfortable long-term wear
  • 3 locking pins and spacers offer tailored wear
Master Series Rikers
  • Solid metal cock cage for orgasm denial play
  • Penis sheath measures 3 inches in length
  • Ventilation holes and open end for urination and ejaculation
  • Solid metal cock cage for orgasm denial play
  • Open rings and end for ventilation
  • Features a padlock and 2 keys
Fetish Fantasy Extreme
  • 3.5 inch stainless steel cock cage
  • Curved and ventilated for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable leather belt

The cock cage – much like Nicholas Cage, but without as much dick. It’s famous, it has well-defined limits, it’s sexy in the right lighting, and you can get it for cheap. Also, nobody is talking about it expect for me. But unlike a washed-up celebrity, a good cock cage can actually perform under pressure.

I speak so boldly about this stuff because I’ve had my cock locked up more times than a habitual traffic offender, so I know a good thing when I see it and I know what to warn you about as well.

I also learned a lot from the O.J. Simpson trial. “If it don’t fit, you must acquit.” Oh, how wise you were, Johnny Cochran.

Little did you know, your eloquent poetry would someday be used to describe cock cages in a sex blog that’s written by a demented pervert. Three cheers to the American justice system.

Meanwhile, I got my education on cock cages by riding the tumultuous waves of all the poor saps who tried this shit long before I ever existed.

I think they call that “vicariously,” but I usually refer to it as “viciously” because I was an overly enthusiastic chastity lover in my earlier days and would wear a device year-round, letting the cat out of the proverbial bag only once in a blue moon.

I ended up discovering the cock cages that were best for long-term wear, short-term wear, showering and bathing, intense BDSM games, and so much more. Now, you can’t sell me a piece of shit cock cage if my dick was falling off and that was the only thing that could save it.

My love affair with cock cages may have begun long ago, but that doesn’t mean my fervent passion for them has fizzed out. I still use one on a regular basis, and several partners have followed in my footsteps after trying one on for size for themselves.

I could literally be a spokesperson for male chastity devices, but alas I’m stuck here tell you fine folks how to find a good one of your own. Woe is me, but wonderful is the life that includes a well-made cock cage.

Here are five things you need to know about yourself before even considering one:

  1. Your penis size, both when it’s fully erect and when it’s flaccid
  2. The circumference of your balls, especially before the semen has been drained
  3. Your sexual stimulation tolerance level
  4. Your clothing options, mostly if you plan to wear yours around-the-clock or out in public
  5. The amount of time you plan to spend locked up (discuss this with your partner ahead of time)

Make sure you “know thyself” before moving on. Cock cage ownership and/or use is a big responsibility with enormous benefits. Now to complete your education, let’s move on to our vocabulary lesson.

The Top 7 Best Cock Cages In 2021:

Out of all the amazingly crafted cock cages on the modern sex toy market, the following three are hands-down my favorites:

#1 – The CB6000s – Best Male Chastity Device Overall


As the world’s most popular male chastity device, the CB6000 is a clear plastic cock cage that comes with everything you need to imprison whatever penis you deem fit. Choose from a selection of base rings to fit snugly around the base of your cock and balls.

Use the included spacers to mind the gap between the base ring and the cage. And unlike other devices (and especially unlike the Chinese knock-off models), the CG6000 and CB6000S are both high-end sex toys made from skin-safe materials that resists wear and tear.

PRO: The legit CB6000 is just as durable and sturdy as metal or glass models without being as heavy or difficult to maintain.

CON: This elegant bad boy may not be suitable for cock cage newbies.

#2. CB-3000 Plastic Cock Cage


Cock cages are a lot of fun, but transparent models put things on a whole new level. Take the CB-3000, for example. It’s made out of thick, sturdy, medical-grade polycarbonate plastic to keep it lightweight but durable and safe for all skin types.

Plus, it’s designed for long-term wear with a breathable, ventilated form that molds to the natural lines of your penis. That means you can wear it under loose-fitting clothes with no problem.

This confining contraption comes with three separate locking pins and spacers to help you achieve the perfect fit. It also includes a polished brass padlock and five plastic keys for even more creative play options, with a small lube sample thrown in for good measure.

And because of its ergonomic craftsmanship that promises comfort, this 3-inch beast is perfect for most penis sizes and experience levels.


  • It’s ideal for discreet travel because it won’t cause a stir when you go through the metal detectors.


  • Because it’s made out of plastic, it can get broken if you’re not careful.

#3. Master Series Rikers Metal Cock Cage


One look at this device and you know something serious is going down. It’s not only made from some of the most durable stainless-steel on the market, but it also features a unique hinged design to make installment and removal safer and easier.

The Master Series Rikers locks your penis in prison, with a convenient 2-piece form that measures 3 restrictive inches in length. It has a 2-inch ball ring for extra support as well.

This cock cage comes with two security keys included – one for you and one for emergencies and/or surprises. It has comfortable ventilation holes on the top too, making it easy for the wearer to relieve himself without removing the gear unless you say otherwise.

The lock is provided as part of the mechanism itself, meaning your prisoner will have absolutely no chance of escape until you say otherwise.


  • The polished metal means an attractive look on any skin tone.


  • It may be cold or hot to the touch depending on how it was stored.

#4. DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless Steel Penis Cage


Some men want to experience the restrictive powers of a good cock cage but don’t want a hunk of plastic or metal sitting on their laps. Can you blame them? They’d much rather use the DOMINIX Deluxe version with its skin-safe silicone material and lightweight, open-ended design.

It’s short, sweet, and a superior sleeve for small penises and lengthy excursions. It’s also a two-piece contraption to help simplify the process of getting it on (or not).

This bad boy comes with a shiny brass padlock and two separate keys for optimal safety and security. Simply slide on the 3.5-inch cock socket with its amply sized stainless-steel ball loop, and then secure the device in place for guaranteed dick deprivation.

The large slit on the tip means the wearer has no excuse to make an escape, even if they’re forced to urinate and/or ejaculate on demand. The DD cage is also easy to clean and maintain, with minimal wear and tear even after prolonged use.


  • The silicone makes it extremely flexible for maximum comfort.


  • Its flexible material may not be rigid enough for some users.

#5. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Male Chastity Device


The Fetish Fantasy brand is known for offering products that you can’t find anywhere else, so their Extreme cock cage isn’t surprising other than the fact that it’s so well-made.

This masterful monstrosity is crafted completely out of medical-grade stainless-steel, features ergonomic curves for superior shaping, and provides the level of restriction you’d expect from a pro series cock cage. It also comes with an adjustable leather belt to ensure the most perfect fit possible.

This 3.5-inch jail cell is ventilated too, giving your prisoner no reason to beg for release. It includes a mini padlock for extra security and has three metal keys to ensure confidence and safety.

The cage itself is designed to produce a slight tinge of pain upon erection, with a 1.75-inch top ring for superior comfort in any event. And because of its unique construction, it’s both attractive on the wearer and appropriate for long-term wear.


  • It’s almost impossible to get out of this cage unless you have the keys to unlock it.


  • Losing the keys may spell trouble for the wearer.


#6 – The KHD X3 Plastic Cock Cage


Although plastic cock cages are not usually considered “high-end,” the KHD X3 is an exception to the rules. Performing in outright rebellion, this 3D-printed device is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

It features a uniquely adjustable base ring with a tube nestled deep inside, effectively trapping the balls without excessive tightness needed. This innovative design makes it one of the most comfortable cock cages on the market, plus it uses a handful of different locking options for convenient security.

PRO: It’s extremely comfortable and is made out of a breathable skin-safe material that’s compatible with all water-based lubes.

CON: Easy to use and comfortable to wear is one thing, but being simple to clean and maintain is another. This one isn’t easy to clean and it has a bit of a weird smell to it.

#7 – The Mature Metal Jail Bird Male Chastity Device


The Jail Bird is the Mature Metal brand’s most popular cock cage design and there are several good reasons for that. Made out of polished, skin-safe stainless-steel, this secure bad boy features extremely rigid bars that will never bend or pinch.

Fully customizable and appropriate for 24-7 wear, the Jail Bird combines comfort with security for a convenient experience that’s super easy to clean and maintain. Plus, buyers can add the punishment pin and security screws for a slight upcharge too.

PRO: The Mature Metal Jail Bird cock cage has all the elements you’d want out of a serious device, inlcuding additional rings you can purchase for extra penile punishment.

CON: It can be a tad too restrictive for some men, especially if they have little self-control in the erection department or extremely large penises.

What Is a Male Chastity Device (a.k.a Cock Cage)?

Cock cages can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. My first encounter had me feeling like I had accidently stumbled onto the set of a really bad horror movie.

However, just like it is with almost everything else in life, things aren’t always as they seem.

Commonly referred to as “male chastity devices,” cock cages (as I like to call them) are relatively simple contraptions that, if used properly, can provide a complex array of sexual advantages, especially for those who dabble in BDSM games.

Designed with penile longevity and partner dominance in mind, today’s best cock cages are made from high-grade, skin-safe materials and have features that make them comfortable for long-term wear with or without lubrication.

Because they are made to restrict the wearer’s ability to achieve a full-blown erection despite stimulation, cock cages are ideal for overly-excited partners, premature ejaculators and men with erectile dysfunction too.

Why Use a Penis Cage?

Unlike other types of sex toys, I can’t come up with 486,299 reasons why a cock cage is a good purchase. I’ll admit that these things are not for everybody.

Only a special class of men can handle what happens when they get their dick locked up in a secure device that can only be unlocked with permission.

Using a cock cage is most certainly not for the faint of heart, nor is it for men who have a problem being out of control. And as intimidating or unsafe as all that sounds, these things have been carefully designed to provide penile restriction without causing any type of injury (as long as they’re used as directed, silly).

There are several ways to make sure you’re using that new cock cage in a safe and effective way, even if you’ve never used one a day in your life. Typically, you would just compare it to the most common uses to ensure you’re not doing something dangerous.

Today, however, you’ll be relying solely on my expertise. I’ll try not to let you down. Meanwhile, you might end up discovering all the different things you can do with the right device. Here are the top three in my book:

Dominance Play – Nothing says dominance and submission like an intact, in-action cock cage that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Whether you’re the wearer or the controller, a well-made male chastity device can help define lines and boundaries while you’re nearby and away.

And with a good security system in place, your victim will have no choice but to stay put until you let them out. With toys like this, things can get interesting in a hurry.

Premature Ejaculation Control – One of the best known purposes of a good cock cage is to restrict the wearer from achieving a proper erection. Sometimes, a snug device can prevent any type of penile movement whatsoever.

Depending on your level of commitment and your dedication to the craft, a high-quality chastity device can make it easier to control your ejaculate and delay your orgasm even if you’re being tickled and teased by a professional.

Stamina Training – According to recent research, properly using a cock cage on a regular basis can enhance your sexual endurance and even give you super powers like the ability to cum even without an erection.

Moreover, the right device will help you and/or your partner learn how to think with their minds/hearts instead of with their dicks.

And that’s what brings me to my next point: Cock cages/male chastity devices are the perfect accompaniment to almost any monogamous relationship.

Modern-day love affairs call for innovative measures to keep everyone on an even keel, and high-quality devices like these are just the ticket. There are at least four scenarios/circumstances wherein a well-made cock cage would actually be practical (if not necessary). They are:

In Long-Distance Relationships – Being part of a long-distance relationship is already hard enough. Add in any trust issues or temptations and things can go south pretty fast.

Cock cages and other male chastity devices can create a loving, trusting bond where one didn’t exist before. It can also ensure fidelity during travel and promote a playful sense of sexual dominance/subsmission with a partner who can’t always be there to enjoy your body for themselves.

For Online Dating – The modern world is full of sexy people who are ready and willing to wear a well-made cock cage if you want them to. Many of them are on your social media right now, and some of them are in your dating app’s inbox.

Online dating is now one of the most popular ways to meet people and hook up, so why not use your chastisty device to show your allegiance to your favorite fling? When you finally meet, your dick will not only be in top working order and clean as a whistle but it will also know who’s boss immediately.

After Infidelity – Speaking of showing allegiance, infidelity can rip an otherwise healthy relationship to shreds and leave nothing in its wake. However, a nicely secured male chastity device can reestablish trust and is suitable as an appropriate apology.

After someone cheats, things may never be the way they once were. But with the right tools and a little bit of patience, you can patch the relationship so it at least holds water.

During BDSM Exercises – Obviously, cock cages are made for BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism). The level of control the dom has over the sub when one of these chastity devices is in play cannot be matched. Paired with a cock ring or butt plug, the cock cage is truly a force to be reckoned with.

And if you’re using yours for BDSM, make sure you know what you’re doing – have a safe word, make an escape plan, keep an extra set of keys handy, etc.

Keep in mind that, while most chastity devices for men are made to perform under extreme pressure during each of the circumstances mentioned above, many cock cages fail to be absolutely perfect. Even the best ones fall short in at least one category.

To benefit from everything this kind of sex toy has to offer, you must consider how you and/or your partner will (most likely) deal with enforced chastity.

Some guys only want to be locked up for a few hours. More hardcore men prefer a sentence of a couple days. As for me, I’m in prison at least 75% of the time.

I get out for short teasing sessions occasionally, but I shit, shower and shave with mine in place. That means I need a device that will hit as many points on the checklist as possible, including comfort.

All I know is that short-term wear means you can be a little more relaxed about your toy’s qualifications. Long-term wear, however, means you need to be borderline OCD.

And, like most things on today’s sex toy market, the price of a good male chastity device can vary widely. Top-shelf cock cages typically cost more, but don’t be fooled by a higher price tag. In fact, use the following guidelines instead.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Cock Cage Is Worth It or Not

Choosing the ideal cock cage isn’t easy, but it’s not that hard (and the wearer won’t be either if you use it right). And while proper usage techniques are extremely important with sex toys like this, even professional pervs have a hard time manipulating a poorly made cock cage.

To prevent that sort of thing from happening to you, take the time to learn about the properties of high-end models.

Let me make this easier on everyone. The following are the top five things you need to look for or consider when shopping for your first (or next) cock cage:

  • The Comfort

The cock cage that’s right for you/your partner will be comfortable enough to wear for at least 24 hours without any pinching or excessive pressure.

There’s actually a general rule that all cock cage lovers swear by: If you can’t wear it to bed, then you’re better off dead. Ok, so I just made that up, but you get my point. Your ideal cock cage will shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that it wakes you up at night or prevents you from acting normally during the day.

However, it should be restrictive enough to stop you from achieving a full-blown erection if temptation comes creeping your way.

The most obvious determining factor when it comes to cock cage comfort is the overall design of the product itself. Look for things like rounded edges and cushioned openings, especially if you’re new to the whole dominance play thing.

Also, understand that cock cages aren’t made to feel cozy and unnoticeable, so know what you’re getting yourself into so you don’t skip out on a perfect specimen.

  • The Functionality

Wearing a well-made cock ring can be a lot of fun, but that’s only the case if the device does what it’s designed to do. Functionality is always more important that fashion, even when it comes to your sexy toys.

The right cock cage has to prevent you from becoming erect and stop you from being able to relieve yourself when the boss is out of town. As a chastity device primarily, these rather appealing sex toys must do their job to be of any real use.

Fun fact: Did you know that it’s possible for a man to have a satisfying orgasm even when he’s not hard? Over time, that kind of training can allow a man to get off in very creative ways.

Cock cage-trained gentlemen are more easily pleased with vibrators and prostate massagers than men who refuse to lock their delinquent dicks up at least once (given proper functionality of the device, of course).

  • The Security

Keep in mind that “functionality” pertains to more than the cock cage’s ability to prevent a wearer’s erections. It must also provide a certain level of security, meaning it should be designed in such a way that makes it difficult to get your penis out without assistance.

And I’ll tell you this right now: No ball-capture device is escape-proof no matter what a stripper or a manufacturer tells you. So while a cock cage doesn’t have to be escape-proof to work, a little added security truly helps boost the confidence of all those involved.

Furthermore, security and safety should always go hand-in-hand when picking out your next (or first) cock cage. What I mean by that is actually quite simple. You obviously want to get your penis out of jail at some point and especially if there’s an emergency.

So, the best cock cages will have a lock and key design of some sort, even if it’s . You may see the design played out in numerous ways but the main idea is to choose a device that’s designed with functionality AND security in mind.

  • The User-Friendliness

The way in which you use any given cock cage will determine your enjoyment and satisfaction with it. In other words, it needs to be used properly but it also needs to be simple enough for that to happen.

You shouldn’t need a degree in engineering to operate this new cock cage of yours. And if the device is that complicated, then it better come with a serious set of instructions. On top of that, the user-friendliness of a cock cage weighs heavily on how easy it is to clean and maintain.

Many devices fail miserably in this category, but there are a few that surprise you. Ideally, however, regular bathing with a massaging shower head should be all you need to keep a good cock cage clean and odor free.

  • The Materials

As with all things in life, the material that your cock cage is made out of will matter quite a bit, especially when it’s time to strap it on.

Good cock cages are always crafted from high-quality, skin-safe materials than do not leak any harmful chemicals into the body, even when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures and/or water. Look for materials such as silicone, TPE, PVC, polycarbonate, or another type of elastomer.

However, stay away from anything with latex, phthalates or parabens, as those chemicals have been directly linked to certain health problems (including cancer).

 The End Game

You don’t have to panic when it comes time to pick out your first (or next) cock cage.

These things have been tested by millions of men and have always been considered both safe and sexy regardless of your or your partner’s experience level, sexual orientation or perversion tolerance.

And while many devices are out there, the most important thing is that all the features of the one you choose come together to provide you and/or your lover with a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that takes a stainless-steel cock ring with rigid, polished bars and extra security measures, then so be it. Your dick now has a DOC number. It’s time to report to the probation offer, and you better not be standing at attention.

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