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The Top 10 Best Male Vibrators On The Market In 2021 – Reviews & Best Prices Online ( See The List Below)

Vibrators for men are not much different from the vibrators we know and love for women. The most glaring difference between the two is their overall design – one is made for insertion into the user’s orifice and the other is made to be inserted by the user.

The same basic mechanics are involved in them both, meaning similar power and pleasure is now at the modern man’s filthy fingertips.

His best masturbation options now come equipped with durable, robust, customizable vibe functions that work in tandem with the other features of the toy to generate mind-blowing orgasms. In other words, guys no longer have to take whatever they can get.

In fact, today’s sex toy industry has become so enamored by the male orgasm that they’ve created a mountain of devices just to keep guys happy.

Back in the day, imagining our favorite masturbators with tailorable vibrating features was only a fantasy.

Now, however, we can pick and choose the ideal toy at our leisure while enjoying manufacturers’ most popular kink – many of which are extremely high-tech and exceptionally user-friendly.

But despite the obvious favoritism bestowed upon modern men by the gods of good sex, too many of our horny homeys still don’t own one of these things (and most of them don’t even know how to find a decent one).

No doubt the market is flooded with thousands of models. Since the first vibrating masturbator was invented we’ve seen an incredible influx in development and sales, but why?

Why are so many men in love with these kinds of sex toys and how does the average guy find one that makes his heart go pitter-patter too?

The popularity can’t all be due to clever advertising and men with low standards.

There’s got to be a good reason why male vibrators fly off the shelves or else we’d still be jerking off into a tube sock while hiding in our mother’s basement.

Why Use a Male Vibrator?

As it turns out, these particular kinds of marital aid sell so quickly because they operate in such a way that most men find them immediately pleasurable regardless of their experience level or sexual appetite.

All-inclusive and generally easy to use, vibrating male masturbators provide at least five different advantages to the average user, including (but not always limited to) the following:

  • Increased Orgasmic Intensity 

Because of the innovative design and ingenious features of toys like this, men who use them are instantly privy to some of the best orgasms of their life.

Having sex and/or masturbating the traditional way has its merits, of course.

But cranking one out into a specially designed machine can blow your mind into the next dimension.

As a matter of fact, men who regularly use VMs to reach climax report a general sense of heightened pleasure both before and after the culmination of their session.

  • Prolonged Sexual Endurance 

Those who enjoy masturbating with a vibrating sex toy tend to get off quicker than those who don’t, which might beg the question as to how these devices help people increase their sexual stamina.

Well, when you frequently ejaculate or reach a successful orgasm, your body starts responding to stimuli differently. Over time, you basically train your penis to cum more slowly.

Put another way: These things can turn you into a sex machine because they offer reliable stimulation that’s ideal for endurance practice, pre-gaming warm-ups and everything in between.

  • On-Demand Climaxes 

Having a well-made synthetic sex machine at your side is always a good thing, especially when you’re having trouble getting a partner into bed or convincing yours to do the things you desire.

Devices like this have no emotions and they never need a day off.

Foreplay typically consists of little more than slapping on some lube or warming up the sleeve, meaning you can just snap your fingers and experience a toe-curling climax whenever you see fit (sans expensive dinners, apologies and walks of shame).

  • Customizable Experiences 

The best vibrating male masturbators have customizable components that make them ideal for a wide range of users.

Industry leaders have started incorporating features that transform their devices from simple self-pleasure toys to interestingly interactive beasts.

Men can now change the size of their toy’s canal, tailor the perfect sleeve texture for a whole host of purposes, choose a specific kind of orifice and even tinker with the developer’s software to create their very own series of vibe sensations, pulsations and patterns.

  • Safer Exploration

Many times, men miss out on the sex life of their dreams because they’re unsure of what they like.

However, some guys never experience amazing orgasms because they can’t find a partner to experiment with.

When it comes to using these kinds of toys, you get the freedom required to explore your own boundaries without involving anybody else.

Discreet, private and personal, the best vibrating masturbators enhance safety while giving you the opportunity to include a lover when the time is right.

Part of loving your new device is understanding and respecting what it can do for you.

Manufacturers will tell you that their product is the cream of the crop, but they can’t all be as amazing as we’re told.

Try not to fall for the hype while you’re out here looking for the next best thing, even if these particular toys are considered the most popular and pleasurable machines to come out of the sex toy industry since the dildo.

6 Ways to Tell If That Male Vibrator Is Worth It or Not

Tell some of these devices apart is nothing short of a miracle. Many of them have extremely similar features and components, making it difficult for the average person to determine which one is best.

To make things a little easier, always check out the following six things before you buy anything:

  • The Dimensions  

We’re talking about dicks here, so obviously size is a pretty big factor.

So while most male masturbation vibes are made to accommodate a wide range of penises, they won’t all fit every cock on the globe.

Furthermore, the overall dimensions of the toy itself will determine how easy it is for you and/or your partner to use.

As a general rule, manual devices need to fit inside the palm of your hand but automatic machines can be virtually any size the manufacturer deems necessary.

Just be sure to look at the important sleeve and canal measurements such as total length, insertable length and allowable girth to get a better idea of whether that machine is the right size for you.

  • The Design 

Sex toys made with a specialized, peculiar or overly complex design are often difficult to use and nearly impossible to reach orgasm with (unless you have a degree in engineering or the patience of a saint).

There’s a thin line between innovation and irritation, so think critically when examining the overall form of that toy in your shopping cart.

Make sure it has the ergonomics to back up your behaviors – texturized gripper handles (especially if it’s a manual device), touch-sensitive controls for easier customization, lightweight casing for optimal comfort, discreet design for better secrecy, etc.

  • The Features 

This is where things get interesting. Sex toy makers like to experiment with different features and combinations thereof, with about a 90% success rate among the new inventions they come up with.

Today’s best male masturbators with vibrating technology use features that were unheard of just a few years back – oscillating air currents, sonic wave stimulators, active motion sensors, Bluetooth connections, virtual reality equipment and so on.

These days, you might find it difficult to locate a toy without at least a few of those features, so do your homework, brush up on your skills and try not to get anything that’s too sweet for your blood.

  • The Materials 

Pay close attention to the materials that each toy is made out of, most diligently if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies that might get in the way of a good time.

Most manufacturers have stopped putting parabens and phthalates into their toys, but there are still a few stragglers here and there.

Usually, the most harmful thing you’ll find anymore is latex, but that can still be problematic for some people.

Considering you can’t always use a condom with a masturbation machine, try to stick with toys made out of skin-safe materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or a patented polycarbonate blend.

Remember, materials will react differently with each kind of lube.

  • The Compatibility 

Did you know that some of these machines are actually compatible with other sex toys, even ones that are made from another brand entirely?

Top-quality toys like this often come ready for interactive play, whether through an online media platform, with remote motion sensing technologies or both.

Choosing a toy simply because it’s compatible with another is a bad idea though. The premium for a toy like this is high, so only buy one if you’re sure you’ll use it with a partner or a virtual porn performer.

Otherwise, you’ll own an expensive toy that only functions at 30% capacity.

  • The Cost 

Never fall victim to sticker shock, even if you’re a cheapskate like me.

Look at the initial price and consider how much you’ll likely spend on additional, necessary things like personal lubricant, toy cleaning supplies, storage, power and accessories.

Also, don’t forget to think about the cost of a compatible device if you’re looking for interactive love. If, like me, those things start to make you sweat, simply track down some discount codes or coupons to save money.

Many times, manufacturers and wholesalers will run special deals to keep their inventories in check so take advantage.

Meanwhile, let’s hold these sex toy manufacturers accountable for the promises they make.

Most of us already know that there’s no such thing as the perfect product, but what’s wrong with wanting more?

Our standards must be kept lofty so their creations will remain amazing, so don’t let anybody talk you into buying something you’re not absolutely, 100% sure about.

But as we wait for the world’s very first flawless masturbator to be invented, let us not forget about the awesome machines that already grace our presence.

The Top 10 Best Male Vibrators In 2021:

Out of all the options currently available, I was only able to find a few that captured and kept my attention long enough to experience an orgasm that was better than the one I could create with my bare hands.

I’m tired of machines that try to mimic or improve upon the hand-job.

Those weren’t even good to begin with. I’m looking for a delicious device that will simulate real intercourse, oral sex, anal penetration and that kind of thing.

As it turns out, the following ten toys are the only ones that even came close:

#1. The LELO Hugo Male Vibrator


This thing isn’t your average vibrating sex toy for men. It’s actually one of the best couple’s devices on the market and there’s more than one reason for that.

Not only does the LELO Hugo come with a wireless remote control that makes long-distance surprise foreplay a reality but it’s also shaped and sized just right for almost any person’s body (include a female).

It’s technically a p-spot vibrator, although it can be used for much more than that.

Because it features SenseMotion Technology in the remote, you can sync it with the toy and control the vibes from across the room with just a flick of your wrist.

It measures 5 inches by 5 inches, is covered in a silky-smooth coating of medical-grade silicone and can be dunked in the water as much as your little heart desires.


  • Ideal for all experience levels
  • Rigid construction to pinpoint the p-spot
  • Built-in control interface for use without the remote
  • Can be used simultaneously with a male masturbator
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Does not provide penile stimulation
  • Remote requires separate batteries

#2. The Lovehoney O-Force 2 


This simple yet powerful handheld masturbation device for men was developed by one of the leading brands in the sex toy industry.

The O-Force 2 by Lovehoney stands above the rest not just because of its unique design and impressive craftsmanship but also because of its budget-friendly price tag and streamlined functionality.

The manufacturer re-engineered the overall concept to incorporate more high-tech features and better ergonomics.

The new an improved version has an upgraded appearance, two robust motors and offers 5 different vibe intensities to explore.

The extra-snug canal is super smooth and ready to stimulate the tip of your penis like nothing you’ve ever felt before . . .or at least that’s what the maker of this compact and lightweight male vibrator says.


  • Flexible construction for better customization
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Ergonomic outer casing for improved grip
  • Made out of hypoallergenic materials


  • Requires 3 AAA batteries with no recharging option
  • May not be suitable for all penis sizes

#3. The Nexus Revo 2  Male Vibrator


Making a man cum is an art form that requires skill and patience, unless you have the Nexus Revo 2, that is. This super smooth prostate massager looks like a man’s best friend and is designed to deliver deep prostate and perineum stimulation with every use.

It features a set of independently rotating beads that circle around the p-spot at two different speeds until every last nerve ending is touched, plus it has an external arm which picks up each of the three vibration modes made to tickle your taint into submission.

It measures 4 inches in insertable length and gives men 4 inches of girth to explore.

And with a silky silicone covering over the flared safety base, this toy is ideal for long sessions of anal pleasure no matter who’s involved.


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Built-in control interface for improved versatility
  • Four-hour life span
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made out of hypoallergenic materials


  • Only splash proof
  • May be too large for some users

#4. The Lovehoney Hot Shot 


Those who love engaging in temperature play will love this little masturbation device as well.

It’s a self-heating vibrator for men that simulates the sensations of real oral sex through its innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

Featuring an internal heating element that gently warms the mouth-shaped canal up to 104°F, Lovehoney’s most popular male pleasure product, the Hot Shot, gives its users a different kind of jerk-off experience while providing the kind of sleeve texture we all expect from a good blowjob.

Choose from three different vibration intensity levels and six distinct patterns for a fully customizable BJ session and don’t forget to slather on plenty of lube because this tight toy will grip your dick like a vice even if it’s only made for corona stimulation.


  • Insulated casing prevents outside from getting hot
  • Can be used with or without heating element
  • Gripping pads for enhanced manual control
  • Built-in controls for easier customization
  • Travel-lock function for improved security
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Not compatible with other sex toys or online porn libraries
  • Ideal for glans and frenulum stimulation only
  • Manually powered functionality only

#5.The Kiiroo TITAN Male Vibrator


Sex and masturbation will never be the same thanks to the Kiiroo brand’s TITAN toy for men. It’s a lot like the Fleshlight Launch, only it’s much more compact and features a sleek and sexy design.

And while it may not do everything its clunky competition does, the KT is still getting rave reviews because of its ultra-powerful 9-motor interface that sends boner-tingling vibrations down to the core of your shaft.

It also has interactive abilities, which means users can hook up with another sex toy or watch real-time porno performances from a professional, amateur or properly synced partner.

Able to be used in both manual and automatic mode, this high-tech vibrator feels amazing either way thanks to its patented “Reel Feel” insert that’s designed to feel as close as possible to supple human skin (not to mention it’s compatibility with consumer-grade VR goggles).


  • Compatible with all Kiiroo brand sex toys
  • Connect to large online porn libraries
  • Discreet design
  • Silky-smooth sleeve texture for universal pleasure
  • Removeable sleeve for easier maintanence
  • USB rchargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Has no female equivalent like the Onyx 2
  • Canal may be too tight for extra-large penises
  • Texture-free sleeve may not stimulate some users

#6.The LELO F1S Developer’s Kit 


Men who like to get the most out of their pleasure purchases might have finally found the sex toy of their dreams. The famous LELO brand’s F1S is like nothing else on the market (yet).

It allows users to tinker and customize their own unique experience through granting them exclusive access to Developer’s Software which houses countless settings combinations and special content.

The SDK itself features a 360-degree pleasure design that stimulates every single inch of the penis, plus it was originally made for stamina enhancement so you know its sleeve texture feels like a million bucks.

The overall functionality uses the maker’s patented SenSonic technology instead of traditional vibes and utilized 10 independently functioning performance sensors to pick up body cues for improved future sessions.


  • Manual or App-controlled vibe function interface for optimized handling
  • Cruise Control feature for hands-free fun
  • Stamina Progress Tracker provided in DS
  • Compatible with VR goggles and online porn libraries
  • Fully waterproof casing
  • USB rechargable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Requires a long charge time
  • Not ideal for all penis sizes
  • May be too complex for some users

#7.The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II  Male Vibrator


The Cobra Libre II by Fun Factory is a male sex toy designed to simulate the sensations of real oral sex through a wide variety of vibrational settings and functionality features.

The overall construction is such that it stimulates only the glans and frenulum, offering a brand-new type of erotic experience for either a solo mission or a couple’s showdown.

It features a fully rechargeable battery and uses two whisper quite motors to produce a series of rumbling vibrations within the 100% silicone masturbation sleeve.

Insert yourself up to 3.5 inches deep in this one-size-fits-all sex toy for men which comes complete with a built-in on-board control system and a generously texturized canal for maximum pleasure.


  • Realistic oral sex simulation
  • Specially molded orifice and canal texture
  • Accommodating to a wide range of penis sizes
  • Fully submrsible in water
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Relatively short battery life
  • Not powerful enough for some users

#8. The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo


If you’re looking for a toy that’s guaranteed to get you off, look no further than the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo. Originally made for men suffering from ED and PD, the HOP is totally H.O.T. (since we’re speaking in abbreviations now).

Designed by medical professionals, this unique sex toy for men offers a fully customizable experience through its use of innovative features such as a powerful 5-speed motor, an integrated control panel and a hinged form that makes insertion a piece of cake.

Currently hailed as the world’s most user-friendly male masturbation device, it uses patented oscillation technology to replace traditional vibrations and has the body-conscious ergonomics of a well-built athlete to make exploration and experimentation safe and easy again.


  • Ideal for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s Disease (PD)
  • No manual stroke needed to experience pleasure
  • Can acommodate all penis sizes
  • Comes in a couples-friendly “Duo” model
  • Fully waterproof casing
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Not compatible with any other sex toy
  • Non-interactive design for solo masturbation only
  • Short battery life

#9.The TENGA Zero Flip Hole EV 


The TENGA brand is well-known for its innovative approach to masturbation, but their Zero Flip Hole EV device for men is just too cool for school in the eyes of many consumers.

First of all, it comes standard with a uniquely texturized canal, a conveniently hinged form and an open-ended design.

Plus, this powerful machine sends five shockingly sexy vibes down the entire shaft of yours penis using a dual bullet motor mount that gives extra attention to the two most sensitive parts of the dick.

And as the toy industry’s standard for ED and PD sufferers, the silky-soft TZEV is made to fit any man’s junk comfortably while also serving as an ideal masturbator for post-op penile tissue training.


  • Hinged design ideal for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie’s Disease (PD)
  • Semi-transparent casing for voyeuristic adventures
  • Manual pressure pads for customized sensations
  • One-way valve for improved suction in canal
  • Can accommodate all penis sizes
  • USB rechargebale battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Not compatible with any other sex toy
  • No affiliated online porn library to explore
  • May be too powerful for some users

#10. The Fun Factory Manta 


 Ideal for guys who know exactly what they want, the Fun Factory Manta allows for precision stimulation of the penis while also serving as a tantalizing toy for kinky couples. Either place the wrench-like device around your favorite pleasure point or slide it in between you and your lover for an enhanced experience.

With a curved and slightly texturized wing design, this bad boy can accommodate a wide variety of dicks and devilish behaviors without letting the lube dry up.

It features 12 different vibe functions to experiment with plus it has a convenient finger loop on the bottom of the handle for increased safety (in case you feel like doing some internal exploration).

The built-in buttons are a nice touch too, especially since this unique male vibrator can be used in several different ways.


  • Specialized texture on wings to hold more lube
  • Ideal for men with ED, PD and extra-large penises
  • Travel Lock function for improved security
  • Fully waterproof casing
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Generous 120-minute battery life after full charge


  • Not comaptible with any other sex toy
  • Does not sync with online porn libraries
  • Manually operated only

Double check that the machines mentioned above have all the favorable factors mentioned in section one and don’t forget to consider things like skin type, intentions, boundaries and budgets. Remember, male vibrators are a relatively commonplace toy these days, which means there will always be plenty of imitators out there waiting to steal your money. Don’t be a fool.

The End Game

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself wanting more when it comes to sex, foreplay and masturbation. It’s like my dick has a mind of its own and the industry just can’t keep up.

Fortunately, I’ve found a few vibrating masturbators to suffice in this draught and I’m pretty sure they’ll get the job done for anybody. But my opinion isn’t what’s important here.

The only thing that matters is that you and/or your partner have a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that takes an automatic male plaything with a handful of vibe functions, a texturized canal sleeve and ergonomic, touch-sensitive controls, then so be it.

This battle is between you, your cock and the modern-day manufacturer. Make sure you’re the one who wins.


Male Vibrator FAQ


Q: What is a male vibrator device supposed to do for me and/or my partner(s)?

A: These specially designed pleasure machines are meant to provide their users with a wide variety of sensational, penis-centered masturbation options, including but not always limited to mimicking the feeling of actual intercourse and/or oral sex.

They’re not all designed for a specific purpose, but many are made to help men with things like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s Disease and even social anxiety.

Some of the most high-tech models even offer interactive features that support sensual exploration, couple’s play and erotica in long-distance relationships.


Q: How do I use a vibrator for men? Is it the same as a female vibrator?  

A: Typically, your standard VM will feature a tight, often life-like orifice, a long, shaft-accommodating canal that sometimes carries textures and a powerful motor that can generate intense vibrations.

Users simply insert their erect penis into the opening at the top to begin enjoying customizable masturbation in a completely manual or fully automatic way.

For the most part, use of a good water-based lube comes highly recommended as well.


Q: Can I use one of these toys if I have erectile dysfunction (ED)?

A: No worries if you’re “special ED.” Not all VMs are made for men with erectile dysfunction because they require direct penetration from an erect penis.

But, you can still look for a device that features an open-ended or hinged design – something that closes in around or directly stimulates a flaccid, curved or over-excited penis.

Most of today’s masturbation machines for men are geared towards stimulating the average shlong.

However, there have been several great improvements to the market’s selection over the last few years, which means male masturbators are now more appropriate for erectile dysfunction sufferers than ever before.


Q: Can I use one of these machines if I have Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis)?

A: Not all VMs are made for men with Peyronie’s Disease (PD) because they require direct penetration from a straight penis.

But, you can still look for a device that features an open-ended or hinged design – something that closes in around or directly stimulates your curved penis.

Most of today’s masturbation machines for men are geared towards stimulating the average shlong.

However, there have been several great improvements to the market’s selection over the last few years, which means male masturbators are now more appropriate for PD sufferers than ever before.


Q: Can I use my personal machine if I am in a committed and/or long-distance relationship?

A: Today’s male vibrators are more couple-friendly and interactive than they’ve ever been.

Not only do the best machines have countless customizable features, but many of them are even endorsed by doctors and relationship therapists for their ability to support a healthy sexual bond between partners despite modern-day obstacles.

Innovations such as Bluetooth, smart phone apps, large online media libraries and virtual reality have made toy procurement an actual “marital aid” again.


Q: Are there any special things I should ALWAYS do with my toy?

A: Owning a male masturbation device is an exercise in freedom, responsibility and sexy self-expression.

So, aside from using your machine as directed by the manufacturer, there are virtually no limits to the things you can do with yours.

As a general rule, always read the owner’s manual and always clean your machine after every use based on the directions therein.


Q: Are there any special things I should NEVER do with my toy?

A: Never use a non-waterproof device in or around water or dense moisture. Never use your machine for anything other than what it’s intended for (as stated by the designer).

Never forget to clean your toy after every use and never store your plaything in a place that gets direct exposure to sunlight, dust, debris or contact with extreme hot/cold temperatures.


Q: How do I properly care for and maintain a high-tech, vibrating device like this?

A: The manufacturer of each toy should give you all the information you need to properly clean and maintain your new device.

Some provide a Quick Setup Guide and then offer a full manual on their website, while others include the full manual in the box with the toy.

Either way, be sure to follow the care instructions closely. Usually, you’ll be told to remove the sleeve, empty its contents and rinse it with warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap.

However, some specialty toys require specific cleaning supplies and/or material renewal products so pay close attention.


Q: Is it possible to get hurt by using a male vibrator ?

A: Yes, in rare cases men have reported getting injured by using (or misusing, rather) a vibrating masturbation device, especially electronic ones without an emergency shut-off button.

Those miniscule cases did not involve any serious damage to the people in question, although their machines were probably ruined in the end.

As with everything else available to consumers, irresponsible behavior can get you hurt in a hurry. Please use your specialty sex toys like you’ve got some sense so we can all have a good time.


Q: Can this toy desensitize my penis in any way?

A: It has been well documented that excessive sex and/or masturbation can cause health and wellness problems such as erectile dysfunction and general penile desensitization.

This is especially true among men who overuse devices with extremely intense sleeve textures, vibration functions or interactive features.

Using delaying products like sprays, lotions and condoms may allow users to enjoy their machines more often without suffering the consequences.

However, regular use without those things should never lead to an issue if the user always enjoys his device responsibly.


Q: What happens if my vibrator malfunctions or breaks?

A: If available, be sure to always register your device’s warranty within the first 30 days of your purchase. That way, you’ll have some back-up if anything goes wrong.

Devices without a warranty should be taken special care of, and if things break or malfunction, those devices should be repaired with spare parts made by the original manufacturer only.


Q: How can I use a male vibrator with a female vibrator during long-distance sex or masturbation?

A: Obviously, these things are made primarily to pleasure a man’s body. But sometimes that man wants his pleasure from a live lover, his favorite porn star or from a partner many miles away.

Today’s technology has been expertly combined with modern-day sex toys to make them more interactive and couples-friendly than ever before.

Use toys with Bluetooth connectivity, smart phone compatibility, virtual reality capabilities and motion sensing technologies for best results.


Q: Are there any ways to save money on my purchase?

A: You almost never have to pay full price for new sex toy like this, mostly because their manufacturers are always hosting special sales and money-saving events or having affiliates push their products at reduced prices.

Save some cash by looking for discount codes, coupons and member incentives during special seasons and occasions.

If all else fails, buy your devices in bulk or as part of a pre-packaged kit from a reputable dealer known for offering the best possible price on sex toys and accessories.


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